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  1. Years ago at school our usernames on the PC’s were our surname followed immediately by our first name initial. So for example John Smith’s would be smithj Spare a thought for my classmate Oliver Pead...
  2. York City had a player called Wes York until he was released this summer.
  3. It’s because with Sky you pay for your services a month in advance. Hence why your first bill discounted will have been significantly cheaper than the one that followed. My brother works for Sky’s billing team and explained it to me as I queried the same.
  4. That’s not the reason. Sky initially implemented the pause on their sports package for 3 months. However the pause is indefinite for as long as their live sports schedule is empty. Your bills will adjust nearer the time, you won’t pay for sports while sports isn’t on.
  5. I can see myself front row behind the Barclay goal as that went in. Absolute pandemonium. The sun was shining, strangers hugging, people on the floor, Norwich were on the brink of promotion. I'll never, ever forget that ball trickling over the line, happy days.
  6. Never has the term 'Ignore the noise' been more important. It would be easy for the club to have been persuaded to do a u-turn when it comes to furloughing non-playing staff and obviously in an ideal world this would not have happened. Kensell, Webber and co. have continued to make the best decisions for the long-term benefit of the club which is as important now as it has ever been. Hearing the estimated figures that we as one of the best-run teams in the country could lose due to coronavirus really puts into perspective how serious this is going to be for those less well run. Clubs are surely going to fall like dominoes. Worrying times for football but NCFC doing everything right for me so far.
  7. What do you consider to be the best ever NCFC XI if every player had to be of a different nationality? Here's mine: Kennon (SA) Nedergaard (Den) Forbes (Sco) Bassong (Cam) Bowen (Wal) Tettey (Nor) Buendia (Arg) Fer (Ned) Hoolahan (ROI) Huckerby (Eng) Pukki (Fin)
  8. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and all things the past. With that in mind I want to know the things you miss about supporting Norwich. This doesn't necessarily mean you prefer the alternative that the present has given us, for example I miss the old South Stand because of how bad it was, but I know The Jarrold Stand is a massive upgrade! List of things I miss from the past: The hard work put into finding transfer rumours when the internet was in its infancy Getting SMS updates of goals (used to subscribe to 88442, those texts would make or break my week) 1-3 month loan deals, they just don't happen anymore Roy Waller's Radio Norfolk commentary Yellow nets Biking to my local newsagents to pick up a fresh copy of The Pink'un 2 hours after the final whistle was blown Loads of others and I appreciate as a near 30 year old my nostalgia period is a relatively short one, but keen to hear yours too.
  9. C0ck and balls... N Martyn R Pereira D Walker D Undsworth L Baines J Maddison G Speed T Cahill M Le Tissier A Shearer J Vardy
  10. M Schwarzer R Pereira D Walker D Undsworth L Baines J Maddison G Speed T Cahill M Le Tissier A Shearer J Vardy
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