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  1. Gafaiti. Did he ever actually play for the 1st team? If not surely don't count
  2. No point in increasing the stadium by a few thousand. There are two reasons for this. It won’t generate enough income. Remember the big clubs get most of their money from TV / Sponsorship and rich owners. Another 5k in the stadium is a drop in the ocean. The actual fans in the stadium are becoming less and less important to the elite clubs. Fans in Asia / Africa etc, those that buy the merchandise are just as, if not more important. We can’t compete. Secondly, the season before last (before we got good again), demand fell and for the first time in years season tickets were available and casual seats were much more readily available. Lots of stories that spare season tickets could not be given away for the odd game to friends - I know this for a fact. I find it quite amusing that so many Norwich fans have the opinion that the Championship is better than the Prem, it clearly isn’t. The standard is nowhere near. And those that believe it will be a repeat of last year to get again are deluded and have very short memories. The Championship is a graveyard. Its only fun when you are winning, the games are not exciting when you have nothing to play – remember thrashing Reading 7-1 a few seasons ago? Yeah it was relatively entertaining at the time, but at the end of the day it counted for nothing. Compare that to the two games against Bristol last season for instance, much closer yet so much more enjoyable because we were playing for something. It’s a tough old league and can drag you into it for years and years. So I will say it, this is a wasted opportunity, and in hindsight, we have left the manager and the squad exposed. Its such a shame. The bored is one thing. But I wish all our fans had some ambition and desire for us to be an established prem team.
  3. Interested to hear peoples honest view. Can we realistically survive and if so where are the points coming from? What's the plan? Not even half way through yet, but its looking tough. Or do you think we are as good as down, out of ideas and out of our depth emphasised after a naive performance tonight? I felt very positive after the weekend, but so very negative tonight. So I'm looking for some honest thoughts from you guys as to what you are thinking?
  4. Krul Hanley Godfrey Zimmermann Aarons Lewis Tettey Amadou Buendia Hernamdez Pukki
  5. Both back in training by the looks of it. Trybull confirmed on pinkun front page and I'm sure Alex Terttey posted something on social media to indicate hes back training. Can anyone confirm? Could be great news for next weekend to have 2 fit holding players.
  6. What’s the point in sticking with a failing ‘philosophy’ or style of play that isn’t working? It clear for however many home games its not working, we are slow on the break / counter and vulnerable to conceding a silly goal. A bad combination. We pass and pass and pass until any scoring scenario is cut off, we then go back, we don’t ever put crosses into the box. I can see it, so why can’t the manager, sometimes you have to change things even it goes against you so called philosophy, even if it’s just a temporary thing. We never change tactics during a game, and rarely change the shape.
  7. Green Fleming Mackay Drury Martin Holt Wes Eadie Hucks Iwan Holt Notable Subs: Ruddy, Nedergaard, Johnson, Jerome, Ashton
  8. Where is Josh Murphy? Have I missed something or his he injured? Must be injured or we wouldn''t have 2 CB''s on the bench
  9. Hes got a point, if you put your hatred for RS aside and be honest with yourselves. Lots of games where Wes just dosent show up and might as well be subbed after 15 mins. other games where he runs the show, if he did that every game he wouldn''t have spent a decade at Norwich
  10. Hahah. this is classic. why would he even text AN? They are hardly going to be best mates, and AT is not going to be looking for a move to PNE. bantz
  11. [quote user="GJP"]No, that would make it Most Improved POTS. It''s just POTS. The best player, regardless of improvent or time spent at club.[/quote] Think you have missed my point a bit. In a season where pretty much the entire squad has underachieved, most doing the minimum required, it’s very difficult to decide a POTS. Why are most people voting for Wes? This has not been a stand out season for him at all, been less effective. Ok he scored that wonder goal, but has he really stood out? I don’t think he has, he’s certainly stood out more in the past. At the start of the season Murphy was not guaranteed a place on the bench, let alone a starting place. Many saw Canos above him and maybe a couple of others. So to break into the team and play 30 plus games scoring double figures I would say is a bigger achievement. The Wes thing seems a bit of a nostalgia vote.
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