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    There were rumours he could be set to join East Anglia’s second biggest club, turns out it was true!
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    Now we should be able to include videos so...
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    Its good to be able to click on the online list at the top of the page, there's 86 people reading our message board and its past 11pm, appreciate its new so people are having a look but will be interesting to keep an eye on it to see how busy it is in peak times . So many new facilities it was a long wait but its here now, for our pinkun community to enjoy
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    “...if we didn’t make the play offs at the end of the season from this position” Mick Dennis on the AlongComeNorwich podcast. Thoughts? Personally I think that’s rubbish. I’d be disappointed, don’t get me wrong, but we’re not even half way into the season, the league is tight as anything and in perspective, this season is promising to be a huge improvement compared to last. Don’t get me wrong, the play offs (at least!) should be our aim, I just don’t think a well known fan who has links to the board should be putting pressure on with these sorts of statements.
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    The man is having a one man goal of the season competition with himself this season. Things are going really well at the moment, but football has a nasty habit of biting you on the ar*e. No complacency please!
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    Great stuff Hoggy. even our friends down the road grudgingly give it the thumbs up...... https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/445740/farkelife/#23
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    Yes I found that helpful too, don't forget to put your avatar up
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    You're still a boy Dylan
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    How dare you!! 59 is not old. Is it?
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    As others have said I'd also be all for merging OT an the main forum. It works well on the forums of other clubs and now thet we're winning games it's not like the main forum will be particularly busy.
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    Thanks Pete. I'm loving it all, well done.
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    Thread ordering has been fixed.
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    Oooh, just found the like button ! I was slightly worried about the reports of Culverhouse going to join Lambert, as I thought there might be a chance of them recreating their previous good management team, so this is good news.
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    Agree with Lapps, the settings need changing so the threads are in order of the last post, as he said Ray's Funds was posted on only a short time ago but is still way down. I love the new board, so much better to use and that's before we find all the new features
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    Michael Bailey tweeted this: The smallest possible movement is for the binners. Derby and West Brom could be anywhere from second to eleventh.
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    I would give this a listen but I can’t stand tweedle dee and tweedle dum from TNC
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    Wouldn't be an 'abject failure'. If anything, with our budget and recent cost cutting and overall transformation of the club it should be seen as a success that we're in and around it.
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    I know, was a tongue in cheek comment really. But worth flagging up the excellent Experimental 361 site to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
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    Well isn't this all rather fancy... Even the moderation system is vastly improved. Please direct all praise towards Gareth and Matt in the development team for all their hard work. Such was my faith in them that I made sure I was travelling back from London at 4pm and everything would run smoothly. Any issues just post them here or email me.
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    This is great. You can now publicly like posts!
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    Kings Lynn to make a full statement in the morning.
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    Unlike the old board, new posts don't bring threads back to the top of the board, they remain where they were before posting. This means whenever we have a poor run and the board goes into meltdown after each defeat, good threads will be rapidly pushed down the board and off the front page. I'm thinking particularly of the Ray's Funds thread here but several threads with good informed and reasoned debates could go the same way. It needs changing Pete.
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    Think that maybe those that were on the old board but can't get into this one.
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