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  1. its not a random statement. just because he is old it goes to prove that people around that age can still do a job.
  2. he is a billionaire, so what is 20 million pounds to him. please be a gent and give us the 20 million as a gift. If i had all that money i would have no hesitation. Show us that you are a real fan, and help the club out. We have no money, we are letting half decent players leave to our rivals.
  3. we clearly aint going to get a big man up front, so why dont we play Doherty there. We could then put Clingan or Drury at centre half. I think that we could possibly do with him up front, as there was no physical strenght up there tuesday night.
  4. Hi Everyone Am i the only one thinking with us being in dire need of a big man up front to hold it up, why did we not go for windass till end of season. Proven at this level, could save our skins, yet he has gone to Oldham. We obviously aint looking hard enough. At the momment we need a quick fix, and then look for something more permanant in the summer. Yes he is 40, but can still do a job. Thoughts everyone.
  5. Who knows? I think it would be a good deal. Not sure about having Earnie back, need a big man. My question is why get rid of Lewis if we are planning to sell Marshall? Doesnt make sense. I hope that my mate isnt right to be honest, but he got Andy Hughes transfer to Leeds spot on.
  6. My mate keeps telling me that Marshall is in talks with Man City. Could this be true?
  7. i think that he could not be more thank 1.5 million. got to be worth getting him and tiny for 2.5 million. We would surely then be aiming for playoffs.
  8. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] £1m for Jon Newsome.  I think you can see where I am going with this one ........... [/quote]   I think you have been copying my posts dont you?
  9. I loved that kit and the fact we came third in it. Maybe we should bring it back for a season, what do you think.   Maybe start a campaign.
  10. Sounds as though we haven''t. Brady has offered a chat to Glen if he wants to sign Taylor, so what does that mean? No contact from us to Birmingham. I am confused because it sounded like our board and everyone involved had done all they can, but Brady hasnt recieved any proposal!!!!!!!!!! Can the board explain??????
  11. Doncaster please do us a favour and leave now. if 1 million is too much then i dread January and the next few years for this club.
  12. [quote user="Martyn Harvey"] £1 million fee plus £20k a week for 3 years (Prem contract he has now remember!) So thats £4 million, plus sign on......... It ain''t all about the fee! [/quote] From what i hear he is prepared to take a dip in wages. We paid 1 million for Jon Newsome years ago and he was a good player and you could say very expensive. We now live in 2007 where 1 million for a player who i think is as good if not better than Newsome is a bargain. Where is the ambition. Well done to the board for getting Roeder, but unfortuantely he will see we are on a roeder knowhere if he isnt backed with money. Sadly this could be Martin O''neill number two.
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