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  1. Has a team gone through a premiership season without winning a game, because that looks likely to happen this season.
  2. After what Farke was saying about Hanley at the news conference I cannot see him not playing him together with Kabak hopefully
  3. Intergrating 4/5 players into a teams system takes time, only had a week with them, unfortunately time is something they havent got
  4. Hanley 6ft 2in Kabak 6ft 1in Omobamidelis 6ft 2in Gibson 6ft 1in Sorenson 6ft Normann 5ft 10in Lees melou 6ft 1in Sargent 6ft 1in Referring to the size of Watford players this is hardly a team of midgets
  5. I am sure I read somewhere that Normann said he wasnt interested in joining Norwich
  6. Would Farke have signed a new contract if he thought Webber was leaving
  7. Could somebody direct me to the thread about Norwich possible transfers I seem to have got on the wrong one.
  8. At the current Sterling Euro rate €5 mill is about £4,3 mill, still a good deal.
  9. I thought this tapping up of a player wasn’t allowed, but I suppose being somebody like Arsenal that doesn’t apply.
  10. I didn’t think he was either, I looked at two sites, one said 1.90 the other 1.91, somebody must be exaggerating somewhat
  11. Earlier poster says McGovern’s problem is lack of reach, he is supposed to be 6ft 3ins, should give him a decent reach, McCracken is the short one at 6ft 1in, Krupp 6ft 4ins, Braden and Oxborough 6ft 5ins and Mair 6ft 6ins, looks like you have to be 6ft 4ins at least to stand a chance of being a good goalkeeper, but then how tall was Kevin Keelan, 6ft 1ins I dont remember him being a giant, they don’t get much better than him, it was a different era, but lack of height didn’t seem a problem.
  12. Man Utd's Pogba tests positive plus 6 Chelsea players
  13. Beat me to it - xereis poios eimai
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