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  1. Do you have an opinion on Rowett, or are you just here for an argument with me?
  2. Hasn''t Maddison been injured in recent weeks, and returned to playing in the U23''s game last week?
  3. Whilst I agree with your list woodman, I do wonder about the practicalities of shifting so many players all at once, as you say the task could be enormous. I''m hoping they already have the makings of a plan for it in place.
  4. I think we should all meet up for a drink.
  5. Both players played well here under Alex Neil, and both performed well when we were in the Premiership, so not really sure the point you are making?
  6. Well stop acting like one then, you''re fooling no one here with your silly games.
  7. Is Morris just on a short term loan, or is it for the rest of the season?
  8. Why try and start the argument if you knew what I was on about in the first place? Moron.
  9. Oh and let me add a [wink] before you get all butthurt.
  10. Let me try and help you understand Greavsy. I want to move my season ticket to another seat, so I toddle over to the ticket office and say "hey there ticket person, I want to move my season ticket". They then look at whats available, and reply "Look, theres this seat here if you fancy it?" If I do I then transfer my season ticket to said new seat, and then, heres the bit you''re clearly missing, my old seat becomes available, therefore no queue has been jumped, and no seat has been taken from anyone on the waiting list. Hopefully this helps you understand.
  11. Pi$$ off the pair of you, I have stated my opinion, and the reasons why I think we should be aiming higher that Rowett. If you can''t read my opinions without feeling belittled, I suggest the issue is yours.
  12. Well plenty on here seem to be touting Rowett without actual consideration of his complete lack of experience. It''s a sad fact that these things need to be pointed out to the more hard of thinking.
  13. Stow your moral outrage greavsy, there is a perfectly legitimate scheme for swapping season ticket seats.
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