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  1. [quote user="Drazen Muzinic"] [quote user="missing in action"]we need stefan iversen! [/quote] Have we checked Asda/Morrisons/Tesco''s car parks yet? I swear I saw Shola Ameobi down at Harford Bridges today. Getting into Stefan Iversen''s car. [/quote] Saw that too, I think they were on the way to Carl Cort''s house.
  2. [quote user="Jim Smith"]They are a good side but will flatter to deceive a bit because they will pass it to death but don''t have the cutting edge if faced with solid opposition.[/quote] I think that''s a pretty fair appraisal.  They will no doubt play some sides of the pitch this season as they did to Preston because they can retain the ball really well.  You have to be able to mix it up though and most top sides have a plan B, I don''t think Swansea have that.
  3. Are you his agent Zak?  In answer to your question, if he could iron out a few technical flaws in his game he would be a great signing.  The problem is that the list of his technical flaws goes on and on.  He is like Leon McKenzie with an even worse first touch!
  4. [quote user="LarsAxelsson"]I promise he will deliver at Carrow Road! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN_HO9Lv6n4&feature=search Mostapha El Kabir. The hottest player in Sweden right now... [/quote] Reminds me of the good old days when everbody wanted us to sign Jan Kristiansen.
  5. [quote user="Go Wash Your Mouth Out Son"][quote user="grantroederdisaster"] [quote user="Mister Chops"]I like that if a goalkeeper gives away a penalty, and then saves it, he becomes an instant hero. If I set fire to your house, and then put the blaze out before any damage was done, would I be a hero too? [/quote]   Stupid opinion!   The penalty was caused by the attacker completely outpacing the slow Russell Martin forcing Ruddy to come out. Keepers are in a no win situation then and we were lucky that Ruddy wasn''t sent off!   Ruddy wasn''t that poor in the Watford home game either, he was let down by the poor defence in that one. Thankfully the defence has got better! [/quote] How were we ? [:S] The attacker was heading away from goal so it was always going to be a yellow card unless D''Urso was the ref. [/quote] I agree, he quite rightly stayed on the pitch because there was no way Sinclair was getting to the ball, therefore the was no denial of a clear scoring opportunity.
  6. [quote user="Olski_yellows"] Told you all he is a quality keeper just needed time to settle in!! commanded area well yesterday brilliant stop for the one on one. If the defence had a bit of pace john wouldnt of had to come racing out plus it wasnt a penalty anyway according to people sitting in the barclay! Anyway what a save, you wont see many better penalty saves all season, i celebrated it like a goal!! I bet some of you chanting his name were slating him on here just a couple of weeks ago, funny game aint it!! Also what a goal by jacko i think he could push holt and martin for their places which is what we want!! [/quote] People were wrong to pan him over one poor game and a pre-season friendly.  In the same way it''s wrong to now place the boy on a pedastal.  Players prove their worth over seasons not 4 matches. We have seen the best and worst of Ruddy already and lets hope he is settling in and we continue to see more of his best.  Make no mistake though, he will drop a few clangers, every keeper does but getting on his back will help no-one.  My dad maintains that Kevin Keelan is the best keeper he has ever seen at Carrow Road, he is also says that when he first watched Keelan he had some real howlers!  The good thing for me though is that Ruddy has had a difficult start yet he seems to shrugged it off and is improving game by game.  For that he deserves plenty of credit!
