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  1. Cant say much more at this stage.
  2. SJ: FYI - I'm currently broadcasting live on TalkSport. My aim is to provide a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree-global-overview regaring the economics and finances underpinning the modern game. JM: great show, great show.
  3. SJ: some of the 'questions' in this thread are down right deplorable. The way the club is run clearly transcends to that of the people supporting it - A complete lack of respect and integrity. This notion that individuals can wantonly act without any degree of responsibility and decorum under the thin veil of 'it's just banter' is quite frankly a disgrace. JM: I agree.
  4. SJ: In the current landscspe of sports radio, hes one of the best we've got. This notion that Jim is a sycophantic, name-dropping, wet-wipe of a human being is complete poppycock. That said, he wouldnt have a dog-in-the-fight if he were to challenge me to any form of organised combat. JM: Great guy, great guy.
  5. Hello everybody, Have been doing a lot of work with Jez and Simon recently. The chaps have agreed to take part in an informal Q&A session - talking cars, business, the state of the modern game, Brexit, MMA, etc, etc. Please get your questions in and I'll transpose their responses into this thread Best, TG
  6. Quashqui was superb and offered unparalleled performance in the suburban environment. Dussindale velour is a far cry from the potted and mottled tundras of South Norfolk however and thus Dacia was really the only choice. We're running the Duster Ambiance Prime in Beige Dune - it wants for nothing. Best, TG
  7. Hi Guys & Hello Everybody, Need to keep this short, priority one is carrying out safety checks on the Dacia in preparation for the snow tomorrow (please stay safe out there people). In short, I have been doing a lot of work with the board over at Burton Albion, including Jez Moxey. I know he was popular at the club, especially behind the scenes and thus saw there to be scope for a question and answer session. Please leave any questions here, I'll catch up with him next week and I'll transpose his answers Into this thread. P.S: Thanks for all the direct messages, sorry I haven't been around much - But rest assured, we are doing great. Still residing in Saxlingham Nethergate, which provides unparalleled access to the A140. Have had a lot of issues with subsidence in the garden room, but refusing to let it dampen spirits! Best, TG
  8. It's a very important subject for which I have much advice, however I feel given my current involment with the Cantwell situation (ie to de-mask/remove his balaclava) it serves as a conflict of interest and am reluctant to comment further at this time.
  9. It Is concerning - especially as he is likely to have weaponised at least one of his shin-pads by filing it down into a sharp point (I believe the term is 'shank'). I was going to suggest metal detectors be installed at the ground and colney, however on reflection this would be futile due to pads being constructed of composite plastic. A more viable option would be x-ray scanning technology - this would also be a good way of checking that the squad are sticking to a professional diet and not lining their stomachs with haribo pre-match.
  10. Currently in stuck in Riverside car park, Mrs had to go to Hobbycraft - job one is getting back to S-nethergate before nightfall. Will get back to you asap on this.
  11. I have since traded the Qashqai in - but great car, great car. I'm now running a Dacia Duster Ambiance Prime, which has exceeded all expectations.
  12. Hello Everybody, First of all I'd like to apologise that i havent been around much to provide you with the content and news regarding the club so many of you desire and PM me requesting - the move from Dussindale to Saxlingham nethergate really took it toll, especially after we discovered the foundations to the garden room to be sub-par, thus inducing subsidence. That and the transition from head scout to registered football intermediary has taken up large swathes of my personal time and I havent been able to commit to passing my knowledge and content onto you guys regularly enough. Second of all I feel compelled to Express my concerns for Todd Cantwell. My sources inside the club state that he is living a double life as a 'drill-rapper' & 'trapper', freaquently skipping training to travel down to London to appear in music videos and partake in other less wholesome activities; all under the cover of a balaclava. Tell tale signs suggest this to be true, if you listen to this interview with Jamal Lewis Todd has a distinct London accent, this is despite him spending all his youth in Dereham. https://youtu.be/WQRBASyYTV4 More evidence points to his indoctrination here, where he communicates with his associates in a distinct Hackney drawl. https://youtu.be/9GySZzz_FwA I am going to approach the board with my concerns- if anyone wishes me to raise any issues with regards to the subject please dont hesitate to respond in the thread. I always follow strict GDPR guidelines and will treat your enquires with the utmost care and confidence. Best, TG
  13. Thank you. I'm now a fully registered FA intermediary (aka an agent), with a strong portfolio of clients on my books. As you'll appreciate I cant give you their names due to the latest GDPR regulations (of which I strongly adhere to), but rest assured, theyre well known in league football and with my dedication to profile management I'm convinced in time the majority will become household names and a brand within themselves. Becoming an intermediary was a natural progression, given the wide ranging contacts I have made in national and European football markets. I can still give the odd tip on scouting but profile development and contract negotiations are my bread and butter these days. Best, TG
  14. It was a shock to the system for her. We still had a warranty on the decking, which has been something she hasn't been able to fully come to terms with.
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