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  1. Nutty, may I echo the words of your first paragraph, regretfully so true. Rest in peace John Manning and thanks for the memories and a great song.
  2. Seems you have another battle to fight Sir Tom. The country is behind you I'm sure.
  3. Former Man Utd, Chelsea and Scotland boss Tommy Docherty dies aged 92.
  4. Mr Hancock confirms the highest band of restriction will come into force in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Peterborough, the whole of Hertfordshire and Surrey (with the exception of Waverley). Also going into Tier 3 will be Hastings and Rother on the Kent border of East Sussex and Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant in Hampshire. These changes will take effect from 12:01am on Saturday morning.
  5. BBC News item: Black people 'twice as likely to catch Covid'. Is that racist? I'm confused.
  6. Don't play, but seems perfectly reasonable. Signed.
  7. Shame that the tribute to Justin on TV last night was spoilt somewhat by the inclusion of his brother , who as those of us of that era, all know, as Justin's life deteriorated, would have nothing to do with him, wouldn't support him................nothing. If I'd had a brick handy I'd have been shopping for a new telly this morning. I always hoped that polite young man found peace in the end. Thank you for the memories Justin.
  8. What can you say. All those cowards are now free, Simon Dobbin is dead and his family have the rest of their lives to live with it. Manslaughter surely, I hope they get put back inside for a long long time. RIP Simon Dobbin.
  9. Perhaps in this case we should, cannot see why this should be of any interest to us...........................
  10. Not only the meaning of feudal CM. Perhaps a geography lesson might not go amiss if we are being asked to concern ourselves with Coventry?
  11. Congratulations Ricardo and Lessingham. Enjoy to the full and don't forget to make a helluva noise.
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