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  1. Oh we have been promoted have we?
  2. Yeah true we are top of the league but the way some of our fans were going on pre Watford you would think that we had won the league and most people on social media platforms were predicting 4, 5 and even 6-0 wins yesterday, despite the fact that we haven't come close to thrashing a team all season. What's every meaningful statistic? Quite a few teams have scored more than us and we have conceded more than plenty of teams also
  3. Maybe we are not as good as many of our fans seem to think we are.
  4. Yeah but football has swings and round abouts, if they didn't miss an open goal from two yards at the end of the game the would have won. The issue is we were playing a side that have been conceding for fun this season and we struggled to create enough clear cut chances to win the game, if we had then we wouldn't even be talking about Cantwells disallowed goal.
  5. True, but doing it once against the second worst defence in the league (only Wycombe are slightly worse) isn't good enough.
  6. True although 24 shots would suggest that they aren't afraid to shoot. I think that the problem is we are struggling to create good opportunities to score which is probably a mixture of teams working us out and blocking of space around the box and our build up being slow and predictable. However, some of our fans fans with their rose tinted glasses on argue that playing triangles in front of a packed defence and not creating anything is being dominant, I disagree.
  7. Until we dont win again he is, and then the referee for that match will be the worst referee ever then.
  8. He did throw himself to the ground though.
  9. I said to my Dad after the Watford game teams have sussed out how to get success against Norwich and I can see plenty more teams utilising the same tactics against us, the following match Q.P.R come and do the same and take a way a point and probably should have went back to West London with all 3 (was the miss of the season at then end). I thought we were vulnerable down our left hand side against Watford but I put that down to being up against Sarr but Q.P.R looked to exploit us down our left as well.
  10. Tough test this they are playing really well at the moment and have marched up the league. From the Barnsley games I have seen this season they are vulnerable if they concede the first goal as their game plan is based on keeping it tight. However, they can be extremely difficult to break down as they are disciplined and hardworking. I think this is a big game for us.
  11. We did have 20 plus shots yesterday so I wouldn't say that we were frightened about shooting. However I agree we do over play at times and despite having so many shots I don't remember many if any of them being clear cut opportunities, it was the same against Watford as well, for all of our possession we are not creating enough good chances at the moment.
  12. I think if Arsenal do come calling then we will really struggle to hold onto him, I don't imagine he will be too keen on staying if he has the opportunity to go to Arsenal. I just hope that we get good money for him the 15 million being mentioned seems a bit of a joke.
  13. Okay I think we just have to disagree it maybe partly because we overplayed but I thought they were very good at defending the spaces on the edge of the box. Their goal wasn't a hoof up the pitch, it was a well balanced pass to Gray by Capoue and Max couldn't deal with Sema running at him. They counter attacked well all game.
  14. I think the fact that we created hardly any chances suggests that they were comfortable enough.
  15. I think their tactic was to let us have the ball in specific areas of the pitch and then knick it back and utilise their pace, I think that worked well for them. We had the ball but we rarely played football in dangerous parts of the pitch they had a good shape and cut us open on the counter on several occasions. I don't remember having a meaningful effort against a Watford side with a makeshift defence.
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