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  1. Well played lads, excellent result. Hope the weekends fixtures go your way
  2. Haha!, I would rather Watford go down to be honest! Fans that used to be alright turned into entitled gimps and a thuggish attitude on the pitch, followed by Smug Eddie's lot, then maybe Brighton or Wet Spam
  3. I totally understand how you must be feeling, I have felt it most seasons, Palace still don't have the final product either, we struggle from match to match even though some of our individual players are very good, but we struggle to gel, and score. On 5 of our last seasons we haven't had more than 20 points come new years day (apart from this one) yet we finished between 10th and 12th in all those seasons. Have faith Canaries and the best of luck!
  4. Palace fan in peace here. Norwich going down?, not a chance in my opinion. Too much skill in that team for that, remind me a LOT of Palace and the frustrations that come with it. Sometimes the sum of the parts is weaker, and that is what I saw today, just like Palace on a lot of occasions. Palace are stretched squad wise but a good performance by Norwich still shone through. Just need a bit more belief and to gel as a team, once that happens you'll be safe. I wish you all the best of luck for the rest of the season and really hope you get out of the relegation zone soon.
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