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  1. I thought this tapping up of a player wasn’t allowed, but I suppose being somebody like Arsenal that doesn’t apply.
  2. I didn’t think he was either, I looked at two sites, one said 1.90 the other 1.91, somebody must be exaggerating somewhat
  3. Earlier poster says McGovern’s problem is lack of reach, he is supposed to be 6ft 3ins, should give him a decent reach, McCracken is the short one at 6ft 1in, Krupp 6ft 4ins, Braden and Oxborough 6ft 5ins and Mair 6ft 6ins, looks like you have to be 6ft 4ins at least to stand a chance of being a good goalkeeper, but then how tall was Kevin Keelan, 6ft 1ins I dont remember him being a giant, they don’t get much better than him, it was a different era, but lack of height didn’t seem a problem.
  4. Man Utd's Pogba tests positive plus 6 Chelsea players
  5. Beat me to it - xereis poios eimai
  6. Hoping he is getting tested regularly because here in Cyprus nearly 30 people returning from the Greek island he was on, Mykonos, have tested positive for the virus at the airport
  7. There was the Belgian guy, Bushiri who has gone on loan to Belgium again,.
  8. I thought Famewo was highly thought of Centre Back, at 6ft 2in, he is big enough, was in the squad for the last match.
  9. One concern lack of news so far on any move for a younger version of Alex Tettey.
  10. From Cyprus thanks for the reports Ricardo always look forward to reading them.
  11. What’s considered the best result for Norwich,, I think disregarding winning the league but just getting promoted a Leeds win, if Norwich can get the win at Rotherham that puts Sheff 7 points behind with 8 games to play, with regard to winning the league a draw.
  12. If Hanley and Lewis are fit I would think the would play some part this evening.
  13. Not exactly one of the young and hungry players that Norwich seemed to be after.
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