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  1. [quote user="STAN"]feel he deserves a special mention after today, only a small positive I know.. but what a debut from this young lad! the future''s bright?[/quote]He just did simple things for a striker: hold the ball up and pass to midfield, runs at defenders, tackle back, make a chance for himself although not score; we cry for Elmander and RVW to do those things all season but  both can''t do it properly, but the kids just use less than 30 minutes to display what a normal striker should perform.
  2. [quote user="chicken"]Whatever happened to XXXXXXL or whatever his name was who had a blog on here and was from Hong Kong. He used to post quite regularly and was a good chap.[/quote]I am still here, but recently I post more on facebook. You can have a look if have chance.cklee16@yahoo.com.hkMy blog no longer in pinkun anymore...:-)
  3. Can''t believe Holt change the boot, when he scored at Anfield he still wear UMBRO last week, but yesterday is Nike? Do Nike sign him up? OH MY! [img]http://www.pinkun.com/polopoly_fs/fil_norwich_blackburn_029_1_1112318!image/1060227285.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_490/1060227285.jpg [/img]
  4. Before the game, Kris Commons would be the better player, but after the game I think Paul Green is the better player on the field...
  5. If, if we promote next season and Adam Drury still with us, this is what is really loyalty is! 6 years with the club from the Premiershiip, then Championship, the relegated to League 1, then back to the Championship, and if we promote to the Premier League again, then this kind of loyalty is really we should admire. It is more than someone liked Giggs or Scholes remains in United for his whole career...
  6. [quote user="ur just a man in a jacket"]Out of all the goals I am so pleased for Adam Drury....true city legend[/quote] As a fans of Adam back from Hong Kong, I was so pleased he break his goal drought in 5 years!!!
  7. Would Jackson be use as a right winger/midfield if we convert to 4-4-2? Seems McNamme natural left footed should be on left wing...liked that: Ruddy Martin  Nelson  Ward  Drury Jackson  Crofts  Smith  McNamme Holt  Martin Good 4-4-2 formation?
  8. I think when we play footy, when the cross liked this, 9 out of 10 players will try to smash the ball by the laces, instead of liked Jackson, liked side footed it in. I think it is a textbook stuffs for youngsters to follow.
  9. [quote user="Canary Poirot"]The subject title says it all - we''re 9 points away from automatic promotion. Beat MK Dons next weekend, and I''ll be confident we''re home and dry. But today we didn''t appear to be particularly fluent.[/quote] Yeah, if we win next 3 games then even we lost the final 3 then we will still up, they can''t catch us! But just hope our performance will improve...
  10. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]First and foremost I admired the self discipline shown by our players in the face of some appalling refereeing. 2nd, the team kept trying to get a result and showed passion and desire. 3rd, everyone could see how the game panned out against us (although I want to give credit to Tranmere for capitalising on their opportunity and not going into their shell). 4th, no card for Holt. 5th, we have a home game coming right up. 6th, we know the value of a fully fit Chris Martin. 7th, we know the value of Elliott. 8th, we REALLY know the huge difference a teenager in Cory Smith makes...what a player he is: remember Brentford? 9th, Millwall failed to win AT HOME. 10th Swindon and Leeds play each other tomorrow. And Tranmere are better than Leeds.[/quote] I watch the game in HONG KONG, well we miss Smith''s energy, but Rudd played really well, and also pleased to see our players did not really lose the head even 0-3 down at half time. Hughes was OK but he seems a jinx to our game, every time he start we lost the game? If we win all our home game then means we will still going up so no worry! Enjoy the Easter weekend everyone!!!
  11. [quote user="Blurboy1980"]At the end of the video it says...Filming and Editing done by Peter Raven...Really How much editing did he do? lol He had the camera on a tripod and pressed record lol...I want his job :) [/quote] Yeah I really liked what Fleming ask Chris Lakey to give his score prediction after they all give theirs, funny! ;-)
  12. [quote user="lincoln canary"] Im sorry guys but i firmly believe leeds will win saturday. Im pretty sure we will go up but i think that being so far ahead of the chasing pack will lead to us taking the foot of the gas. Too many fans are predicting an easy game and win saturday, i just hope none of the players feel the same. Unfortunately its only natural that 1 or 2 of the players will already be thinking its a game already won due to leeds current bad form and for that reason i think we will struggle. If Leeds beat us and Millwall win are lead will not look so rosey then. I know im being negative but i just have this horrible feeling we could have peaked too soon and will finish by crawling over the line. Alot can happen in 9 games! [/quote] Was it the same topic liked "Xara will make our home kit" a few weeks ago? ;-) We are not a shirt, we are football club, the game not kick off yet, we are still have 50% to win the game.
  13. [quote user="huckerby6"]Hello David!! Have you thought about doing your blog on the pink un site again!It was a really good read and doesn''t seem the same without it! Plus it''s nice to hear from city supporters living abroad![/quote] Hi huckerby6, I don''t think I have chance to write the blog again since they delete my account already. Not a problem, I can still post message in here. :-)
  14. [quote user="Lambert is King"][quote user="Harry"][quote user="Lambert is King"]Sorry if someone has already said this - to many to read through - but our new kit comes out in 2 weeks time and is a 2 year deal. Be surprised if this is correct as I would have thought club would have announced end of XARA link by now[/quote] Where did you get that fact from?I can''t ever remember having a new kit released at the beginning of march. [/quote] The kit is next seasons but a small amount will be released sometime in March. The reason I know this is that my son was mascot at the Exeter game and as he already had the kit we were offeed the option of wearing his existing kit and having the new one sent to him in March or having the existing kit again - obviouly we took the second option. If you remember back as well to 2 years ago the new kit was worn for the last couple of home games. This increases sales as people are more likely to buy then than in the close season waiting until the season restarts. You will also note that the existing shirt has been on sale at £20 since just after Christmas. Hope this explains but I will see if I can get a moe accurate date for you on Friday when my son trains with FITC[/quote] Well mate hope your news is true, I really really frustrated about Xara for several year, I would like to see UMBRO, Adidas or any other brand names to make our shirt, but please no XARA again!!!!! :-)
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