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  1. If you want to talk about quality, I am not sure if there is still only one with the Oeko Tex 100 standard that ensures that the dyes they use don't contain carcinogens etc, but for years Errea were that company. That said, polyester is polyester. Joma will be perfectly OK and the club will be getting a far better deal than they would from Nike, Puma or Adidas, for essentially the same product.
  2. I find it charming that they still consider themselves our rivals!
  3. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2015/july/city-delighted-to-extend-errea-deal/
  4. Thought Harwood-Bellis looked impressive for Blackburn against us a couple of weeks ago (on loan from Man City). Could see us getting 1 or 2 from Pep.
  5. Unless of course those players fancy themselves as Premier league players and force a move...
  6. Think it's over £60m between Brewster, McBurnie and Mousset
  7. I genuinely believe that some will see it as that simple. Webber had root and branch control over the way we were to move forward, which is great when you are stuck in mid table obscurity but Sheff Utd will need a complete overhaul for a DOF to work next season. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't see them recouping the money that they have spent in the last two years (£60m on 3 strikers (Brewster, Mousset and McBurnie) but still regularly turning to McGoldrick and Sharp) They don't have a Buendia, an Aarons, a Lewis a Godfrey or a Cantwell. By that, I don't mean they don't have good players but that their better players aren't at an age where a top 6 club will see them as a good investment. Under Wilder, they would have had a good shot at coming straight back. Without him but with a new structure and a pile of debt, I'm not so sure. Could be closer to league one than the prem this time next year.
  8. We only look like conceding from our own mistakes. Refreshing to see.
  9. An awful lot of sense being spoken in some of those responses. It would seem that the realisation of what Evans is doing is starting to dawn on them. However, I did have a little chuckle at the thought of Webber appointing Bellamy if they had beaten us 3 years ago! That's exactly the sort of thing they'd do.
  10. 15 more wins and a couple of draws look very achievable at the moment. That should be enough for an automatic spot.
  11. Just thought its worth noting that we took 13 points from October, a good return according to most who made a prediction!
  12. If you hold a straight edge on the line to the Spurs players knee, you will see that it extends up and his head would have kept Pukki onside. Completely irrelevant now but don't remember the Liverpool fans jumping on VAR at that stage. What goes around comes around Mr Klopp
  13. I suppose if a premier club is desperate in a couple of weeks, that is not a bad thing for us with regards to the asking price
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