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  1. Please if anyone has a ticket available I would really appreciate it as I’m desperate to watch. Travelling from the land of down under. Will happily trade for a didgeridoo or kangaroo!
  2. This makes me wonder would we have more points on the board had we kept the style of play pre Newcastle game. Yes we might have got we''ll beat by the top teams, I''m sure we would have got more points off the teams around us.
  3. With two games left of this crazy season left I think one game has full reference to the entire season for Norwich. That painful Liverpool game at Carrow road. I really have struggled to enjoy the premier league, it''s all so contained and controlled it''s like a game of chess. The officials also have been absolutely atrocious this season. We seem to get very little luck in the premier league. I can''t put blame on individual players for how this season ended up. It was a massive ask in the first place, some fans have been flogging the players over the course of the season and that''s harsh. CJ RM SB JR WH all got themselves to the epl. For Norwich the championship brings excitement of winning on the road with attacking football. A more balanced competition without 500million pound teams. We get to see plenty of goals and Redmond have more freedom to do what he does best. A trip to Wembley and fans that support the players. We have been blessed these last years it''s exciting being Norwich yo yo all you like. I''m looking forward to the Championship again OTBC.
  4. Sorry Sam but your ego is gonna hurt you your going down.
  5. Both Sunderland and Newcastle look likely to pick up 6 more points in remaining fixtures. We need to win 2 of last 4 I''m going for Man U and Watford.
  6. We play well against the better teams west ham at home 2-0 up. If they can play like that and not make the mistakes then why not a Norwich win. I''m going for a 2-1 win Bamford to score both.
  7. Absolutely nothing to be sniffed at. Played some good attacking football against a accomplished west ham. Proud of the teams performance since half the team are not premier league quality. We are, after all, Norwich City.
  8. There''s such a long way to go yet. In a way this 5 losses in a row can help us. Now we are in the bottom 3 we have to get out of it. Nothing to say we can''t now go on to win the next 5. Football is a crazy game if bassong had scored the header we would have won! If o Neil hadn''t been sent off we may have beaten Stoke. Liverpool was ours for the taking. We played well in these games. It''s not like we are a million miles away. We are making mistakes and we have all season and that got us over one point a game in the first half of the season. January can upset teams with all the transfers plus yellow cards accumulate. AV look very poor even thou yes we lost we played better. They will go down they haven''t got the players to do it we do.. Sunderland also so that leaves one of 8 teams. Naysmith, looks like he''s well up for the fight. I think we will stay up with AN as the players will have to respect his decisions that they may be questioning at the moment.
  9. AN the tinker man. Still think he will pull it off and keep us up. The one thing out of everything that''s happened this season, that I really can''t grasp, is why Bennett is not playing! Surely he must be sick or carrying a knock!
  10. Why not play pinto right midfield with RM at right back.
  11. I''m after 2-4 tickets for the game tomorrow
  12. I''m going for Tierney hes been full of confidents, his defending has been good, I dont recal many crosses coming in from the oppositions right wing after beating him. he''s been fast up and down the left, but most of all his crosses have been superb, even from deep. He really is proving to be premiership quality. Who would you go for and why?
  13. We will WIN on saturday, 1, 2 or 3 nil. Finally our defence well have sorted its silly mistakes out and Vaughan will be out scorer. We have done better away from home so far this season, I think we will hurt them on the counter attack.
  14. What about Crofts, he has been great so far!
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