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  1. In fairness there is a LOT of bicycles there also they threw it into the river according to every paper I''ve read regarding this
  2. I''ve never known so many people so worried about a nation as everyone is about Russia, I see Vlads got prepared for all the fans with his government jet being used to ferry 60million quids worth of Coke for the games
  3. To the four cats, who in turn told the four mice who in turn told the four stoats! You do talk some utter squit LDC!
  4. PCP partnership has tabled a bid for the toon, Mike Ashley paid £134 million back in 2007. But remember Delia told us MOBODY is looking to buy football clubs!!
  5. Hi folks I''ve set up a League for fellow pinkun posters. Code for the league is SGDXKT5C
  6. She would have made a good goal keeper at her size!! Maybe she could get a green and yellow wig rather than that dodgy one she''s using recently
  7. I''ve seen Raggett play first hand at Sincil Bank 5\6 times last season he''s a good player. Also glad to see us looking at talent from lower leagues again. Not got a clue about the Dutch CB, intresting times ahbead that''s for sure
  8. Always tried hard, seemed a bit out of his depth in some games. Been a decent servant to the club. I wish HIM well but wish his team mates too fail around him.
  9. Has joined MK Dons on a FREE transfer today! Another of Alex Neils Scottish rejects!
  10. Jamie witheringspooner- "illing to sink into a business with no profit opportunities and thousands of ungrateful little sh*ts who blame her for everything? No, thought not. " Problem is we could have profit IF SHE RAN THE CLUB PROPERLY you f-ing FOOL!! She backs bad managers until they fail. Yet the best one we''ve had for years Lambert she let go. Now who''s fault is that witheringspooner??? Hey? Muppet!
  11. Colchester Mk 2 coming up!!!! If the board don''t act then they should be shot!! Traitors!
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