  7. I am sure we all remember the brilliance of Arrdee''s fantastic post about a wonderful moment at Carrow Road.  If you have not read it, then you have missed out and should read it now!  In keeping with this wonderful story I would love to know what everybody''s favourite memory at Carrow Road is.  I am sure no-one will top Arrdee but lets hear them anyway! Mine happened on the 14th September 1991 and I was 11.  City played West Ham, we won 2-1 and it was the first time that Disco Dale scored two in a game for City. I remember it because our school side had won the "Ken Brown Cup" and a few of us were invited to be ball boys.  My memory of the entire day is pretty vague, I don''t remember getting there, or home, I don''t even remember the goals but I do remember it was a great day. My first recollection of the day was actually being inside Carrow Road, getting shown around by the kit man and being led into the City dressing room.  I still remember seeing the board up on the wall with the team jotted on it and as well as a few of Dave Stringers scribblings.  We were then given instructions on what to do by Dave Stringer no less, get the ball quickly if we were losing, slow it down if we were winning.  The kit man then told us where we would sitting during the match, I would be near the dug-outs.  We were then given a tiny little brown wooden stool on which to sit pitch side and handed an official Norwich City tracksuit.  I still remember the tracksuit to this day because it was covered in mud and probably hadn''t been washed since the season started. After all the instructions were given, we put on the kit and were led out to the tunnel and awaited the players before kick-off.  It seemed to take an but the players finally arrived.  We had been told that the players would go out first and we would follow them and find our positions, mine was close to the away bench.  Every single player from City and West Ham acknowledged us and signed autographs, I wonder if they would now?  I remember the then West Ham keeper Ludek Miklosko ruffling my hair before he went out.  I will never forget the giant hand, that was probably bigger than my head, coming toward me.   The only thing I remember about the actual match was Disco''s celebrations, I do still have the highlights shown on Anglia on VHS somewhere and can see myself running on the pitch after the game going over to Dale Gordon and congratulating him.  The rest of the match is a blur though. The most memorable part of the day was at half time.  We were allowed to sit in the dug outs while the teams were in the changing rooms and someone brought us all a cup of tea that must have been made with 48% tea, 2% milk and 50% sugar.  It seems strange now but I was completely oblivious to the 20 thousand odd supporters at the time and it seemed like we were there on our own.  Not long before the second half, one of lads handed out some chewing gum and before I knew it, the players were back out.  The teams got back on the pitch and the coaching staff found their way to the dug-out''s.  I made my way back to my position and sat on my stool chewing the stick Wrigley''s my friend had passed round.  After about 30 seconds I heard Billy Bonds (the West Ham manager) shouting "Where the F is my chewing gum!".  It was the first and only time in my life I ever swallowed chewing gum and I don''t think I have ever a seen anyone so irate over a few sticks of gum. Despite me spending most of the second half worrying about whether Billy Bonds knew I had consumed his gum, it was a great day and my fondest memory at Carrow Road.
  8. Since the day he burst on to the scene several seasons ago I have felt that Chris Martin has looked to be the best all round footballer we have produced since Chris Sutton.  He has a lot of ability and his awareness/football brain looks to be pretty good.  He also appears to have got his act together off the pitch in the last couple of years too. I really hopes he proves me right and either goes on to be a top player for City over the coming years or gets sold on for a big money move.  He could still go the wrong way yet though but Lambert could be the manager he needs to take him to the next level. If he ends up playing League 1 or 2 football for the large part of his career it won''t be down to lack of ability................. 
  9. Yep, well done to Lambert.  Second game running his subs have changed the result. What I like is the way he has used his subs, it is clear he believes in all the players within the squad and knows how and when to use them.  Last week he looked to Lappin, this week he chose McNamee.  Two very different players who both made telling contributions.
  10. I think at the end of the day you have to accept who and what Hoolahan is.  He is the type of player that when he is on his game, playing well and seeing a lot of the ball he is a handful for any team and a match winner.  When he is off his game, he is a luxury no team can afford.  I accept him the way he is and others should too, it''s nothing to do with going up a level, he was like this last season too.  While not in the same league, he can be compared to Hux in the sense that he really doesn''t fit any orthodox position in modern football.  He''s not a winger, not a midfielder, nor is he a striker.  Sometimes these players run the show, sometimes they only serve to make the team look disjointed and lacking shape.  Hoolahan is not out of his depth at this level, it''s just the type of player he is, he will run hot and cold week to week but I wouldn''t be without him when he is in the mood.
