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  1. Kidderminster Exile

    Brandon Supporters help

    Yes it does say that and 5 spaces is not much especially if 1 or 2 are handicapped. looking on google maps it shows far more spaces but could be old images.
  2. Kidderminster Exile

    Stoke Tickets

    Same for me, will miss Villa as I will be in Cyprus for my Grandsons wedding. I should be all done and dusted by then anyway
  3. Kidderminster Exile

    Brandon Supporters help

    Thanks D S, yest I have used Just park before but its not possible this time as I have had to stop driving for a while and have lift to Brandon where I was born and bred. When I was growing up there was always quite a lot of City supporters getting on train but as I have lived in the Midlands for years no idea how many these days, so hopping nothing has changed.. my concern was that I know Brandon station is not what it used to be so hoping plenty of spaces in car park.Hope to be on 10.43 train
  4. Kidderminster Exile

    Brandon Supporters help

    I will be leaving car at Brandon and catching train to Norwich on Saturday, What are the parking facilities at Brandon Station , would be easy to par and catch 10.40 train, any help welcome
  5. Kidderminster Exile

    Baggies trousered

    Yes its big warning

  6. Kidderminster Exile

    Goal Of Month.

    When is it officially announced that Maddison won goal of month, ?
  7. Kidderminster Exile

    Oliveira, drop or not?

    certainly not before the Ipswich game as he is a banker to score 2 or more.
  8. Kidderminster Exile

    Premier League Relegation

    If Southampton and West Brom do go down they are very much favourite to bounce strait back

  9. Kidderminster Exile

    They are dreading it

    Looking at TWTD the locals seem to be dreading next Sunday, here is just a sample

    " Every time we play the Budgies we are in dreadful form and they are in much better form

    Lately it’s often been because they’ve finished much higher but look at this season. We are above them yet didn’t play them at start of the season when we were top two and they were bottom three. Fixture arrived when we started to struggle and they hit form.

    Now we face them again when goals have dried up and they’ve found form again. Pure bad luck on our part but I swear that the last 10 meetings have arrived at the perfect time for them and worse time for us.

    All this time we’ve been ahead of them and they’ll go above us at Carrot Road. Typical.


    It’s a real thing on 18:07 - Feb 10 with 52 views pointofblue

    Didn''t they go above us after beating us too? Then they lost form and we regained ground.

    We had an eight point lead over them a few weeks ago.

    Poll: How many points would you be happy with from the next two home matches? "

  10. Kidderminster Exile

    Rangers bound

    If true, its a good move for Martin, still think Naismith has something to offer here
  11. Kidderminster Exile

    historic month ahead for the club

    Well Y C for once I agree 100%, I live in hope we can turn things round starting today. at the moment my glass is (nearly) half full but that could change at 4.55 today.
  12. Kidderminster Exile

    Milk cup 85 semi final 1st leg....

    Was my first visit to Portman rd. If I remember rightly no problem getting tickets by post.
  13. Kidderminster Exile

    If west ham can , we can

    They are not in beatable
  14. Kidderminster Exile

    Chelsea game being shown on BT

    we were close to beating arsenal away so nothing is impossible , just unlikely, Think I will watch at home where I can stand up and cheer
  15. Kidderminster Exile

    Rome was not built in a day.

    Only problem is we dont have a manager