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  1. Vardy will be 36 in January so quite young still is our Pukki.
  2. For me I feel we have a Manager who has a Plan B and can change games. He is not fearful of dropping players either. I read somewhere that 72% of Villa fans in a recent poll would take him back. Our club is about to move up a notch in the setup and Smith/Shakey are the right fit at this moment in time.
  3. Some credit to our Manager and Coach building Sarge's confidence and playing him when so many fan's couldn't see what he could bring to the team. He's 22, and can only get better. Is he the 20+ goal man for this season now? Takes the pressure off Pukki. Great bench yesterday too and well timed use of subs, which won us the match.
  4. Peter was a decent footballer back in the day. A "no prisoners" full back. Sad to hear he's left us, will be missed, especially his wicked sense of humour and passion for Norwich City. RIP.
  5. Agree with that and I suspect that Tom has gone along with this arrangement also thus it will be the Tom and Mark Show going forward.
  6. In a little over 4 months time can he not agree to sign elsewhere for free at the end of this season, so in my opinion he has been brilliant for us, but any offer around £6/10m would be right for us and him. If we do go up then another season in the Prem relying on a dozen goals from Pukki will once again see us in a relegation scrap. We have to prepare for his departure now rather than at the end of the season and the money would help.
  7. So when a wealthy club like Leicester have to sort their finances and balance the books, seems like more clubs will be following our model and self finance or fail.
  8. Slightly more pessimistic take re Tony Bloom and Brighton - what happens when he leaves/runs out of money? And all that dosh hasn't got them any silverware, just a place in the mid to lower reaches of the EPL.
  9. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/global-club-rankings/ Fun stuff! We're in at no. 94 and Ipswich make it at no. 412.
  10. Not sure if it's been said elsewhere but I think the most important person in this potential transaction is Tom Smith. Delia and Michael have expressed their intention to pass on to him their shares in due course, so Tom is key to the future and long term relationship with our new American friends. Do we know what his views are or indeed his intentions as the present "owner in waiting". As for me, a lifetime supporter of over 60 years, I am excited by the possibilities here, and willing to wait on developments. The football world is full of failed takeover/investment cases and I am OK with D & M (&T) taking time to get it right for us and our Club.
  11. Just win 4 of the last 6 and nobody can catch us. Amazing to see we are already on the same number of goals as the impressive Wolves for the full season and only 2 pts from where they were at this stage.
  12. Just checked and the 2 match suspension after 10 yellows has passed - 37 games is the cut off. We have two players on 9 yellows, Zimmerman and Aarons so just missed these two key players missing important matches. Phew!
  13. With Bristol City successfully dealt with and behind us our run in of 6 Home matches to the end of the season looks promising. Swansea, Hull, QPR, Reading, Sheff Wed and Blackburn. Can we really now start to dream?
  14. They celebrated a famous win yesterday - with just 3 shots that's 1 every half hour, and scored from the 1 shot on target.
  15. Just seen the Liverpool keeper drop a real clanger to hand MU an equaliser. All keepers, however good, will make a mistake especially with these modern very light footballs. I'm very happy with Krul. He had a young back 4 yesterday and Tettey not playing to his best so his experience was essential.
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