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  1. [quote user="kick it off"]I have a strong suspicion that "rotating" doesn''t refer to it moving round to face different stands, but rather it means it can rotate to a vertical position when not in use, to appease the hotel by not totally blocking out some of their windows.[/quote] My Sister is staying at the Holiday Inn tonight and confirms it does rotate, she has taken a look at it, I am in the upper Barclay next to snakepit so don''t expect to see much of it tomorrow
  2. Very poor but don''t worry, its back to MOTD next season
  3. Surely he has to get some credit for a few of his youth squad players on the verge of first team starters
  4. [quote user="Making Plans"]You get the same message on the Pink ''Un websiteMaybe it''ll come on at 3[/quote] Looks like they have put a block on it as within the last hour it says "uploader has made it not available in the UK" Will keep trying
  5. For those who can not get to Carrow Rd https://youtu.be/qS8qd0fgFg8
  6. Off to Sunderland by any chance, strange time to get rid of your manager so could be his choice
  7. Reported in the Birmingham Mail he is coming but not for up to 3 months
  8. by the time you purchase membership tomorrow it will be all but sold out, why have you waited till now ? plastic ?
  9. Cant wait to hear how some callers pronounce his name on Canary Call
  10. Lets hope we get Liverpool in a cup game then, or it will have to wait another season
  11. 4 of the last 6 at home, this can only be good
  12. Southampton have history of nurturing talent over the years, pity we cant do the same.
  13. FeedtheWolf, The voice of reason, well said
  14. I go to most, we are about an hour from Lichfield Could meet up just off M6
  15. No, not one game, what about Villa, West ham,Swansea,Man U, also refs decisions ,Could go on and on
  16. Wes is far more effective when Howson is not in the same team, Both good without the other. Its what many of us have known for some time but AN also knows it now.
  17. And there was me thinking this thread was about R V W
  18. 6 points from Everton and Watford, possible we might be be ok with that, not out of the question we might win or draw one of the others. Wow this wine sure tastes good.
  19. 17th but if Palace or Swansea continue there free fall we could end up 16th
  20. As someone who has supported city fot 65 years I feel I should be thinking and saying keep the faith,, we will get the points for safety.However after my 4 hour journey home, other results and watching highlights on M O T D  and a night out followed by a nights sleep  I now feel nothing to give me much hope.Even the crowd was not up to the fight like the Newcastle game.I await someone convincing me I am wrong but see nothing to convince me our team is up to the fight.
  21. The ghost of Michael Theoklitos wrote the following post at 11/04/2016 12:04 PM: I hope we''ve got the clappers!! Clappers, have you been with any Ipswich Girls.
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