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  1. Well Hucks, Brellier and Smith will pretty much be regulars so thats 3.. Lappin aswell i should think, as we didnt have a left footed mid on the pitch so he must of been out aswell. Not sure on the 5th.
  2. Its the Brellier bloke apparently.. defensive mid i read. Rigters signed for Blackburn yesterday.
  3. Can''t blame the lad, who else wouldnt wait an extra week on deciding your future if you knew the club you have supported all your life has been interested in you for the past 8 weeks. Good luck to him. Time to snap up cureton and/or Eastwood i think.
  4. Right, so say Grant has always intended on signing 2 goalkeepers this summer, Marshall, and someone to challenge him. Can anyone seriously tell me they would rather us spending a transfer fee on a ''name'' keeper to sit on the bench, rather than sign a promising young english keeper on a free? Plus the fact his wages will most likely be low-average. No doubt if he did, we would be getting "Why has Grant waisted money on a goalkeeper whos never going to play for us?! What a disgrace!" So if 2 keepers were always on the agenda, this in no way indicates a lack of ambition by the board, or anyone at the club. If he was a striker, then i''d agree this was lack of ambition, and that we''ve chosen the cheap option again. But this is not the case. If the transfer window shuts and we''ve failed in the market again, then by all means complain, but its not justified in this case.
  5. Ofcourse he says he doesn''t need a rest. What 18 year old playing for the team you support (i think) week in week out would? Dublin and Hucks should be able to cause problems. I''d have done the same thing, especially with another game on monday.
  6. Well he''s in Norwich enough. He was in Mercy last night, so he seems to like it here, thats for sure! Not good enough for Newcastle, but he''d be good enough for us. Would rather him in the team than Doherty. He is prone to errors, but is still a solid enough defender.
  7. Kathy, he''s said that because the report says Sunderland are also interested in him. If we can get a good amount for him, definately should move on.
  8. It didnt matter if the ball was passed back or forwards because Adebayor was behind Baptista when the ball was played. Offside only comes into effect if the player is infront of the passer.
  9. Just heard, so that''ll be 2 games in hand then. Atleast fans have got notice this time. Frozen pitch.
  10. yep got my away shirt from soccer world i think, 70% off. Was a must buy really. Would never spend £40 on an England top.
  11. I guess we''ll have to wait and see what the new boys are like. But until then, i''ll try my best to be positive about it. Is there any harm in that? Its not bein over-positive, just looking on the brighter side of things. That may not be for everyone, but its the way i like to deal with things. If i was just going to dread going tomorrow, then i may aswell not bother turning up.
  12. I was thinking of starting a thread, more or less just like this! Fozzy certainly does seem to sound like the midfielder we''ve been missing, and could work well with hucks while he is upfront. And Lappin will hopefully supply the crosses for Brown to get his head on. I should think both new boys will be playing, im looking forward to it, and i think the crowd will be up for it aswell. We all know we have to push in the same direction (well most of us do anyway).
  13. Just to clear things up a little, if you look on here: http://home.skysports.com/transfers.aspx?cpid=10 Only 8 teams have signed more than 3 players, whether permanent or on loan. So i don''t know where this ''everyone is signing more players than us'' myth has come from.
  14. we kick-started crouch''s carear, so it is actually a good comparison. he was by no means proven, thats why he came on loan to us! hopefully brown will do just as good.
  15. now thats a good signing. 600k is a great little buy. They are looking very strong now, top 3 atleast.
  16. Was very disappointed reading this, i too am a Grant fan, but was suprised he said this. It was definately one of the most entertaining parts of the game, i remember shouting ''WHEYY!!'' in the living room!
  17. Agree with the majority. I hadn''t thought of Chadders at RCM, but yes, he could be the attacking player we need in there. He works his socks off, and is one of the very few who showed any commitment in the derby. Plus Croft does get the most crosses in, in the Championship doesnt he? So if we''re going 442 from now on, Croft at right wing is a must really. So both have to play. Out goes hughes and robinson.
  18. brum to comfortably win the league, soton 2nd, preston through the play offs. (they''ve had enough experience from the last 2 years!) norwich to finish 11th.
  19. Definately not, i believe he is the right man to get us into the Prem. Even though there''s a few decision''s he''s made that i havent quite agreed with, i have total faith in him.
  20. 1) ipswich 1-2 norwich 2) 11-20 3) 3 4) 0 5) 51-60 6) earnie 7) lee 8) 52 9) 27''112 10) 4 11) 4 12) 5 13) 6 14) Dublin 15) Norwich
  21. id think the last tv game we won was last season, 2-0 against plymouth at home.
  22. i always thought flem was quite a handom chap to be honest! thorne''s just got a dodgy mullet these days.
  23. colin has been one of the most improved players this season. In the Colchester game, he was my man of the match. no problem with him what so ever. He''s took his time, but finally we''ve got a replacement for eddie. Not alot to say on Hughes though.. he does his best.
  24. oh dear. i know people say its only colchester, but if we are without the front 3, i cannot see us beating them at all. they arent a bad team themsevles, 20 points in 14 games is a good little tally.
  25. tilson or mcleish i feel. i cant see them giving it to hunter, they know whats at stake.
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