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  1. Just read on bbc sport website  that he has handed in a transfer request siting colchester,s  ambitions dont match his own , i would love to see him in a city shirt again .I saw him play three times last season and he was outstanding every time plus he was leading scorer in the championship with 24 goals and he is only 31 years young .OTBC
  2. Just let u know our old mate mr marshall has won something ,coventry fans must be easily pleased thats all i can say OTBC
  3. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Yes, I never thought I say that, but whereas of course their last minute win over Derby keeps them above us in the table, the fact is that that can still be put right, a win for that ugly,dirty set of cheats Derby today would almost have guaranteed them promotion.   Still bitter about that night of corruption at Carrow Road a few weeks ago, it was interesting to see that both Bywater and Billy Davies were sent off today, this follows on from Darren Moore being suspended for violent conduct from a previous match.  All we need now is for referee Lee Probert to fall down a manhole and the four main culprits from that scandalous night will all have had their come-uppance. [/quote]Just spoke to a mate who is a town season ticket holder for his sins well someone has to speak to him, tells me derby scored early and just then started to waste as much time as possible also passing the ball along there backline to the cheers of there travelling rabble .Then at the end he sits scum were awarded a corner , from the corner bywater and bruce where pushing each other, the ref sends  them both off bruce was walking back to the changing rooms when bywater then ran up behind him and started punching bruce from behind .Stewards and others had to pull them apart then billy davies runs on to the pich and has a go at the ref who sends him off derby players and backroom staff have to restrain him and force him to go to the stands.He says its the best he has seen them play this season and is confident for once prior to nexts weeks game ,we will see .I also hope derby dont make it they are a bunch of cheats especially bywater at the end of the game the derby fans were berating there own players sqeekie bum time i think OTBC
  4. Just heard worthy plus jarrett interviews on bbc radio leicester its worth a listen .Very amusing to say the least ,when jarrett was asked if he was @ norwich when nigel was there and what he is like to work with, there was a pause while he thought what he should say then came out with the standard b*ll he knows what he wants good manager ect ect .OTBC
  5. Just been on your fans website  and your fellow fans arnt a happy bunch ,what didnt suprise me was the abuse mr jarrett was recieving you dont need me to tell you what a poor footballer this man is .I hope you stay up as ive not been able to visit your new stadium yet due having to work saturday mornings ,ive just seen your run in and its against other teams either vieing for promotion or against relegation so its not going to be easy anyway  best of luck OTBC
  6. I  kind of feel sorry for them, what have they done to deserve worthy and doug normally a new manager is the cue for an upturn in fortunes not with this pair .Also good to see earnie back, when i heard the line ups before the game i was a little concerned but worthy has weaved his magic again OTBC
  7. He was colchesters most productive player yesterday ,he has gone back to where he was under worthington a liability .He hasnt got a footballing brain just lots of effort and endevour which im afraid is making him and the team look cr*p OTBC
  8. Colchester fully deserved there win on the day our boys didnt turn up ,it was embarrasing to watch as my son is a col utd fan and was in the home terracing i got some stick on the way home .He said andy hughes was col utds best player i cant argue with him on that totally .We looked  short in midfield  fotheringham looked a liability on yesterdays performance  and  huckerby  missed drury  on the left flank as lappin was reluctant to support him in attacks .Having said that i saw colchester play coventry  2 weeks ago drawing o-o and they were ordinary which makes yesterdays no show even more concerning its time for change hughes is a poor defender and an even worse midfielder so he should be dropped and let one of the youngsters have a chance.I cant be bothered to go on anymore as it would take me all day and any way they were the better team on the day OTBC
  9. Yes our old freind colin has been quite smug over the last few weeks, i think its time that smile was wiped of his face.I notice they have to travel to the valley on april  21st that would be a nice time for Charlton to leap frog them in the league , i am now imagining colin,s excuses to as and why the referee had not given them this that and the other decision bring it on OTBC
  10. i wish he had stayed at cardiff as well ,then we would be about £8000 a week better off .You cant have forseen his constent injuries before he signed ,just shows we would have been better off giving mathias svensson the extension to his contract he was after rather than going down this route OTBC
  11. Do Birmingham fans really deserve a team which is on the brink of a return to the premiership ? well i dont believe so .The total number of  fans who turned up last night to cheer there team on was i guess about 700 -800 , i know it was a tuesday night but it is at worst a 3 hour journey for them.If the boot had been on the other foot im sure we would of taken at least 3000 away to birmingham .This season there attendances have averaged 21500 where ours for a indifferent season has been 24500 only derby and sunderland have a greater averages .Was steve bruces comments ive got to pay tribute to the norwich supporters who i thought were a credit to the club . They wre right behind their side  all night and made it a difficult place to come to .They were superb ,and i take my hat off to them.Was that a dig at his own supporters who i heard ring in to talk sport after canary call had finished  slating steve bruce for his choice  of captain defenders ect ect .As far as im concerned i would like them to do a wolves and mess up because they dont deserve a team who are were they are in the league OTBC
  12. He was spot on told it as it was ,he may come out with the odd strange theory but i think he is starting to make us a better side .There first goal was criminal the second everyone was atracted to the near post leaving jones with an empty goal to aim at .Hopefully learn from there mistakes and  performances like last night  will be victories not sucker punch losses.OTBC
  13. That liverpool game  would have been one of my first games at carrow road, thats how football should be played no diving no cheating &no back chat to the ref and terraceing   OTBC
  14. he was on friday , he is the one who does all the organising simular to dion for us OTBC
  15. But they have only conceded 35 goals this season ,only problem for them or plus for us is that there best defender micheal johnson may be missing on tues with a knee injury .i saw there game on friday v colchester thelooked good going forward but looked very pedestrian at the back when johnson went off injured .It will be abig test on tues but we allways play well against the top teams OTBC
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