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  1. I hate the people saying they are on long contracts. As said it only helps get a better price as you are further away from the player leaving for nothing. Any player who plays well in the premier League but gets relegated what ever the team will be pushing for a move. If villa went down grealish would be gone. If West Ham had gone down then Rice would be gone. Us Bournemouth and Watford are all trying to get out the players who want to go for the most money possible while trying to get a settled team together. The start of the season will be difficult for all three of us as most other teams in the league will already have a settled team bar 1 or 2 changes. So far none of us have looked great despite having better players on the pitch than our opponents. It's a long season.
  2. As said if VAR thinks that's ok then God help us. It belonged in a UFC fight not on a football pitch.
  3. Not a Cantwell hater but I did think it was a red. I am now watching Newcastle and have changed my mind. If VAR decide Carrol leading with the elbow for every challenge is ok then the ref got it right
  4. I think after watching the Watford reserve team beat Middlesbrough last night and then Birmingham currently beating Brentford it shows what an unpredictable league it is. Watford will lose some players for sure but not all 17 that were not playing last night. Brentford were offered money you couldn't turn down for their striker. We could still lose a couple of players. I can't wait for the window to end so at least we all know where we are squad wise.
  5. Sorry but I'm really not happy about this. Marketing for weeks about the shirt was BS. How can it be in honour of our key workers but not have a charity link at all. I wasn't expecting it to be all for charity but at least a token gesture. This after putting staff on furlough. Also it's Blue. Different shade some might say but it's blue. Doesn't look good on the club again.
  6. Calm and sensible. Not sure I can handle this on a Sunday morning . A very good post. The one thing I do get upset with is "the project". All it is is a business plan. Every business from my local coffee shop to Apple has a business plan and some fans think it makes us different. Every club has a business plan the only difference is ours went to plan at first. Business plans are a statement of intent, a view of what you want to do but now we will see how going up and down will effect us in the long term. Huddersfield had a project a few years ago, Hull had a project and I'm sure Leeds have had a project for the last decade. We will cash in on a number of players but my worry is how much damage has been done to some of the players who will stay at the club from a dispirited season.
  7. As said before my drinking buddy is a Watford fan. His argument is £125 million for 5 years in the prem is small fry when you look at villa and others. Villa have one asset in Grealish who no matter how horrible a person he seems he is a good football player and will fetch a big price. Watford have a whole squad worth of players out on loan and some are attracting big offers. The one he keeps going on about is Pervis Estupian who is rated one of the best left backs in Spain (rumours Man u and Spurs interested) and still hasn't played a game for Watford. Also Luis Suarez (not that one) again playing in Spain. Sarr who did cost them a lot of money would leave for a profit on his Liverpool performance alone. I can't see Watford as being big spenders. As for villa West ham and Bournemouth I think financially they will be in big trouble if they went down.
  8. I have just heard 2 more Watford players are self isolating because close family members have tested positive even though they themselves haven't. No news on who the players are but how many players will a club have to lose before they can say we can't play. My only feeling is this is going to get silly.
  9. We have 2 different VAR tables doing the rounds and everyone can pick the one that suits. One where if VAR didn't exist and we all went along with the referee decisions for right or wrong(according to how VAR is supposed to be used). The second where every time VAR has admitted it got it wrong (missed hand balls in build up etc) take your pick. But let's get this straight, We are not the only team being victims of VAR. Everyone has a gripe with it. Not just us. It is a useless system that has had some useless new rules written just for it. It's not fit for purpose but it is not just us. Let's get on with doing what we can on the pitch and hope that is enough.
  10. I also agree with you on the referee making the decision. If he makes a bad decision I will be angry for an hour at most. If VAR makes a mistake I'm angry for days as I can't work out how they could not see what I can see with all the angles given. I can accept human error in the heat of a game but not when they are looking at so many cameras.
  11. I as I have said before i drink with a watford fan. He will happily list the VAR mistakes against them every week in the pub. He has stopped now they have started winning. From memory. Handball in lead up to goal at Newcastle, Var said sorry missed it goal shouldn't have counted. Handball in lead up to goal Southampton, VAR said sorry goal shouldn't have stood. Foul in penalty area against spurs, var said sorry definite penalty. They are the only 3 I can remember but trust me he can go on for ages. Alen Shearer said on match of the day they had been on the wrong end of some shocking decisions. We remember our VAR moments and forget the ones we see on tv against others. Luckily all the others in the bar support teams outside the premier league or are not really that bothered. If not all we would talk about is VAR. I think we have been on the end of some bad decisions but I don't think we are alone.
  12. Agree completely but it's the love child of the people running football and not the fans. I'm sure we are stuck with it so let's just hope they can get it sorted and soon.
  13. My point has always been that every team who are not winning games will have a gripe about VAR. we all know its useless but we are all in the same boat. Go on any message board and you will see the same thing. Have we really ended up with the worst luck or do we just think so.
  14. I think this comes down to how you look at VAR. I think most supporters wanted it as it would stop referees giving decisions to the big clubs as we thought they did. I have no problem with VAR when it gets it right but it is getting it wrong on so many occasions. The fact is I don't think it has happened too many times against us. Offside is so difficult to judge and we have been on the wrong end of some close decisions but as said in all the times VAR has apologised I think the only one for us was a penalty against Man U that in the end would not have made a difference. Without VAR yes we would be better off but because of wrong decisions by the referee. I don't personally think VAR has been overly harsh on us and if anything the referees has been getting things wrong in our favour. Don't get me wrong I would like VAR scrapped now but I also don't blame it for us being where we are.
  15. I agree with you on offside as being such a grey area most of the time. The decisions VAR have apologised for are hand balls in the build up to a goal (a rule I don't like but is supposed to be clear) like the west ham one the other night but that they were not spotted. As well as clear trips in the penalty area when they were not willing to over rule the ref at the start of the season. We have had none of them. If the refs decisions had stood for right or wrong then the first table would be more accurate. if VAR had ended up with the right decision then the second. I guess it falls somewhere in between. What ever it doesn't help us.
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