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  1. I thought he gave 12 months notice of not seeking to renew his contract which is a slightly different scenario.
  2. But wasn't able to keep us there apart from a 3rd bottom finish for one year followed by bottom of the top division and some more years of mediocrity to follow. So, in truth, nothing changes.
  3. First match remembered was Rd One FA Cup 1958 v Ilford but as a regular along with my best mate, Canaryking, 62 years ago, saw every match that first season back in the old 2nd Division.
  4. Opta ran 10,000 seperate forecasts and they have us mid tyable and Ipswich at 18th - https://theanalyst.com/eu/2023/08/championship-2023-24-season-predictions-opta/
  5. Read it again. Her husband of 52 years literally means exactly that - tyhat is how long they have been married.
  6. Indy regarding your last post, if my memory serves me correctly didn't they put £11M in their very early days when our position was extremely dire. OK sure this has since been repaid but it saved us from extinction. Also as a percentage of total wealth MA's £10M is less than 2% of his personal estimated worth, whereas DS would have been nearer to 33%?
  7. Fair do's to them, they are destroying their opponents at present - just looked at the table, they are still on course for 100 goals and 100 points. Not at all confident if we play them, certainly not with our current squad.
  8. Got it! Nunez will be man marking Carroll.
  9. Complaining about a penalty not given, now that's funny no mention of their guy's blatant handball in the box missed by officials. VAR would have given us both decisions, no question.
  10. What pleased me particularly was how the presence of Hayden helped our central defenders confidence and Gibson really benefited with a strong performance. The clearance by Hayden from under the bar, mistakenly given as a goal keep by the useless referee, was amazing and the difference between 3 points and 1.
  11. Leicester after a new Manager if they lose tonight?
  12. Vardy will be 36 in January so quite young still is our Pukki.
  13. For me I feel we have a Manager who has a Plan B and can change games. He is not fearful of dropping players either. I read somewhere that 72% of Villa fans in a recent poll would take him back. Our club is about to move up a notch in the setup and Smith/Shakey are the right fit at this moment in time.
  14. Some credit to our Manager and Coach building Sarge's confidence and playing him when so many fan's couldn't see what he could bring to the team. He's 22, and can only get better. Is he the 20+ goal man for this season now? Takes the pressure off Pukki. Great bench yesterday too and well timed use of subs, which won us the match.
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