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  1. Mr Martin looked extremely uncomfortable today a few fans giving him some stick when he arrived. Surely he must be on his way too?
  2. Was at the game today.......coincidence???
  3. Please please please tell me Ricky Martin is to follow AN out of the door. What does he actually do? For someone who is raking in the cash for doing Jack he is a miserable sod too. Get rid and find a decent DOF. I would of like Woy in this role when he left England, supporting and advising AN
  4. Pinto was groin spoke to him as he left the ground, just rest should be ok. Olivera left with a boot on but said it was just precautionary. I didnt see Dijks!!!
  5. On Radio Norfolk today one of if not the best co-commentator I''ve heard. Spoke to much sense described everything that Norwich should be doing..... I hate listening to Norwich on Radio but wasnt going to travel to Cardiff again in view of recent away performances. So tuned into RN instead. I know people will say Neil Adams went from co-commentator to manager, but imo Walton spoke far for sense than NA ever did. I''m in no way saying he should be our Manager, but i cannot understand why he hasnt gone into management!!!!!
  6. In terms of not being right for his family i guess mrs Moxey wasnt given her own way over the scampi portions and didnt like it
  7. Me too..... Think there was only one way he was taking the club, his Wife had far too much power within the club also. Good riddance in my opinion!!!
  8. Because if he cared he wouldnt be ponsing around on TV trying to raise his profile. He would be at Carrow Road or at away games watching the same carp football we do. What has he actually done for NCFC since his appointment??
  9. Even his dance partner is wearing Norwich stuff now......poor attemt at trying to show he cares. Only profile he is trying to raise is his own.
  10. Ron strictly results show is recorded Saturday night!!!!!
  11. The BOD wont and dont need to do anything while we are still getting gates of 26,000 plus, look around the other Championship teams and some Premiership teams their gates have fallen despite the reduction in ticket prices. Ipswich couldnt even manage a sell out against us.... While fans continue to go everything will remain the same!!!
  12. Could be an Ipswich supporter 20 seconds in
  13. Woy should have been brought in as a director of football once he left England this may of helped Alex Neil now i feel its too late. Nobody has ever been able to explain to me what Ricky Martin does or actually brings to the club!!!!!!
  14. If and its a big if he goes chances are he will be replaced by Woy who has deen sniffing around since his departure from England!!!!
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