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  1. York Canary

    Important Announcement from Sky...

    Nah, not for me.
  2. York Canary

    Promotion date

    Slightly off the original question but should we go up as Champions...anyone know if a civic reception would take place and if so, when it would likely take place? I’d naturally assume Monday 7th May however the Legend game (Wes vs Russ) is on that day.
  3. York Canary

    Philip Heise

    Only seen him a handful of times but reminds me of the lad Dijks we had a couple of years ago. For a full back he’s a unit but has the pace and intelligence to be rather effective. Great to have some genuine competition in that position.
  4. York Canary

    WBA Tickets

    Wooster, have sent you a DM. Cheers.
  5. Until 2023. Always nice to have some positive contract news during the international break.
  6. We could well be seeing this type of headline if we don't act soon and get Farke and his coaching staff signed up with new deals. With every win and movement up the table, Farke's stock gets bigger and better. Good teams will be watching and monitoring his time in England. It's time to get him signed up for the next 2-3 years, he's more than earned it - let's get it sorted while our club is on the crest of a wave. Come on, Webber! (PS. apologies if the title of this thread caused any stress...!)
  7. Based on our line up today, just two British-born players (Lewis and Aarons) start. Made me wonder if we've ever had so few British-born players start a league game (or any game for that matter) before.
  8. There were some excellent individual performances at Bournemouth on Tuesday night, also some injury doubts for the weekend. Based on what we know, what’s your predicted line up for tomorrow? Mine is: Krul Aarons Zimbo Klose Lewis Leitner Tettey Buendia Vrancic Stiepermann Pukki Subs: McCracken, Godfrey, Trybull, Marshall, Srbeny, Hernandez, Idah (taking homegrown rules into account)
  9. York Canary

    “It would be an abject failure...”

    I would give this a listen but I can’t stand tweedle dee and tweedle dum from TNC
  10. York Canary

    It’s tight

    That’s what he said
  11. “...if we didn’t make the play offs at the end of the season from this position” Mick Dennis on the AlongComeNorwich podcast. Thoughts? Personally I think that’s rubbish. I’d be disappointed, don’t get me wrong, but we’re not even half way into the season, the league is tight as anything and in perspective, this season is promising to be a huge improvement compared to last. Don’t get me wrong, the play offs (at least!) should be our aim, I just don’t think a well known fan who has links to the board should be putting pressure on with these sorts of statements.
  12. There were rumours he could be set to join East Anglia’s second biggest club, turns out it was true!
  13. York Canary

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Pete and team, I’ve been reading these forums since 2003 but have seldom contributed due to the forums being dated for some time. This latest facelift has made it more than usable, particularly on my mobile. Thanks for the hard works that’s been put in, I hope to be contributing regularly going forward
  14. York Canary

    Come on Alex Neil

    Fingers crossed he continues the managerial form he’s had since he left us - for me the first 3 games are crucial. Preston at home is an absolute must win, no doubt.