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  1. Out crawl all the Martin lovers, you all sound like a broken record over the past 3 years. The Liverpool mistake was one in a catalogue of errors. The amount of goals scored against us because he was out of position was ridiculous, hardly surprising when you don''t put a challenge in and leave the field after 90 minutes with clean knees! Yes, one of the worst centre backs I''ve seen at Carrow Road, even Simon Charlton at 5''6" was better than him. As for bringing more to the club? Like what, he couldn''t give direction on the pitch, and that was his responsibility. Is wages are amongst the highest, paying someone to sit on the bench is hardly constructive for the clubs finances. Martin lovers, get a grip, time to move on, like it was last season when we got promoted.
  2. Well I''ve been a season ticket holder far longer than the reign of those mentioned, and personally would say he''s one of the worst centre backs I''ve seen in a canary shirt. Yep, as a full back he was okay, but his okay status was over 3 seasons ago. We should be a club looking to improve, not holding on to the highest earners because they are nice people. It''s all about the welfare of the club, and the club wil be better off without the Martin legacy.
  3. Disaster I hope he''s happy to warm the bench.
  4. Sell sell sell sell sell... I''ll even drive him there myself
  5. Just seen the article on the 10 o''clock new, completely over the top, one old boy said it was the proudest day of his life, that says it all really!!!
  6. YellowFuture; I''m all for celebrating an achievement, like a promotion. But just to win a few games and not actually achieve anything from them and then bring their capital to a standstill is embarrassing. For you to compare the national Wales team to Norwich City is wide of the mark.
  7. sorry, did I miss something, did they win something? Nope, I just checked the reports, they won nothing and didn''t make the final. This is about as tin pot as it gets. I think England should hold one, good way to get rid of any old decaying fruit & veg.
  8. Rooney, a well struck penalty then a total turd for the rest of the match. I don''t want to see him in a England shirt again.
  9. Kane looks the same player when he wore a Norwich shirt, clueless!!
  10. Rooney is awful. The whole team is awful.
  11. & why oh why oh why is Kane taking the free kicks.
  12. I totally agree with the Rooney thing. He brings a staleness to our game. I don''t know why Woy thinks he''s undroppable. The only potential good thing about this could be Woys dismissal.
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