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  1. England look OK playing a high tempo pressing game, wonder what will replace it as the next in thing tactic ?
  2. A slow death over as long as possible is my preference
  3. A round up of known extremists and sympathisers would be a starting point. Why bother keeping tabs just intern them indefinitely it would probably work our cheaper . But it will all go quiet until the next time.
  4. If he''s alive torture the FU(k out of him whatever is necessary!
  5. westcoastcanary wrote the following post at 21/03/2017 12:31 AM: Does the lack of replies demonstrate dithering on a forum-wide scale, or a sensible acceptance that Purple has nailed it? Big Smile [:D] Probably that people fell asleep reading it ?
  6. Flashman wrote the following post at 18/03/2017 10:37 PM: I think he is a bit like Kenny Lynch of bygone years no one knew what he did, or what he was famous for bar being Tarbuck''s mate we got him on telly quite a bit Add Dickie henderson to that list
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