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  1. Intelligent and informative ,, likeable . The opposite of what P mc v has become .
  2. Reckons AN will get us promoted via play offs again ,, he will then be poached !!! Just told Rob he doesn''t know about football Same guy who said RVW was best header of the ball we ever had since Ron Davies ,,,,,,, Nurse !! Nurse !!
  3. Exactly the same as "old Robert" I still want Neil gone ,, end of the season no matter wether we make the playoffs or even got promoted . I have supported City since a kid and want only for success , he is not the man to take any any further than the top section of the Chumps .
  4. " Stench trench" So , anecdotes ....... oh wait ! Wrong thread
  5. Try googling " rude hamsters " really quite good . Com" might still be available ,, good for a laugh
  6. Hmmm ,, rubs chin ,,,, not " axe wound " or " spam purse" ?
  7. I think that''s the team most of us would have chosen ,, fingers crossed that our away form/ luck changes today ! Otbc
  8. Not sure I am comfortable with talking about Delia''s crack . I would prefer it if we used an euphemism,, maybe " gash" or "flange " What would you say in Glasgow Morty ?
  9. Another desperate looking attempt to align himself with a group of football fans . Maybe try Carlisle Utd ?
  10. Morty You''ll have to narrow it down, my "to kill" list seems to be growing Wink [;)] At least I for sure I''m not on it , me and Morty
  11. Morty A big fu(k off yacht. No way I''d throw my money away on a football club, only for ungrateful fans to want me out, when the money runs out. I''m with you Morty , spent some times on mega yachts ( my friends is an engineer ). What a way to wind your life away 🛥
  12. LDC Now lets not make this about me, lol. I''ve made it clear that the only thing that matters - to me at any rate - is that results go in our favour in terms of league position. Ipswich are quite likely not going to be in the play offs, so any points they can take off our near rivals, the better it is. I won''t enjoy seeing them win, but I will enjoy any points our real rivals don''t get. Binner if I ever saw one
  13. I don''t... Kodi, Mobdro or good ole fadhioned T''internet! Anyone paying for sky is a fool Hmmm ,, watching Sky and not paying could be deemed to be theft .
  14. Or..... more plastics on seats ? Even LDC will be able to get a ticket !! Oh ! ... wait bu99er I probably just got this thread pulled sorry Morty ( dancing partners )
  15. I lived in Miami for a few years ,, the people would often be heard saying " I wish this was Hull"
  16. The man who : Looks a good player but I''m not convinced we need to push this one. We have the 2nd best goals scored in the league and the 6th worst goals against, I think that says where the majority of our money needs to be going. I agree totally ........ unless Morty disagrees ... in which case I agree with Morty ( me in the blue )
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