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  1. Very sad news. Like Jez I only met Ben a few times (I also got to know him through posting on the official Club messageboard) but I''d echo the sentiment about him being very passionate about everything to do with music and football. He was a genuinely nice bloke. RIP Ben. Best wishes to all his family and friends.
  2. Yep, that''s why I said it might be down to "incorrect contact details, or emails not getting through due to spam filters" The 400 members figure came from Mr Tilson or Face on another thread when the questionnaire was being discussed so I assumed that was how many were being sent out. Whatever, it''s still a tiny percentage of the overall fanbase.
  3. NCISA has about 400 members - so about 100 people responded. That''s a very low ''turn out'' and surely makes it tricky to extrapolate any kind of statistics for what the majority/minority of fans think. (It might be down to apathy or incorrect contact details, or emails not getting through due to spam filters...who knows?) Personally I''d say it also demonstrates how ineffective NCISA has become as a voice for fans if these are the kind of numbers we''re talking about out of a potential 30-40,000 people (STs, members and just casual fans).
  4. >Cam a ColU/Lincoln fan is on here virtually daily which in itself is odd bearing in mind its a Norwich City fan''s site. CA, it''s not ''odd'', it''s ''work'' - he''s on here fishing for stories to sell to the sports pages of the tabloids (or if he''s lucky the main pages - ''NCFC fans invade Delia''s cookery forum'' or the like). Don''t you see the connection between "inside info"/rumours that get posted on here and stories that crop up in the tabloid sports gossip pages the next day? (That then get repeated on here and become internet "fact") I think Cam has said in the past that he and his daughter spend their day monitoring various football websites for snippets of information (as well as pursuing other sources I guess).
  5. Absolutely Ricardo In the immortal words of Lenny Kravtiz, "It Ain''t Over ''Til It''s (Mathematically) Over"...
  6. Hurrah! Amazing really as apparently we were dead, buried and may as well be in administration according to most posters....
  7. Potless - you mention posts being too long and therefore unreadable and in the same breath you mention the "£56m price tag" for the Club. Obviously the posts where people have explained time after time that it was never "£56m" (and how that figure is made up) have been too long for you to read! ;o)
  8. >If he goes think it will signal another player leaving with no money coming in at the end of the season. He only signed a one year contract - he would leave for no money in the summer anyway. So much for Captain Commitment. I hope this story is true - maybe Saturday''s was the last straw for him and Gunn?
  9. Interesting posts Andy (and your other long essay about responses to decent arguments). I like the idea of a Niall Quinn style figure to lead a consortium of business people. Perhaps if it were someone of that ''folk hero'' ilk then potential investors (like your client) may not be so scared of the flak since the figurehead could deflect it. Not sure Hucks is the right person. Lovely bloke and all that but I don''t think it would be his thing. Trouble is, someone has to find the figurehead, convince him/her that it could work and also find 3 or 4 millionaires willing to participate by investing £2-3m of their money next year, and every year after that. Now, I haven''t checked my numbers from Saturday...where''s my lottery ticket again? (p.s. this week''s Euromillions has an estimated £85m jackpot in case any of you fancy a go)
  10. Could it be Alexandre Gaydamak - Russian billionaire who bought Portsmouth in 2006?
  11. >Isn''t yellow hammer the same person who once said he was sitting in a completion meeting with the press booked for a slot to announce some deal? It all went quiet. I am not good at searching other threads but the name of the poster rings a bell here.......in which case this is all another elaborate wind up. Nope, that was someone else. Not Yellow Hammer.
  12. I think the clue is in the phrase "I''m no accountant"
  13. Well, I didn''t vote for George Bush and the way I read it the global recession is as much as result of the US "sub-prime" fiasco as anything else but hey-ho. So to summarise Rudolph''s post, he is somehow more of a fan than me because he DOESN''T go to the games and is not contributing to the Club''s coffers. I understand all the arguments but it seems a rather crazy way of expressing ''support''.
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