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  1. Please explain to me how Rossi Jarvis got in the team,on the performances over the last two games Spillane must be asking the same question along with a couple of other young players.
  2. Your attempt at trying to put spin on his achievements do not convince me that he actually has the ability to Manage at this level and he will leave either sooner or later.What I do know is that  when I listen to him I find his comments confusing and vague. His continuous talking to any media that will listem irrinates me- He bounces from one topic to another and if this is the way he talks to the players my case rests. He seems to enjoy the spotlight and what goes with being a Manager but in my opinion does not have real skills to succeed.Apart from Ose i do not believe any of his signings have made a significant impact and ultimately this is why he will go.He seems a genuine bloke but is just out of his depth at this level-someone needs to throw him a lifeline, or two very good players
  3. The infection is called Iamcrapitis suffered recently by a succesion of Norwich players. Symtons are unable to pass a ball regularly in the intended direction,inability to run in the right direction and a general lack of ability. This illness is terminal and needs a long period of isolation away from Norwich
  4. Rossi looked ok but it was diificult as Murray was so poor there was no movement between the two. Other poor performers were Big Dave and Martin ,expected more from these boys. Generally an average performance by all against a very poor Mk side which were there for the taking. Poor Eagle made to play left back again
  5. Point taken but he was really struggling and leaving him on if he was ill seems daft. if he proves me wrong i will be delighted but i have a suspicion that he will prove a poor signing 
  6. Watched the Reserve game at Mk last night and have to report that Murray looks like a shocking signing. Looked the poorest player on the pitch and at one time so knackered i thought he would collapse.If he gets on the bench on Saturday ahead of Jarvis or spillane something is seriously wrong at the club.
  7. I understand this lad is 18 and cannot see why we do not try Spillane at his favoured central position.As I have mentioned before this is sending out a very sad message to our youngsters . Spillane is I believe Captain of the Irish U19s and was signed on a very long and lucrative contact and should be given his opportunity unless Grant thinks he is not good enough?. Last Year we took in the lad Boyle who was no better than the people we had and this year Smith from Chelsea who plays where our international U19 Rossi Jaris plays. Is Grant doing favours for his premiership mates or does he have no confidence in our young players, next thing we know he will bring in a young striker and forget about Martin. I know he wants the best side possible as do we all ,but his management skills seem somewhat strange. This year we have signed more talented boys and I am concerned that they will lose out as we use our club as a nursery for the premiership boys. If this is the case why have an Academy? lets just wait for other clubs cast offs. 
  8. The idea of Games against local opposition on a regular basis seems to me to be an excellent idea. It keeps our young lads fit and brings much needed income into some of the smaller clubs and also makes sure we do not miss out on any young talent. With the signings Grant is trying to make it seems evident that he does not trust what he has in his youngsters and the likes of Rossi Jarvis and Spillane do not seem to figure in his plans.He seems keener to take young players from other clubs like the boy Smith from Chelsea who plays in the same position as Jarvis and Spillane. I hope our bright young players do not lose out while Grant keeps premiership youngsters busy,it seems a bit disloyal to those who decided to play and commit for Norwich. Against Vitesse the other evening was a good opportunity to play a couple of the kids and he did not. It worries me that he will send them out on loan and end up like last year with injuries, no players and boys who have had no experience. Without injuries he would never have given Martin a chance or Renton so where does the future lay for Eagle Cave Brown and the rest???
  9. Huckeby is the only one as the others are some what untried
  10. Mr Grant mentions that he was without 5 of his Quality players last night, can someone explain to me this statement as I can only think of one. 
  11.   Thought Chris Martin( who ate all the pies) looked overweight and very slow, would have liked to have seen someone with pace come on instead.Also seemed a good night to have tried one of the new youngsters like Smart or Bexfield or Cave Brown rather than the same old crap. Fozzy awful- Hughes awful -Doc worse than awful. Cureton-did he play?. Where were the Jarvis boys-on their way to Morecambe?
  12. Why has Peter Grant left alot of young players behind at Colney and not taken them to Holland.He talks about players bonding and how important pre season is but it appears that both Jarvis boys did not travel as well as several others,but he take a young Chelsea loan signing who has shown no loyalty to Norwich and treats him like a premiership star.I thought Rossi Jarvis played in the same England team as the lad Smith. Does not give you much confidence if you are in the Academy or a young pro ,who is pulling Grants strings someone at Chelsea?   Can someone explain or is it linked to the departure of Hunter
  13. Never mind our great hope Martin scored 4 against the might of Lowestoft so that should scare a few!!!!!!!!!!!
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