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  1. I totally agree with Mike, I don''t understand why people slam Lambert''s career after Norwich, I think if anything he''s chosen some real hard jobs (in which he has done okay) and been made to look bad.
  2. Credit to Delia too, she gets a lot of stick, but lets be honest, Lambert, Hughton and Neil were all good managers and have since gone on to proven so. I believe Farke is another great appointment. Of course the credit isn''t all Delias, McNally and Webber too of course, however I think she deserves some for sure.
  3. I think Morris has had a good enough season to make it a difficult choice weather he stays or goes. He''s not had an amazing season, but certainly not bad! I''m not sure how many years he has on his contract? If it was a couple, I''d be tempted to loan him out again to see if he''s consistently half decent. Though I think it''s fair to argue, that if he stays with us, he could be getting a better quality of pass thus more goals in theory. Naki Wells would be good, signed for Burnley for only £5m but not really got a look in. Though that ship has probably sailed with our new wage structure. As for Idah, I really hope for him that he has a great Euros campaign and we get him signed on a pro-contract.
  4. Idah''s build for his age is very impressive, I''ve not seen him play much though. Is it true that Jose Mourinhio said that e''s going to be the next Zlatan? Is he THAT good?
  5. I''ve had a look at the German second tier league top scorers, none of which really stand out as young and full of potential. I''m going to assume that this is the description of the type of player we want because ultimately younger players can get the most value added, especially in today''s market. Based on that description, (young, talented and full of potential) - and also won''t cost us an absolute bomb, which players do you think would suit us going forward?
  6. This is a perfect deal for us. Here we have a player with top level experience and experience of winning promotion. Not only that, he has a first class attitude and this season, we have done much better with him in the team. Realistically, we have to try and build a future without him, he doesn''t fit the mould of young, hungry and talented, so for him to take a wage hit and understand that his role in the team won''t be a starter week in, week out, overall is a massive coup for us. Imo, he is the perfect person for someone like Godfrey and Thompson to learn from, much like Maddison this year with Wes.
  7. Ruddy Naughton Dublin Klose Olsson Redmond Maddison Hoolahan Huckerby Holt Ashton Subs: Drury, Snodgrass, Jackson, Fox, Nelson, MacDonald (in goal).
  8. The club has shown intent to keep him but I guess to him it doesn''t show enough. Sad really as he has been a great servant, though either way i''d be happy if he stays and not too disappointed if he goes.
  9. I''d take that, Klose is a good defender but he hasn''t shown that he is consistently another level to the championship, however he is a player with good experience at a higher level. For a player who is on high wages, I can''t really say that he''s great value for money. I think Leistner in and Klose out would be good business. Not sure what''s going to happen to Franke though, perhaps get rid. Having lived in Lincoln for a few years I can say that Raggett is a quality player and I''m surprised he hasn''t been given a proper opportunity for us. I was really happy when we got him having watched him at Sincil bank on quite a few occasions. Farke is clearly a manager who values attitude as much as ability, so I can only assume he''s struggling to bridge the gap from league 2 to the championship or his attitude has been a little off. I wouldn''t have expected that though as he''s always seemed like he has a good head on his shoulders.
  10. What''s his value? How much do you think he would cost?
  11. I think we should get Bradley Dack as Maddison''s replacement. Thompson is difficult one, maybe he''s better off going on a short-term loan to gain match sharpness. Godfrey is a good player, still needs to develop a lot though, but game time for us next season should do that however I wouldn''t expect loads from him. I also think we need a new RB, I love Pinto and his attitude, but I think Reed has looked better than him. Is Husband good enough to rely on if Lewis get''s a long-term injury? I think we''ll really need an experienced player to take over from Tetty. Godfrey and Thompson have potential but we need to get in a consistent proven performer in that role.
  12. In context, we moved above the scum and we defended very well overall. Srbeny has had hardly any experience at this level, and he''s taken a huge step up. I think it will take some time for him, but as we''ve seen with players like Vrancic, it can take a while to adapt. If Oliviera isn''t in our future plans, then I think we''re best off giving Srbeny time and experience in an attempt to improve him. Besides, we are going into the last few games of the season, they don''t mean too much so I don''t mind him getting game time. It does seem like when Maddison doesn''t score we do struggle. Next season isn''t so far away.
  13. Maddison seems like a pretty well grounded man, I think if a big club comes calling with anything over £20mil we will sell for sure. The best outcome would be that we have him on loan for another season. He says that he likes Norwich and is fully aware that this is his first season at this level, so I think he would also be open to that. However, if a big club can offer him game time then I think he would stay there. I also believe he''s a huge talent and could have the ability to step up his game a few more levels. Either way, he''s been a class act for us since we''ve had him and if we could get a good replacement (someone like Bradley Dack of Blackburn) and use the rest of the money for a new No.9, and more. We could end up with a better overall squad instead of having to rely on one star.
  14. Obviously the right choice as we won the match. Josh is clearly a very talented guy and there are plenty of matches to be played. We may even see him back at Reading alongside Oliviera, which could be tempting, however I thought Wildschut and Watkins played well today. Though I think Wildschut edged it on performance levels.
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