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  1. After the Pritch scare yesterday, I was thinking exactly the same as Van wink.
  2. Bit of light relief have a look here at Football Whispers stats and value for Jacob - http://www.footballwhispers.com/players/jacob-murphy
  3. Its what happens in football at our level. I remember being gutted when we sold Ron Davies, Hugh Curran, Darren Eadie, Ruel Fox etc. But then we do the same thing to likes of Coventry - Maddison, Godfrey from York. As said above its the ''food chain'' working in football.
  4. Well we have one player in an area we are well covered who is not guaranteed a starting place this season whereas we are short of players in the backline. Surely a no brainer - bank the £10M and get in quality defenders. You only have to look at our record in that area over the last 2 seasons to see that is where we need players without delay.
  5. If you''d told me this time last year Jacob would be the twin being touted for a £10M+ transfer to the PL I would have laughed. He did have a decent season last year but Josh has as much potential, so I for one would be OK with us selling Jacob and reinvesting at the Back where we still need more quality. We have several options with other good young players in Jacob''s position and he wants the move so get on with it and let''s move on.
  6. I do not buy into this oft repeated criticism from the negative brigade that Zimmerman is a 4th tier player. That is total nonsense as he has played over 100 games for Borussia M''Gladbach and Borussia Dortmund IIs part of extremely strong teams similar to being at Chelsea, Man City etc. Thus access to top grade training techniques and rubbing shoulders with the best in the German leagues. Most on here would be excited at getting a young Chelsea squad player I presume?
  7. Good test of Webber this, and I think he has played it spot on. Leaving in this way was Howson''s choice and he''s got everything he wanted. On his day Howson was a good player, but sadly I didn''t see anywhere near enough last season. I don''t even think he will be a regular at Middlesborough, they have decent midfield players there, just lacked goals from the forwards.
  8. Howson and Dorrans both decent players, but at their ages now is the last chance to get some reasonable funds to reinvest and will open the door to Maddison, Murphy(2), Pritchard, Thompson, Godfrey, Vrancic, Watkins - and a different style of football, probably not suited to those two. Note haven''t included Wildschut, also likely to be moved on.
  9. Dr Greenthumb wrote: "The owners could always get off their high horse and get fresh investment into the club! It''s 2017, not 2003, times are changing and Norwich are in a situation where they will get left behind" Hang on a mo'', what about Huddersfield. Great example of doing it without investment.
  10. Sadly he gave all his best years to them lot, but always retained his love for Norwich and eventually came back - sadly a bit too old and past his best.
  11. Re LDCs comments "Indeed, a real Norwich fan would find it inconceivable to play for Ipswich under any circumstances. Strange move - I know he''s a professional and has to do what is good for his career, but there are surely limits"!! I give you Clive Woods.
  12. Seems as if Rangers alleged financial position probably requires a cash up front deal. This sale may not happen unless another Club comes in.
  13. Respected former Tottenham and Liverpool director of football Damien Comolli advised Norwich City to embark on a bold new strategy, which led to the appointment of Stuart Webber as sporting director. The Frenchman, who worked closely with Webber at Liverpool, revealed he had spoken at length with Canaries’ chairman Ed Balls over the past 12 months to pass on his vast experience of the continental model. Lots of doubters when Ed Balls became our Chairman less than 18 months ago but what is happening at our Club seems to have been driven by Ed. Extract here from article last month worth re-reading - “.....Ed Balls asked me the same question around 12 months ago and I said, ‘Ed, as long as you don’t have a different structure in your football club, you will struggle. You need to have a sporting director who’s going to build your culture and implement values which can be maintained. As long as you don’t have that, you won’t be able to sustain success. “More and more clubs are now going in this direction and I’m amazed that people are still surprised by it.”
  14. What a great night - I remember leaving off work in Colchester, driving down on my own, and every other car had green and yellow scalves flying out of the windows. Sad to see the problems there now.
  15. Ruddy has had 7 out of 17 matches played. In hindsight should have been brought back sooner.
  16. What about mention of the review of the structure. As I stated earlier I wonder if we might go with a Football Director which would give Alex some help. Leaving the Finance Director to run with contracts, transfers etc.
  17. The interesting bit for me in the statement was this - "...... to secure the best future structure for the Club". Maybe they are considering a Football Director to provide some experienced hands on help for AN?
  18. Begs the question who has been running the show during the transfer window as we actually got most of our business done without too many problems.
  19. With Huddersfield leading Brighton 3-1 at Half Time, beginning to look like a scramble for the 6th place with Sheff Wed, Derby, us, Fulham all after one slot. Currently we are 9 pts off 5th place. Not going to be easy is it?
  20. Not forgetting that the two lefties really wanted to play their football elsewhere, and the two newboys add some much needed physical clout, sadly lacking so far. On balance I think the window will prove to be a good one.
  21. Reason - very expensive, probably several Million quid. His contract was extended after promotion to the EPL from the one year rolling deal to a long term and much improved contract. Those suggesting circa £7M probably in the ball park. Just where will that dosh come from?
  22. But then led us to the brink of liquidation, upset Martin O''Neil by agreeing to buy Windass then changed his mind because there was no money left. Yeh, great times hey.
  23. Good piece CM - my thinking very similar. Time to bring in the younger, hungrier players. Also wish AN woulkd try variations in the system - even Chris Hughton is playing 4-4-2 and two upfront.
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