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  1. Only Leicester, Liverpool and Sheffield United have had more clean sheets than Watford so far this season, so they have clearly sorted their defence out. Watford have also conceded 2 and scored 11 in their last 5 matches.
  2. Feeling confident I watched their last game and Watford took the p*ss out of them.. 2-1 Norwich!
  3. We are going down, we cannot win games and I really can't see us being capable of putting a winning streak together. Watford have beaten Wolves and Villa with 10 men and Manchester United in the last few games, West Ham looked good today and smashed a very poor Bournemouth side and Villa look capable of winning here and there as they did today. Unfortunately I can only see the gap getting bigger.
  4. Watford seem to playing better under Pearson, they looked organised against Man United who never had a shot on target until they were 2-0 down. They were also extremely unlucky against Liverpool last week. However I think there are a number of other teams who we could finish above, for instance Bournemouth don't look great, West Ham look poor and had players fighting each other on the pitch yesterday, I thought we were also better than Villa, Southampton have hit a good patch but that is likely to come to an end sooner rather than later, I also think Brighton could be dragged into it. In my opinion we shouldn't be looking at other teams so much as it won't matter if we can't add points to the board, we need to do our job first and then hope results go in our afterwards.
  5. Good performance, wr created enough chances but never to put them away. We were the better team but at this stage you need points on the board and losing that was a very upsetting result especially because Villa got lucky.
  6. To be honest I am not that sure Watford are the worst side in the league, admittedly they have had a really bad start to the season but they have some quality players. They basically have the same team that challenged for a Europa spot and reached the FA Cup Final last season. I didn't think they were particularly great last night but I wouldn't say we were better they allowed us to have the ball and were more organised tha we were, for all our possession they probably created the better chances and it showed that they have more premier league experience.
  7. Having possession is not dominating a game, it is worrying that the players think they dominated the match. We have seen time and time again that teams in this league playing away from home are happy to drop off into shape and allow the opposition to have possession and try and counter attack, for all of our posession Watford were comfortable and were happy to just let us build the play slowly in front of them. So well done lads you has more possession against a side that were happy to let you have the ball
  8. True if we were playing until Christmas we wouldn't have scored today even against ten men
  9. Can't see how we are going to accumulate enough points to stay up this season. For me reality has really hit home tonight, we are out of our depth in this division and haven't got enough players with the quality needed for this league.
  10. Can't see where the next wins going to come from after this.
  11. Looks like Troy Deeney has travelled with the Watford lads. I was hoping he would be out for this one. Not because he's a fantastic player but he is the type of striker that our defence don't like playing against.
  12. I think a loss to an unconfident and injury hit Watford side who are bottom of the division will only damage confidence more and for that reason it's a must win game.
  13. I don't think I have heard anybody say it's only Watford, we are in dreadful form and we are playing c**p. They have had a terrible start to the season but let's not forget that they were challenging for a Europa spot and got to the FA Cup Final last season, they still have quality even if they aren't showing it this season, make no mistake this will be a tough test against a team desperate for a win.
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