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  1. Was told by a source a few days back that Oliveria would be our only incoming. I hoped he was wrong. Shame.
  2. I''ve had a bit of inside knowledge over the last couple of years that''s been proved to be correct. Unfortunately, my inside knowledge this time around has frustrated me, if true. Nelson Oliveira will likely be our only signing before Wednesday with as many as three players due to leave the club. Those players are Brady, Bassong and Lafferty. I''m hopefully of bringing in two strikers but very frustrating of Olivera is the best we can do after all this time.
  3. Haha it makes me laugh that Archant actually think this is breaking news. They''re so desperate to break something. It''s not news. In this day and age of football, a player saying he''s staying means nothing. If a decent club comes in, pretty sure he''ll want to go, whether he seems the type to force a move or not. This news means nothing. It''s not until after the window closes that we can be happy about this, if he''s still our player. If he has a good first half of the season, pretty sure he''ll be off in January anyway. Bit pessimistic but we''ve seen it happen before.
  4. Haha so it''s no news really because if a decent bid comes in, he''s off.
  5. Pretty sure they wouldn''t make such a big deal over the colour of our nets. Hope not anyway. Fairly sure this is contract related news.
  6. Actually, on second thoughts, I think Mr Klose has probably signed a new contract. A player signing would already be being talked about in other media outlets so I doubt it''s that. Could be CEO news but the more I think about it, the more I''m sure it''s Klose related. It just makes sense.
  7. If it''s yellow nets then Jesus, we are desperate for "get in" moments. My feeling is, it''s a new, established CEO.
  8. I heard a rumour that we haven''t actually made any bids for this player. Not sure if it''s true though.
  9. Assimbalonga and Canos would be fantastic business with hopefully a couple more to follow.
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