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  1. Tom NCFC

    New Post

    I''ve been away for a little while but I''ve found time to write something on me ol'' blog. Hope you enjoy!


  2. Norwich are tracking Lincoln''s left winger and leading goalscorer Dany N''Guessan. Check out me blog for more info
  3. Tom NCFC

    New Blog

    Hi everyone, just a quick note to say i''ve got a new blog post after nearly two weeks away from the computer. I hope you enjoy it!


  4. Tom NCFC

    How do posts get pinned up?

    Just that I might have something in the coming weeks that would deserve being pinned as It will be of great interest to everyone on this forum. I''m keeping my cards close to my chest but its something to do with my blog.

    Many Thanks

  5. "Or we could bypass bloggers corner and head straight to virginmedia, do not pass youtube, do not collect £200."

    Well "bloggers corner" might not be for everyone, but I dont just plan to post links on it, i''m hoping to get some interesting content on it in the future....

    ....and by the way, there is no law stating posting links of website is a criminal offence, if you''d bothered to look, you''d have seen that nowhere do I refer to it as my own!


  6. [quote user="First Wizard"]Canaries World extended highlights vastly superior.........and spyware free![:|][/quote]

    Spyware? Please highlight the spyware on my blog and i''ll sort it out! Does Canaries World extended highlights cost something?

  7. Tom NCFC

    My new Norwich City Blog


    Hi everyone, I''ve decided to start up my own blog and what better subject than my beloved football club. I plan to write on it fairly regularly and hope to get cool little bits and pieces like interviews from figures occasionated with the club to put on it (I Hope). Feel free to sign up!


  8. Tom NCFC

    Norwich Vs Cardiff video?

    Does anyone know where I can access highlights of the match? Football Highlights on virgin''s internet channel wont be up for a couple of days and i''m too impatient to wait ;-)
  9. Ryan Nelsen is a solid defender but apart from him, I couldnt name another NZ international expect Killen.
  10. Tom NCFC


    You beat me to it, he would be a vast improvement over Semmy
  11. I meant ''fearofambition'' too, not IBA
  12. [quote user="twinkle toes silvester"][quote user="fearofambition"]

    [quote user="IBA"]Pretty good considering the number of people moaning

    Yep, 17,000 mugs happy with the current board. Delia and doncaster must be absolutely delighted. What a joke.

    You my friend are clueless!...let me guess..somewhere in your teens,early twenties..been supporting since the early nineties...
    your assumption that we are happy purely because we have renewed...you just dont get it do you?..
    Norwich v Blackburn 23/4/1969...

    Dont paint everyone with the same brush twinkle, i''m in my early 20''s and i''m nowhere near as naive as IBA. Norwich is in my blood too, three generations of my family have support the canaries, my grandad was going to matchs in the 30''s and 40''s.

  13. What a load of naive views! Hasnt anyone considered the fact that such a cash injection might aid our survival this year, maybe in the shape of some extra funds, maybe to get someone like Ched Evans for the rest of the season.

    The current board may be crap, but if 17,000 people didnt buy up season tickets, we could be looking at something a lot worse.... ADMINSTRATION........ or maybe just no funds for the next campaign.