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  1. Mashiter saying that Naismith won''t go on a free. He might go but not on a free. Mashiter appears to have a hotline to the boss at the moment.
  2. "Short time he''s had" What all season when he''s been head coach? Get rid
  3. So Irvine changes the defense AFTER we''ve shipped 3 goals!
  4. They haven''t played for him all season. Get rid.
  5. Isn''t that what the German soldiers said, "it wasn''t my fault, just following orders"
  6. Why would he be asked to stay? He has been Captain of some abysmal performances and doesn''t lead on the pitch. Oh yeah, and that bit about him being a pretty poor defender.
  7. Irvine now saying that Martin is a good captain and should stay! Please Stuart, get rid of the crap now, I can''t take much more of this being spouted out.
  8. No No No No No No No No No No No No No
  9. You need good players! So said Alan Irvine. The more I hear from him, the less I think of him. I''ll be glad when he''s gone.
  10. I tend to tilt and crank my wife but she''s never got blown over.
  11. It was, I believe, Daly who came up with the phrase, not noticed it before but it''s so good it deserved it''s own thread.
  12. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Number 9"]It''s good on a large screen[/quote]Oh hi Grefstad, how''s it going?[/quote] Not sure where that came from, I''m not Grefstad.
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