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  1. Just Dan

    Brentford friendly

    1 1 now
  2. Just Dan

    Brentford friendly

    1 nil after 9 minutes, Buendia
  3. Just Dan


    I was thinking about this the other day. The only way that Leeds could prove that the info they got from spying didn't have an effect on the outcome of games would have been for them to go on and win the league. For them to implode as they have surely suggests that their antics in the bushes have them an unfair advantage. Won't be disappointed to see them carry on the Leeds soap opera in the Championship for a few more seasons.
  4. Just Dan

    First to be linked

    Would be very surprised if we sold him before the summer. Get him for half a season in the Prem and he'd go for at least £30m.
  5. Just Dan

    We have fight at last

    Deserved a win at Brum, a draw at Sheff Utd and at least a draw against WBA. That would have had us on 18pts. Football isn''t fair but how can anyone really judge on 6-7 games? Brum are a better side than there results suggest, impressed with them against Swansea and Villa, Leeds are obviously decent atm and WBA are on a roll.

    What is really interesting is the players that are missing from our side at the moment - Rhodes, Hernandez, McLean, Thompson, Godfrey and Hanley. Poor injury bulletin over the last couple of weeks, but those on the fringes have grasped their chances with both hands. We genuinely have decent strength in depth this season.
  6. Just Dan


    Just checked my facts 41 clearances we made 26 were headed.
  7. Just Dan


    Last season we generally did better against the better sides and struggled against the more "blood and thunder" teams. Nothing that I have seen so far this season suggests that has changed and I think that needs addressing.

    Looking forward to seeing McLean and Marshall to come back into the side for those types of opponent and think that both would have made an impact of the game on Sunday.

    We''re not going down but not sure they''ll be a Derby next season. We made over 40 headed clearances - tells its own story doesn''t it?
  8. Just Dan

    Max Aarons

    [quote user="Van wink"]Most of us are prepared to criticise Farke when things go wrong, sometimes things which are outside of his control, we should equally be prepared to offer praise when thngs go well.[/quote]

    Well said Van Wink!
  9. Just Dan

    Max Aarons

    [quote user="Lewis DW"]Maddison played because of injuries! Farke would never have played him as much, especially not earlier in the season... his goals and form may have helped him keep his place.[/quote]

    And other managers would have tried Russ Martin in centre mid rather than chuck a young lad in, so my point is still a valid one.
  10. Just Dan

    Max Aarons

    I would think so. Say what you like about Farke, he does give youth a chance and had we not had him, it would have been unlikely that Madders would have played as much, if not at all, last season and Jamal and Max would still be languishing in the u23''s.
  11. Just Dan

    Ben Marshall

    [quote user="king canary"]That the ''danger of him being written off after a couple of games'' is not actually a danger. Because I don''t think it has ever happened before.[/quote]

    Theoklitos was written off after one game.
  12. Just Dan

    Team for Preston

    [quote user="Bonzo"]Krul

    Pinto Hanley Klose Lewis

    Thompson Godfrey

    Pukki Leitner Hernández



    Pinto Hanley Klose Lewis

    Thompson Godfrey

    Marshall Pukki Hernández


    Leitner to drop to the bench and replace Pukki for the last 30 minutes.
  13. Just Dan

    Let's get one thing straight.

    Be interesting to see the line up for Wednesday night. Would not be at all surprised to see 2 changes, Out going Tettey and Klose, in coming Godfrey/Thompson and Zimmerman/Godfrey.

  14. Just Dan

    Team for Sheffield United



    Marshall Hanley Klose Steipermann

    Tettey Trybull

    Pukki Leitner Hernandez

  15. Just Dan

    Fair Play, Championship-style

    Great read Purple and an interesting debate. It will be an interesting few years to see which way this goes. Just hoping that we, or someone in a similar position, can show that there is an alternative way to get in the Premiership.