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  1. I expect Chelsea to come out with a bit of bite about them tonight unfortunately I can really see us getting bettered.
  2. No they can't but it is their job to motivate players and set the team up with the right tactics which they clearly didn't.
  3. United aren't letting us down it isn't their job to get results for us, we let ourselves down with crap recruitment and poor performances like lastnight.
  4. But we looked tactically inept against Southampton and that part is down to Smith and Shakey, right?
  5. Yes, I though watching it that Southampton just look so much stronger than us tbey we're brushing our players off with no effort what so ever. And wind would blow Sargent over.
  6. I was feeling optimistic after the Liverpool match but then the game started. It was evident after the first ten minutes that we wasn't going to get anything from the game as we could barely get a kick of the ball unless it was to clear the ball to a red and white shirt. I am feeling low after that. I don't mind losing but it really stood out that we just are not good enough for this level tonight we got outclassed from start to finish all over the park, not only did we get outclassed but we were soft. I had lost count of the amount of times one of our players was just pushed off the ball with ease.
  7. A terrible weekend but I think there could be many twists and turns yet.
  8. I have the Burnley game on they started off really well but Liverpool are in control now. Newcastle result is not a good one but I have to say I expected them to get out of it.
  9. Best result we could have hoped for, would have been better if Watford had not kept a clean sheet in their first game under Hodgson. Although Burnley looked useless in attack.
  10. Good response . I agree, although I also think that selling your values, morals and ethics for immoral success is the definition of not having values and morals.
  11. I bet he gets injured within a few weeks and never to be seen in a Rangers shirt again. He has had about 10 injures within the last year.
  12. I mat be wrong but I actually think Newcastles buisness has been good. They kind of done what I didn't want them to do and brought in sensible players that fill in their weak spots.
  13. There should be space for conscience in every form of life I don't see why football is any different. The problem is most people in football have no values and morals.
  14. I am not really that sure. Yes and no. I think whilst we are still in the battle we maybe should and could have signed someone. However we are likely to get releagted and maybe it's wise to keep an attentive eye on the bank balance and next season. In truth our buisness model doesn't work at the highest level and even if we stay up this season we can't stay up long term.
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