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  1. Out..gallagher.in Marshall,..Out..Colin,Hughes,...in Taylor(wigan) out..Docherty in Collins,Gabbidon, out..Mcveigh in Hendrie Out Etuhu..in Holland...out..Thorne..in Mcleod,Easter,
  2. Camp, Bardsley,Davenport,Shackell,Drury,......Croft,Hendrie,Etuhu,Huckerby,.......Earnshaw,Hartson,    Subs....Safri,Chadwick,Dublin,Vaughan,Riordan,Docherty, Out......Jarvis,Henderson,Thorne,Fleming,Mcveigh, Any views???
  3. Man Utd full back just cut short his loan spell with Rangers could be a useful addition to the squad,,he looked good when on loan at burnley last year, also Hartson not in the Wba team? would be a perfect foil for Earnie,yes i know he hasnt got great pace but he still scores goals as we ve seen earlier in the season,and a good all round target man,plus the two know eachother from playing together for wales.....
  4. Ive just about had enough of these two! sometimes i wish they could hear my scream from the stand....Jurgen colin never puts his foot in,hes not aggressive enough its easy to see why we are linked with Mills cos hes just not good enough! and as for Andy Hughes.............he winds me up big time so ive given him a new nickname of  "pass back" hughes cos everytime he gets the ball he passes it back either to the goalie or defence...why? cos he knows hes goona lose possesion if he goes forward...absoloutley hopeless... lets just hope some other club comes calling for him on loan or even buy him!!! cos im no longer giving him the benefit of the doubt! do you all agree...........? 
  5. Having had a long thought about a successor..Crook,Bowen etc....How about Mike Phelan? Im sure hes learned alot from sir Alex with Brian Kidd as Assistant Manager??? Any views??
  6. The ongoing and seriously frusterating subject of  the "missing link" is doing my head in we need a target man! has anybody any ideas who we could get on loan? worthy seems to have a likeness for either Spurs reserves.Arsenal Reserves,Man Utd Reserves,or anyone who plays for Wales?? But i cant think of anyone who is available till xmas?? ps does anyone know if Luton signed Sam Parkin on loan or did they pay scum a fee??
  7. IF and WHEN worthy decides enough is enough then id like to see Phil Parkinson of  Colchester take over the reigns,hes,young,a  good motivator and hes track record so far speaks for itself, and he wouldnt have to uproot to far away from home,so he might fancy coming to carrow rd..Who is your vote???
  8. Now that this sorry season is slowly coming to an end ive had a thought for next season,how about this for a team and it is financially possible,lets say we received £5.5million for Deano with the other 1.5million going to crewe and Deanos pay off, and lets say Greeno goes for £2million in the summer, thats £7.5million, take away the £2.75million we spent on Earnie leaves us with £4.75million to buy...Davenport £1.25million, Jerome £2.25million, Koumas £1million, A.Johnson (ex city now WBA) £250k, Ryan Taylor (Wigan) season long loan, and Scott Carson (Liverpool) season long loan.Total received £7.5million total spent £7.5million, team would look like this....Carson,Taylor,Drury,Doherty,Davenport,Koumas,Johnson,Safri,Huckerby,Earnshaw,Jerome,Subs from Mckenzie,Shackhell,Robinson,Fleming,Etuhu,Hughes,Mcveigh, how about that? and its not impossible? any views??  
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