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  1. Discobolus


    One concern lack of news so far on any move for a younger version of Alex Tettey.
  2. Discobolus

    502 Gateway ate my Report

    From Cyprus thanks for the reports Ricardo always look forward to reading them.
  3. What’s considered the best result for Norwich,, I think disregarding winning the league but just getting promoted a Leeds win, if Norwich can get the win at Rotherham that puts Sheff 7 points behind with 8 games to play, with regard to winning the league a draw.
  4. Discobolus

    Predicted Lineup for Birmingham

    If Hanley and Lewis are fit I would think the would play some part this evening.
  5. Discobolus

    Jordan Rhodes

    Not exactly one of the young and hungry players that Norwich seemed to be after.
  6. Having a coffee at Nero in the Paphos Mall I remember many years ago playing rugby for Norwich against Ipswich all they wanted to do was fight everybody not play rugby they weren''t very good at either.
  7. Discobolus

    What / How many do we actually need?

    I thought Steipermann was an attacking midfielder and only filled in at leftback because there was only Husband.
  8. Discobolus


    It seems only a few days ago that Wagner was saying he was interested in Pritchard but that nothing was likely because of Norwich’s valuation of him, now the deal is all but done and dusted, either Norwich dropped their valuation considerably or now Pritchard knew of the Premier club interest, through the media or his agent, he pushed for a move and Norwich took what they could get, I think Norwich have been played and Wagner has a player costing much less than the market rate.
  9. Discobolus

    Lost in translation?

    A few Brits in the Cypriot village we live in wanted to learn Greek which is a difficult language the first think their teacher said was before you learn Greek I will teach you to speak English correctly.
  10. Discobolus

    Tom Trybull

    Michael Bailey is saying he has been offered a new long term deal and discussions are taking place
  11. Discobolus

    Match thread v Millwall

    Burton won 3-0 away today by the way.
  12. Discobolus

    A game too far

    Would like to make a point that although Wolves might have played the same number of games as Norwich in the last two weeks, their players didn''t, seven Norwich players started all four games while only one Wolves player did the same over that period, not having a pop at the manager he knows best, but Wolves must have been a bit fresher and less jaded, perhaps they have a bigger squad less injuries and can rotate more.
  13. Discobolus

    Aden Flint

    If they sell Oliveria to fund the purchase of Flint the management have completely lost the plot, where are the goals coming from, certainly not Jerome.
  14. Discobolus

    Fulham - Your Starting XI


    Martin Zimmerman Franke Husband


    Watkins Vrancic Maddison Murphy


    Pinto and Hoolahan proberly not match fit after injury
  15. Discobolus


    Your post wasn''t here when I posted, if it had of been obviously I wouldn''t have bothered, but thanks for the info and comment.