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  1. We only look like conceding from our own mistakes. Refreshing to see.
  2. An awful lot of sense being spoken in some of those responses. It would seem that the realisation of what Evans is doing is starting to dawn on them. However, I did have a little chuckle at the thought of Webber appointing Bellamy if they had beaten us 3 years ago! That's exactly the sort of thing they'd do.
  3. 15 more wins and a couple of draws look very achievable at the moment. That should be enough for an automatic spot.
  4. Just thought its worth noting that we took 13 points from October, a good return according to most who made a prediction!
  5. If you hold a straight edge on the line to the Spurs players knee, you will see that it extends up and his head would have kept Pukki onside. Completely irrelevant now but don't remember the Liverpool fans jumping on VAR at that stage. What goes around comes around Mr Klopp
  6. I suppose if a premier club is desperate in a couple of weeks, that is not a bad thing for us with regards to the asking price
  7. Worth noting that he left us before Max or Jamal had made their debuts, so I would suggest his prospects might not have looked as rosy as they would for a lad in a similar position with our club now. With the wonderful job they have made of Colney and the trust in youth that Webber and Farke are using, we must look like a far more attractive option for youngsters in the game than we did in 2017.
  8. Not entirely sure that Gunn is good enough with his feet for us now....
  9. NO no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no......
  10. He's from Yorkshire - nothing else to do.
  11. Kits are made in Italy, not in sweatshops. Some of the stitching is done in Romania I think, but manufactured in Europe.
  12. To be fair, Daniel Farke and Stuart Webber told us time and again that staying in the prem would need another miracle. Most people, including myself, hoped that they were just saying that to not get our hopes up, but they were right. With the impact of Covid, the league starting to punish teams for FFP, our early forays into the transfer market and our own financial position, I am confident that we will be challenging for an automatic spot next season. Should we make it, we will not be hearing about more miracles. We'll be in a good position to give it a good go. Had we of been more lucky with regards to injuries to key players in key areas, I don't think we'd have been too far away from that miracle. But if great great great great grandma was still alive, she'd be 168.
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