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  1. The relevence being  roy keane has only been a manager 8 months yet he is sitting at the top of the league with a norwich reject in goal.If they go up(i mean when they go up) is darren ward going to be told he can leave i think not
  2. sunderland get darren ward we get chris brown can someone explain this to me.It seems someone at norwich is a very bad judge of players
  3. How many has chris brown scored at this level
  4. Why would you like to see someone who is prone to errors in the team?.My god he''s the last player i would want to see at norwich
  5. Imho we have got to keep all 3 of them,rotation,injuries,and if we do well all 3 playing at once .We have got to have a stronger squad than this season .Lets show some ambition and not worry about what we can or can''t afford
  6. You can''t compere norwich and leeds.Leeds was a one off,even an idiot could see what was going to happen there.I just can''t understand why so many of you are happy being a mid-bottom championship team when with the right amount of investment we would hold our own in the top league.You only have to look at reading how much money have they spent?
  7. I went wrong by taking them to their first games when Hamilton was manager ,there was no coming back after that LOL
  8. That post sums up the reason the board has no need to change anything.You are as equally one track minded as me only your track is blind confidence in the sham that runs our club,as for people always wanting to watch norwich play i think you should have said SHEEP
  9. No not a disaster yet.In all honesty though was i the only one who thought we should have bounced back up to the premiership and built norwich back to the team we once were?I just have to keep asking myself "why are so many of us happy to be a nice little club when we should be in the premiership"
  10. So iyho are charlton,west ham,palace,reading,wigan,fulham,bolton,middlesboro bigger clubs than norwich.It crazes me that they have all managed to stay in the premiership or yo-yo between the 2 over the last 10 years when all we have had is 1 season and a play off final
  11. Sure i saw a sheep dog herding the staff over carrow bridge today  Baaa Baaa.The saying lying to all the people all the time springs to mind
  12. Every growing fanbase!Whatever planet do you come from,apart from the die hard i don''t know anyone who supports norwich.I have 2 sons aged 14 and 18 they support chelski and arsenal.I done everything i could to make them support norwich but all i got back was"they are rubbish " or "they never win anything" imho apart from the championship winning year norwich''s fan base has been shrinking.When this lot of season ticket holders has gone there will be very little interest for the spare seats unless things change and that means a more ambitious board!
  13. Surely the fact that during chases rein we turned down offers for players that would have wiped out our complete debt speaks volumes.Would selling off our whole team now pay our so called debts,this board has done nothing to improve our chances of promotion and imho it will not do so as long as carrow road remains full and we keep our nice little club attitude.Prehaps i am just a touch sentimental but i spent half my life watching norwich beat the likes of Man utd,Liverpool,Arsenal etc.I would love my children to have a chance of seeing this too!
  14. Great thread,nice to know there are a few more like minded people out there!
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