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Going Down

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12 hours ago, Indy said:

Going down is nothing to be ashamed about, our players deserved the chance of premiership football and although we’ve held our own in many games, we’ve not got that quality in reserve to stay here.

Key to building is, keeping all our best young players, off loading those not good enough and replacing them with younger hungry better players. That’s the wish, but unfortunately can see our best young talent sold off to other teams......back to square 1 with a five year plan no doubt! We can only hope!

The most sensible post in this topic. Our history of the past couple decades is one of doing the yo yo between Prem and Champs and my goodness we should be used to this by now.  The way the top two divisions are run these days, nearly all the clubs running with super rich owners pumping tens of millions into the clubs like confetti its a wonder any rare  club such as City with a self funding model can even get close, let alone actually compete, in such a situation. Yet we do and,  we are playing some great football to boot. So enjoy the ride, be it in the Prem or Champs, there are a ton of clubs in L1 and 2 who would  love to be in our position.

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