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  1. OldRobert

    Decent windows

    Might put a bit more time on the job, regulations are strict, but Anglian took all the grief out of it. Ours is a '72 built Bungalow.
  2. OldRobert

    Decent windows

    2 days should do it. If you've got any asbestos floating around like we did, Anglian will sort all that for you too.
  3. OldRobert

    Decent windows

    Anglian were brilliant for us. Replaced all the windows, Front door, side door. Gutters and down pipes, soffits etc. Had no problems with the salesman, in fact he came up with ideas to reduce the price. The surveyor who turns up after you accept the quote, solved a bay window problem that had been ongoing for at least 20 years for £100, no more problems. Stuck to quote, turned up when they said. Have no hesitation in recommending.
  4. OldRobert

    Martin Peters RIP

    I was living abroad when this great player wore our shirt. What a wonderful signing he was. So sorry he was another who suffered from dementia in his latter years. Hopefully he is now at peace. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Martin.
  5. OldRobert

    R.I.P. Roy Blower.

    Very sad news. I had the privilege of meeting you several times Roy, always a pleasure. RIP.
  6. OldRobert

    Gone then.

    And all that money spent with the British police going backwards and forwards to Portugal, following 'promising lead' after 'promising lead' which obviously weren't, photographed on the beach, drinks in hand..........................at taxpayers expense
  7. OldRobert

    Gone then.

    How do you know the poor little mite is dead?
  8. OldRobert

    Ipswich transfer business

    Whoops...................scum 1-0 down
  9. OldRobert

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas to you all.
  10. OldRobert

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Don't log out Lapps, does it for me!
  11. OldRobert

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Well done Pete and team. Looks like a good job.
  12. OldRobert

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Many thanks each and all........................I'd never have found that in a month of Sundays!
  13. OldRobert

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Can see the account settings ricardo, but damn all about avatars!
  14. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="OldRobert"]When you see that you realise that some haven''t progressed from the neanderthal.
    Surprised to find you on the PinkUn OR as i thought you could not cope with it on here as nobody has a brain cell.
    I guess posting on here is better than just lurking on the other one and quoting it...
  15. When you see that you realise that some haven''t progressed from the neanderthal.