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  1. Smeg

    Sky money v Gate receipts

    from the internet... " The EFL hand out Championship clubs £100,000 for every home game that a club hosts on Sky Sports, with that figure going up to £120,000 for games being played on a Sunday and £140,000 for Thursday games. Visiting sides are awarded £10,000 per game."
  2. Smeg

    Naismith back at Norwich

    Insurance will probebly come into play, and most injurys for loan players are managed by parent clubs, probebly to prove to the insurance companies that everything is done properly
  3. thanks everyone for the reponses, we are now sorted.
  4. Got my Season Ticket letter yesterday,
    Apparently this year we are reusing last years season tickets again, I dont recall that being stated last year, like they did the first year they did the RFID/NFC tickets, it''s a good job I''ve still got mine.
    But how many people will have lost / damaged / thrown their ticket?
  5. Eaton FC of the Norwich and District Sunday League, Division 3 are looking for a Goalkeeper for the new season.

    We play our home matches at Eaton CNS School, with a local pub as our aftermatch venue / social hub.

    txt or WhatsApp on 07739968761

  6. Smeg

    Undisclosed feed

    just found this,


    some good points there.

  7. Smeg

    Undisclosed feed

    [quote user="king canary"]Okay so do all PLC''s have to disclose the fees when someone signs? Is there any examples of this? I''m not doubting you, just interested.

    I remember Sporting having to tell the stock market about selling RVW for instance but don''t recall a UK equivalent.[/quote]

    there was some good articles about Pogba, when his move to Man Utd was done, Utd had to wait until Wall Street opened the following morning as they are listed on the NYSE, so even though the world knew about the details, offically man utd couldnt release those until the market opened.
  8. also worth noting international loans dont count (even scotland) as they are technically full transfers for the duration of the loan, with a contract to reinstate the players old terms when they go back to the original club
  9. Smeg

    Undisclosed feed

    [quote user="king canary"]Murphy is another announced as undisclosed.

    Now my understanding was that this was required and all clubs did it- yet I noticed yesterday Stoke signed a player and tweeted out the specific fee paid (7.2m euros). So can someone with more knowledge than me explain how/why they did that?[/quote]

    because we are a Limited Company, only those trading on the stock market have to disclose high value financial events to the stock market, and therefore public knowledge
  10. Rose Athletic, with teams competing in Divisions 1 and 4 of the Norwich Sunday League, are looking for new players.

    If interested, please contact me on gregsayer @ yahoo . com
  11. Rose Athletic, with teams competing in Divisions 1 and 4 of the Norwich Sunday League, require a new goalkeeper.

    If interested, please contact me on gregsayer @ yahoo . com

  12. Smeg

    The Big Screen

    only "positive" replys can be shown, such as a goal, or near miss.

    anything that could effect the referee''s descision, or cause incitement to players cannot be shown.

    can you imagine, if a goal isnt disallowed for a blatent handball, the match kicks off again, then the screen shows the handball, what kind of situation we would have?

    and as for showing adverts, how do you think the screen is paid for!!
  13. Smeg

    Early leavers

    I normally have the radio on, and listen for when chris goreman says there is 1 min left of added time, before going as my 78 year old dad with a knee replacement, doesnt want to get crushed on the way down from the top of the N&P, he normally starts down the stairs, where as watch the dying seconds from the tunnel (i used to watch the concourse tv, but they seem to have stopped showing the live feed?)
  14. Due to change of sponser, we will now be know as Rose Athletic FC.

    We have also had confirmation we will have teams in Division One and Four of the Norwich and District Sunday League.

    Preseason is due to start on the 19th June, please email gregsayer @ Yahoo . Com or post on here for further info.
  15. Hi All,

    Warwick Street United are looking for players for the 2017-2018 season.

    We will have two teams playing in the Norwich and District Sunday League this year.

    We play home games at Eaton CNS School

    Send me an email if interested to Gregsayer @ yahoo . com