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  1. I agree other players are important but they did also do it with other players as well. Almost all of them were just under and just over 2 points a game when playing or missing. That included Pukki and Cantrell who I thought when missing we had dropped points. It might be just a anomaly as it didn't take into account who we played but the Buendia figures were incredible. Thank God Arsenal should be leaving him alone for a while.
  2. Not sure if his has been covered before but I was told yesterday that we have averaged 1 point per game this season without Buendia and 2 points per game with. Is this correct. I guess a lot of these games without Buendia were early season when we were still sorting things out but it does show how we can't afford for him to get injured. In the cup game it did show what a difference he made when he came on.
  3. I believe 3 of these of players are no longer at the club.
  4. All we have to do is keep doing what we are and we will be top. I do still feel Watford are going to be there or there abouts. Most teams in this division are much of a muchness. It all comes down to the few players who can change a game. In Pedro, Sarr and Deeney they do have them like we have Pukki Buendia etc. Never pretty on a cold evening in Stoke.
  5. I think most people thought he would be the first to leave soccer Saturday but he was the one they kept. I will say in his defence if you just looked at our results we have not blown many teams away. In the end it's a results game and we are doing what we need to do.
  6. I believe it's chances where you would expect the team to score. A number of sites produce them and expected goals as well. The Watford game is my main example. A friend of mine said how did we not win that game after not watching it but seeing the possession and shot stats. Watford had very good chances for more than 1 goal and we never made Foster make a good save. I keep hearing about how many shots we have but so many of them are pot shots that any keeper should save. All I'm trying and probably failing to say is people who quote shot stats are not getting an accurate picture of a game. We won on possession and shots but the reality of the game was Watford could and probably should have won by more.
  7. I'm not the biggest stat fan especially possession and shots on target. These can easily give a false impression of a game with passing around at the back and shooting from everywhere. The stat that does ring closest to the real way a game went in my mind is expected goals and big chances. In the last 3 games our big chances is 3 to us and 6 against. This is slightly messed up by the Watford game where they had 3 to our 0 but it to my mind shows that yes we are getting a lot of possession and in good areas but we are not creating the clear cut chances that Pukki lives for.
  8. I'm sure the Watford fans will remember the ref. At first sight I can't believe anyone didn't think it was a penalty but with the benefit of replays it was a perfect tackle on Pukki.
  9. If anyone who has seen the replays of the penalty shout's still believes they were penalties please get to the opticians and ask for a slightly less yellow tinted pair. Other decisions could have gone for us but never the penalties. Please don't take tackles out of the game.
  10. The only player we really need back up for is Pukki but how much would that cost to get anyone who can play that position as well? As long as we keep pukki and Buendia fit we will be fine. The rest of the team we have cover. Might not be as good as the first 11 but that is why they are squad players. To sum up unless we are willing to spend an 8 figure sum for another striker then I don't see much incoming.
  11. All I can say is what I hear from my Watford friend but I do tend to agree with him. Any team that at this point in the season is 2nd but is still having players like Deeney, Gray, Capoue, Will Hughes and Sarr being fed in is a team that you would imagine would improve. Yes we can play better but there are other teams who will probably get better as well. Still hoping we improve more
  12. As I have said before Bournemouth and Watford fans are saying exactly the same thing about their own teams. They have not clicked or have another gear to go. It's very difficult to look good in this league but as long as we are clinical and fight for the wins we will be there or there abouts. Today will be exactly the same a bit of a fight and take the few chances that come your way. I don't think any game in this decision is defining as they are all winnable and losable.
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