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  1. To be fair, Daniel Farke and Stuart Webber told us time and again that staying in the prem would need another miracle. Most people, including myself, hoped that they were just saying that to not get our hopes up, but they were right. With the impact of Covid, the league starting to punish teams for FFP, our early forays into the transfer market and our own financial position, I am confident that we will be challenging for an automatic spot next season. Should we make it, we will not be hearing about more miracles. We'll be in a good position to give it a good go. Had we of been more lucky with regards to injuries to key players in key areas, I don't think we'd have been too far away from that miracle. But if great great great great grandma was still alive, she'd be 168.
  2. I don't reply to him, generally pointless. Bit of a self important bell piece, but worth a follow. Does have a few snippets but think he is fed by certain clubs to stir it up! And it seems to work.
  3. Should he have been offside by the rules of the game at that time then? The commentator seemed to blame the ref for hesitating, not the Leeds players for not playing to the whistle!
  4. 6 cases seems pretty decent but lockdown has only been slightly lifted for just over a week. Whilst I don't think we'll get to the levels seen in April, the further easing of the lockdown in June (kids in certain years back at school etc) is likely to have some effect on the amount of cases out there. There are further twists and turns to come, who knows which way this will go!
  5. Last season Leeds get 12 points from their last 9 games. I would suggest the Championship might be unlikely to promote anyone without finishing the season. Leeds are their jewel in the crown and they would want to keep them if possible. And litigation is likely from other clubs if they are promoted on PPG, with Leeds having a reputation as serial bottle jobs!
  6. From what I could tell from Boris's speech this morning, it seems more unlikely that we are likely to see any major relaxation of current measures for a few weeks yet.
  7. A simple Google search brought up this: According to a standard Premier League/English Football League contract, players are entitled to "five weeks paid holiday to be taken at a time or times determined by the club - subject to the club's first team and any international commitments".14 Aug 2019 I would expect that 5 weeks involves at least a part, if not all, of June.
  8. Possible silly question, I apologise in advance. I guess footballers contracts cover holidays and, given the seasons start and end dates, there must be some stipulation that holidays must be taken at certain times (between seasons (end of May to the start of July)). If we are to play through the summer, will players be expected to forgo holidays that they are contractually entitled to? If they do agree to forgo their annual leave, who is liable to cover the cost of annual leave not taken?
  9. Even one country doing it sends a very big signal to both UEFA and other countries. Lives are more important. Well done the Dutch. This allows clubs to plan for the future with a little more certainty. It the indecision that will send many clubs to the wall over here.
  10. No games before 1sr September. Others will follow no doubt.
  11. I wonder if further bond schemes might be under consideration after the success of the one to fund the nest. It seems like it worked well for everyone and was fully subscribed quite quickly. I think the money raised was £5m. I think we are far better placed than most clubs. Could there be as many as 3 clubs above us at the moment holding off administration? I wouldn't have thought so, but you never know. Interesting times ahead.
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