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  1. Can''t say I would be too upset if Leicester got relegated. I enjoyed them being top at first, but after they whinged about and appealed Vardy''s deserved red card last year, together with all the Jamie Vardy masks the supporters wore during his suspension, I thought they were taking themselves a bit too seriously.
  2. Thought it was a total cop out by Hartson and Sinclair on MOTD with their that''s just Joey being Joey stance, when they should have taken him to the cleaners for his pathetic antics. As for his tweets trying to defend himself, he would have been better off keeping his mouth shut, but obviously that is something he is not capable of.
  3. I have great respect for John Hurt, and would gladly have paid tribute to him before the game. I don''t really approve of this mid game applauding as I find their determination quite contrived and also think they are distracting, What if a penalty had been awarded on 77 mins or he had died at the age of 95?
  4. I agree he is a good pundit, but like many good pundits, they''ve never really done it for real. If they are that good, maybe they should try it. Many of those that do have been known to fall flat on their a*ses (Gary Neville)?
  5. [ Vanwink wrote: And this morning we have the England Mnager apparently coming out to defend his behaviour? A pity that he could not be as dignified as Claudio Ranieri was on this by not commenting. Should we await an FA charge for Hodgson?
  6. Shame that Clattenburg wasn''t so wise earlier in the season at Carrow Road
  7. Thanks so much for posting this link, I really enjoyed watching it in full and got quite emotional. I was at the game as a 10 year old. Loved the shots of the crowd standing pitch side of the barriers behind the Barclay End goal. Happy days. I also remember my Dad taking me to Hampden Park for the Scotland v England game in 1970 with my Norwich City shoulder bag and being stopped on a couple of occasions to talk about Tommy Bryceland. R.I.P Tommy
  8. Our no. 4 was Ray Grant, son of Peter. I thought he was our Man of the Match, although I wouldn''t argue strongly against the Keeper getting it. I must admit I went expecting to see a masterclass from Villarreal, but we more than matched them
  9. Talk about a broken record. If you look back far enough you''ll find posts stating that his position in the team should be replaced by Micky Spillane! Whatever happened to him while Russell Martin was gaining 2 promotions from the Championship, playing 3 years in the Premiership and becoming an International regular. Surely Lambert, Hughton, Strachan and now Neil would not keep picking him if he was as inept as some make out?
  10. I wonder if those who are up in arms about this are the same people who slated him last time in the Premiership and then decided he had '' found his level'' in the Championship?
  11. I assume Alex Neil was there and celebrating our goals. Difficult to say, because every time we scored or went close the cameras cut to Dick Advocaat rather than show any of our management team celebrating. I had to be calmed down by my wife because I was so incensed by it. The panel tried to praise us but kept going back to how bad Sunderland were.
  12. I like the comments on TWTD implying that even if the money goes straight to Marcus Evans, the Police should pay it back because its the moral thing to do! You couldn''t make it up, could you?
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