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  1. True Grit

    Hello Everybody

    Thank you. I'm now a fully registered FA intermediary (aka an agent), with a strong portfolio of clients on my books. As you'll appreciate I cant give you their names due to the latest GDPR regulations (of which I strongly adhere to), but rest assured, theyre well known in league football and with my dedication to profile management I'm convinced in time the majority will become household names and a brand within themselves. Becoming an intermediary was a natural progression, given the wide ranging contacts I have made in national and European football markets. I can still give the odd tip on scouting but profile development and contract negotiations are my bread and butter these days. Best, TG
  2. True Grit

    Hello Everybody

    It was a shock to the system for her. We still had a warranty on the decking, which has been something she hasn't been able to fully come to terms with.
  3. True Grit

    Hello Everybody

    Big club looking to prepare bid for one of our top performers in January. Can't say much more at this stage but loyalty will be tested.
  4. Hello Everybody, First of all I want to apologise for my lack of content and thus information from my sources within the club and contacts in the game over the last year or so. As many of you will know, I moved from Dussindale to Saxlingham Nethergate in 2017. Whilst the move was initially successful there were serious issues with the installation of a conservatory/garden room, which led to my wife suffering a breakdown. Rehabilitating her has been my fundamental priority (job one). I'm pleased to say that since the triple glazing has been installed she is well on the road to making a full recovery; as such I will be able to dedicate more time to providing the forum with news from 'behind the scenes' at the club, scouting and much, much more. Watch this space. Best, TG
  5. Met my source from within the club at Cafe Nero over the weekend and boy oh boy is the club in turmoil. Yet again its down to certain high ranking individuals at the club hanging around the corporate boxes and Delias like bad smell (its certainly isnt the food aroma coming from the kitchen, which is first class).This insipid, rabble are looking to make names for themselves and ultimately theres an unwholesome power struggle going on. If you thought they may have learnt a lesson with the Jez situation, think again. I cant add too much more at this stage, but rest assured Im going to be exposing the truth.Best,TG
  6. True Grit

    We were never going to beat them

    Moxey left them with rock solid foundations - they will run away with the leauge this year. Oh what we could have been if the lynch mob hadnt chased him out of town.
  7. Hey everybody,

    Really enjoying this international break do far, theres been some great football played.

    Havent got much to update you with at the moment, on the road a heck of lot for the club and have been at the new place in Saxlingham Nethergate for some weeks now. Wife has her heart set on a conservatory but im more keen on a garden room.


  8. True Grit

    Farke will come good

    Rest assured.


  9. True Grit

    Have Faith in Farke

    Hey Everybody,

    Sorry i haven''t been around too much - as im sure you can appreciate ive been busy with the club leading up to the window. That and moving house has left me with little spare time. We''re now nicely settled in Saxlingham Nethergate. I shall miss Dussingdale, but South Norfolk has a lot of charm and Saxlingham is the perfect choice.

    I know some of you will be raising eye brows regarding Farke, but dont pluck them yet - this cat is a top class operator and my source within the club says the players and staff couldn''t be happier with how he''s running things.

    Hope you''re all enjoying the international break as much as me. - gives a great contrast between domestic and world football. There are two more before Christmas - something to look forward to when the clocks go back and nights draw in.

    Have a great weekend.


  10. True Grit

    Husband will be faithful

    [quote user="TIL 1010"]That Nissan Qashqai must have covered some serious miles this summer and any news how Jez is getting on at Burton ?[/quote]And then some!Was a traumatic time for him and Babette last season, but he''s doing great now - rest assured.
  11. True Grit

    Husband will be faithful

    Hey Guys,Sorry i havent been around much. Hopfully you can sympathise, or at least empathise (hopefully not chastise - LOL), that my workload is through the roof with pre-season. The last few weeks have felt like ive been doing a 4G inverted dive with a Mig 28, on a daily basis. Lot of pressure, targets have to met - Luckily im on track and yesterday had some great feedback from the board over Skype. James Husband has been on my books for a long time now, trust me on this he''s a top class operator. Great peice of business there.I will be around offering analysis and information from my sources a whole-lot more when the window shuts.Hope youre all having a great summer.Best,TG

  12. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Any scouting opportunities at Burton under the new regime?[/quote]Yes, many. Pauls always looking for new talent - ive worked with him before, a true professional.If youre interested, drop him an email: Paul.plant@burtonalbionfc.co.uk

  13. Jez already getting stuck in with things there, so i hear from my source.

  14. True Grit

    What was your first job?

    Apprentice scout
  15. True Grit

    What do you do for a living

    Professional scout