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  1. from the internet... " The EFL hand out Championship clubs £100,000 for every home game that a club hosts on Sky Sports, with that figure going up to £120,000 for games being played on a Sunday and £140,000 for Thursday games. Visiting sides are awarded £10,000 per game."
  2. Insurance will probebly come into play, and most injurys for loan players are managed by parent clubs, probebly to prove to the insurance companies that everything is done properly
  3. Got my Season Ticket letter yesterday,Apparently this year we are reusing last years season tickets again, I dont recall that being stated last year, like they did the first year they did the RFID/NFC tickets, it''s a good job I''ve still got mine.But how many people will have lost / damaged / thrown their ticket?
  4. [quote user="king canary"]Okay so do all PLC''s have to disclose the fees when someone signs? Is there any examples of this? I''m not doubting you, just interested. I remember Sporting having to tell the stock market about selling RVW for instance but don''t recall a UK equivalent.[/quote] there was some good articles about Pogba, when his move to Man Utd was done, Utd had to wait until Wall Street opened the following morning as they are listed on the NYSE, so even though the world knew about the details, offically man utd couldnt release those until the market opened.
  5. also worth noting international loans dont count (even scotland) as they are technically full transfers for the duration of the loan, with a contract to reinstate the players old terms when they go back to the original club
  6. [quote user="king canary"]Murphy is another announced as undisclosed. Now my understanding was that this was required and all clubs did it- yet I noticed yesterday Stoke signed a player and tweeted out the specific fee paid (7.2m euros). So can someone with more knowledge than me explain how/why they did that?[/quote] because we are a Limited Company, only those trading on the stock market have to disclose high value financial events to the stock market, and therefore public knowledge
  7. only "positive" replys can be shown, such as a goal, or near miss. anything that could effect the referee''s descision, or cause incitement to players cannot be shown. can you imagine, if a goal isnt disallowed for a blatent handball, the match kicks off again, then the screen shows the handball, what kind of situation we would have? and as for showing adverts, how do you think the screen is paid for!!
  8. I normally have the radio on, and listen for when chris goreman says there is 1 min left of added time, before going as my 78 year old dad with a knee replacement, doesnt want to get crushed on the way down from the top of the N&P, he normally starts down the stairs, where as watch the dying seconds from the tunnel (i used to watch the concourse tv, but they seem to have stopped showing the live feed?)
  9. [quote user="TCCANARY"]Who knew it was so lucrative?http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38838606Euro 2016: How much did your team earn? [/quote] actually, at todays rate its : £895999.49 as the list is in euros!
  10. not sure it actually effects me, as i can see the whole corner from my riverend seat, but i''ve just received this: For our first home Sky Bet Championship match of the season on Saturday against Sheffield Wednesday, we are delighted to introduce the new big screen at Carrow Road. The innovative screen is part of our on-going commitment to enhancing the matchday experience for as many of our fans as possible - and we have also introduced more than 60 new small screens into concourse areas for the enjoyment of supporters throughout the stadium. Due to the very tight and restrictive configuration of Carrow Road and after careful consideration the big screen has had to be situated in the corner between the South Stand and the Barclay Stand, to the rear of the Holiday Inn Hotel – there is no other place that we can realistically place it. While this offers great views of the screen to the vast majority of supporters around the stadium, it does mean that some seats will have a partially or totally obscured view of the screen. Unfortunately your seat is one of those which may be affected during the pre-match show. However, we have invested in the first rotating big screen in world football and this means we will be pleased to be able to present replays of Norwich goals to fans seated in your area during the game. We remain committed to continual improvement of the Carrow Road matchday atmosphere and experience and hope the big screen will help play a part in achieving this objective. We will closely review the video presentation both in the concourses and in pitch-facing areas of the stadium to ensure we do the best we can for our loyal supporters. Thanks for your understanding and your continuing support. Norwich City Football Club
  11. [quote user="Green and Yellow fellow"]Klose was sitting among the home fans, cheering the boys on according to his Snapchat :). There was reports earlier saying Brady was in talks with Everton and now West Ham are also apparently showing interest. He probably has a lot to think about regarding his future atm, I wouldn''t be surprised to see him move within a week or two.[/quote] Klose and Cam jam (+ another guy i didnt recognise quite short, with stubble and gelled brown hair, late 20''s), all in club tracksuits) watched the game from the french windows at the back of the jarrold stand, about 10ft from me, hucks was sitting in the cushion seats just in front of them.
  12. he''s signed, on offical facebook page
  13. [quote user="komakino"]McNally was drunk on Saturday night. Sounds as though the pressure had got too much. Had to go in my opinion.[/quote] he was in Bonds No.28 on tombland, proberley at the same time the tweet was sent
  14. a crappy mobile video, not showing the whole story, nothing from the club, the player or the police...... a redtop rag who specialise in this sort of crap. a player, that until recently earned cries of "England''s no 1" from the Barclay and snakepit, whos attracted bids of £10m and been a massive part of our progress in the last few year..... for gods sake give the guy a break, wait until there is either a police, player or club statement before sending the lynch mob. PLEASE!!!
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