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  1. Looking at the championship this season it has been very weak. Looking at some of the players playing in the playoffs you would have to say it's weaker than before. My main concern is more to do with our players matching with our manager. Pukki will probably be the best striker in the division despite his age but we now don't have the players or to my mind the manager to suit his style of football. Smith will not be playing Farke ball and without Buendia could we. I can see Smith wanting to move a number of players on to mold his own squad and style of play. The problem with that is you need people to want to buy them or take on their wages. We will take a hit on all this season's signings if we can move them at all. I am also not sure who from the promotion squad we could move. I think Aaron's but for far less than a year ago. Pukki but at his age we wouldn't get much and please god keep him and make it work. Krul, again age. Hanley but better to keep. I'm struggling to see who we can move to make room and fund any Smith players. Will he stand for another window with no signings. My very long winded point is Smith will need to sign players to suit his way of playing but if we can't move players on can we do that with a big squad already.
  2. Looks like a strange contract he had at Forrest Green. 1 year rolling and free to talk to anyone at any time. If I was a Forrest Green fan I would have to ask who drew up that contract.
  3. Would either us or Watford have stayed up with Eriksen. Watching Brentford against Man U tonight and he was brilliant, faded in the second half but a class above. The rest were, well, Brentford. They started the season well as lots of newly promoted clubs do. No fear. But they were dropping like a stone until he arrived. I seriously believe he has single handedly kept them up and could and probably would have done the same for us. They will never keep him next season so unless they spend some real money they are my top for relegation.
  4. Burnley have a lot of players at the end of their contracts but also have a lot of players who would suit the championship. Everton will have no relegation clause in any players contracts. Looking at their squad I'm also struggling to see who they could get decent money for on the wages they are on. Richarleson Pickford and Dacoure will be wanted but the level of clubs who would want them won't want those wages so they will have to be sold at knock down prices to accommodate this. They have spent so much money in the past that this season they could only buy players after selling digne to villa. They are a car crash waiting to happen. For me our best chance next season is with Everton in the championship. Leeds and Burnley would not be hit anything like Everton.
  5. Have I been accused of having a moral compass. I have never been so insulted in my life
  6. I still think in the current climate where the money has come from is very important. Moshiri is just a puppet for Usmanov. He's his accountant. It would have been in his name if he could have sold his stake in Arsenal quick enough. I really hope the government is looking into this. If you look at the BBC report into Usmanovs property in the UK he moved it all into Mashiris name to avoid sanctions. Dodgy.
  7. At this moment in time only Krul and Rashica for me. Aarons can be but is not playing well enough at the moment to be counted as premier League. Pukki also could be be and possibly even is but with the service he's getting it's hard to tell. Captain America I'm sorry is not. He lacks the very basic skills. He tries to make up for it with effort but at 22 years old, I feel if you haven't covered the basics you never will. Idah could be but we have only seen him playing to that level for so few games it's hard to tell. Also he never looks like scoring to me. More a Heskey type player who makes things happen for others. He's a possible. The rest are either on loan or are players I don't see any other premier League team even looking at if/when we go down.
  8. What I was saying is the game against Bournemouth can not be taken as a great performance given the level of the players he was playing against. Bournemouth put out a similarly weak team against Boreham Wood and lost.
  9. I believe there is a player there but the game against Bournemouth can't be used as an example. He was up against a player without a single appearance in the first team who had spent the last 2 seasons on loan at Weymouth. I will admit the Europa experience shows more.
  10. I believe Hughes left Watford as he wouldn't accept a relegation clause. The money on offer was the same.
  11. I have no problem with this as the USA women's team I believe gets higher attendance and TV viewing figures than the men. They should in all fairness get more. There was an argument recently about the prize for the women's FA cup being so low in comparison to the men's. This is where I do have problems. The men's game and the men's FA cup funds the FA. The FA and the men's game fund the women's game. In the search for equality we are pushing the women's game before it has had a chance to grow organically. On sky they had a women's game on main event that had just over 1000 people attending while I believe it was a Sheffield Wednesday game with over 15000 in attendance was pushed to another channel. I'm sure more people did watch the Wednesday game but it was not the main game. We are trying to push it when it hasn't got the fan base yet. Let it grow and don't force it.
  12. If the attendance for the Germany game was well under a thousand as i have been informed (if anyone has an exact figure that would be great) why hold it at a 20,000 + stadium. I understand people are trying to push women's football but if the figures are as bad as rumours say then hold it somewhere smaller. How horrible it must be for the players to play in an empty stadium and what what a waste of money opening it. Why did they not do both games for one ticket price and have the games follow each other.
  13. Does anyone have accurate attendance figures for the second game? The story I was told was so low I can't believe it to be true.
  14. How much do you think the TV rights are worth? It's miniscule compared to the premier League. I also don't trust the FA as far as I can throw them to be fair about anything
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