  11. [quote user="Shyster"]Hark at all you whinging bastards! You''ve been paying inflated prices to support football for fu*king years, so if you want to blame anyone for the current state of the game take a look at yourselves. I go on a casual basis and yes I always feel a tad guilty for funding the demise of the game, but there''s absolutely no use in me coming on here and moaning about the prices because that would make as a big a hypocrite as you c*unts. It''s all about principles and if us football fans had stuck by them years ago before and whilst the rot set in, then I reckon in all probability we''d still be paying sensible money to watch footballers earning sensible wages. Seriously, you twots - you moan about the costs of admission prices much in the same way as you whinge on about Murdoch, yet you still subscribe to SKY like your miserable lives depended on it.  Just put up or abstain for fu*ks sake!. [/quote] While I don''t agree with the way you put it, I agree in part with some of what you say. Everything in football today is geared to one thing, getting money out of supporters and I think it''s getting to a point now where we all have to say no. People always complain about ticket prices, player wages etc.  What needs to happen is this, someone needs to organise a mass boycott of football around the whole country, basically a supporter strike.  How great it would be to tune into Match of The Day to see every game played in total silence.  If you did this enough, you would soon see ticket prices fall and more importantly, wages drop and at the end of the day, it''s the wages and agents fees that are crippling football, nothing else. Will never happen though.
  12. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I still don''t get all the Roeder hate on this board.  Yes he was clearly a pretty unpleasant character but he did a great job to keep us up after Peter Grant basically f*cked our club up, and I think we''d have fared better under him than Gunn the following season as we were out of the relegation zone when Gunn took over. [/quote] I don''t hate him, I certainly wouldn''t buy him a pint either though for the following reasons: He seems to have contempt for anyone not called Glenn Roeder. He saved us from almost certain relegation and then proceeded to put us right back in the poo all in the same season.  His poorly judged Spanish holiday saw us nose dive from a small chance at 6th to nearly relegated. He did nothing to endear himself to the supporters, in fact he seemed hell bent on putting all of our noses out of joint.  He wasn''t even subtle about it. Finally and the thing I will never forgive him for was that he happened upon a team and style that saw us go on a unbeaten run that is unmatched in my time as a City supporter.  I accept that the team in question was largley forced on him due to injuries and the like but once he found that formula, he then went about destroying that team discarding players that had served us well, replacing then with loan after loan.  By the time he was finished we barely had a team of our own to support.  The days under Roeder are the worst in my memory and as he had proved, the mess Grant left was fixable because he had done it.  He cleared up that mess and then made a bigger mess of his own, for that reason Glenn, your fired! I think it says a lot that there is hardly a good word said about the bloke from anyone.
  13. [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]" If selected, Owain Tudor Jones be facing one of his former clubs " Is he in the squad ?[/quote] Is he even in Norfolk?
  14. Well at least it''s not personal.  As far as the BBC are concerned, there is little life outside the Premier League.  Anyone who watched Football Focus last week will tell you that apart from about 10 goals shown in a brief 60 second round-up, the only thing that happened in Football was an England friendly and the start of the Premier League.  Nothing else exsists!
  15. [quote user="Jim Smith"] The loan system is not completely flawed. There is definitely a place for it but what bugs me about the whole Bellamy thing is the level of subsidisation by Man City which appears to me to be pretty much unprecedented. I don''t care if its been commonplace for parent clubs to pay a percentage of the wages on loans in the past, subsidisation to that level by a parent club is wrong and is giving Cardiff a massive advantage. If such loans are going to be allowed then the clubs loaning the players should have to fund the deal themsleves, if not completely then for the most part. Cardiff may well win the league this season but if Bellars plays a large part in it then frankly they will get little credit for it in my eyes because of the help they will have had. [/quote] Cardiff will argue that''s it would be no different to when we won this League.  They would also argue that given the oppertunity, we would have ripped Man City''s hand off for it.  
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