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  1. The facts are that Maddison was signed in the winter window of 2016. McNally left in May 2016. It''s possible that Martin made the decision, but i would suggest DM had the final say, as he seemed to on everything else. Quite how much either party (RM or DM) contributed would certainly make a good discussion if we could persuade them to come and discuss it over a pint. Interestingly in that same window we signed Matt Jarvis, Ivo Pinto, Timm Klose, Steven Naismith and Patrick Bamford, plus "future prospects" Ben Godfrey and Ebou Adams. A good example of some good, and some less good. Some money "pee''d against the wall", and some money which provided the building block of this season. And that , Ladies and Gentlemen, is football.
  2. Law 12 (part of) DENYING A GOAL OR AN OBVIOUS GOAL-SCORING OPPORTUNITY Where a player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by a deliberate handball offence the player is sent off wherever the offence occurs. Where a player commits an offence against an opponent within their own penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the referee awards a penalty kick, the offending player is cautioned if the offence was an attempt to play the ball; in all other circumstances (e.g. holding, pulling, pushing, no possibility to play the ball etc.) the offending player must be sent off.
  3. Yes sad news . Best player they ever had I would say. Hated his guts until he played for England - remember his header against the Sweaties? RIP Beatie
  4. Farke will be out on his ear at Christmas if we are bottom 6. Webber firmly believes in this squad , and would see any failure of the team to at least appear to have a chance of top 6 by the end of the year , to be the fault of Farke and the coaches. What Farke deserves is irrelevant. He is a well paid employee , in a precarious, results based industry. He knows the score - he is most certainly not stupid.
  5. I might be wrong, but since the pitch has been a Desso pitch (which was renewed this season) , and the previous one was around 14 years old, I think the slope is negligible. Certainly this new one is laser levelled and I would have thought the previous one was too. They tend to "fall" from the centre spot for draining but there may be a few foibles in the land leading down to the River! The new pitch at Conley is also laser levelled. Its fabulous . McNally had a philosophy to put all of the money into the playing squad - which got us up , kept us up , and then got us back up. Then it failed to get us up again , and left us in a tricky financial position , which Webber is now trying to put right . Webber is working to a different plan it would seem , by putting monies into areas other than the playing squad, albeit he has borrowed the money from investors to pump money into the academy. I don''t agree that money was peed up against anything, it simply didn''t work the last time we tried to go straight back up, and the lack of non playing investment at Colney has caught up with us at a time that we are not in the Prem. If we had put all of the money into the squad , and we had gone up as we did in 2015, we would now have Prem money to spend all over the Club. Its just skinning the cat in different ways , the success of which is judged by results.
  6. Of course we have had a terrific financial boost through the sale of two Murphy''s and a Maddison; ironic considering there is a feeling (not entirely unsupported by SW) that everything that went before was a disaster and "pissed up against the wall" . Good job his predecessors got some things right.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukun8nc5Y8U No idea how to create a clicky. Funny though.
  8. Would be hard pressed to find a Portuguese international that wasn''t represented by GestiFute. Our own NO is too.
  9. This has to be the most tedious theme on this message board. Pick an agenda, then pick random clubs to support it. Birmingham, Bolton , Portsmouth , Villa or Man City, Bournemouth , Chelsea , Southampton. You can use those below you as an example, but not those above you because either a) it wont last , or b) we can never be like them. The really interesting ones are Fulham and Wolves, who have appeared in everyone''s list at some point, and now don''t get used by anyone.
  10. i should say MAY HAVE included significant bonuses as these were possibly paid before financial year end 2015 - triggered by the promotion in May . I don''t know either way and not sure whether this would be identified by the accounts.
  11. The wages in the premier league season included significant bonuses for promotion from the previous year. We''ve had this discussion before I''m sure.
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