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  1. Great performance. That should give us confidence to push on second half of the season. As Jools said it was a good save for Oliveira''s kick.
  2. It’s not, but Wtf is the ABBA penalty deal?
  3. You can’t come on here like that, posting your sensible comments. ^^
  4. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Highland Canary"]I would be surprised if we don’t have Maddison until April even if it’s on a loan back. What a shambles.[/quote]Waheyyyyyyy![/quote] Highland Canary bingo?
  5. I don’t know how some of you miserable cnuts make it through the day.
  6. It’s officially troll season.
  7. That was the golden era of supporting Norwich for me. Happy birthday KK.
  8. So who/what is fair game? Gingers? Fattties? Baldies? Sweaties? Shorties?
  9. Silly post season is upon us. Time to absolve for a month.
  10. FenwayFrank Whenever I play the Pistols I always think back to when I was a kid and had to stand next to the record player so I could get the needle up quick when bodies came on Ha! I’m with you on that one.
  11. Oh. I see there is one. It looks a bit 5hit. End of thread. Back to my Pistols box set.
  12. Would thePinkUn forum be more user friendly if it was on the Facebook platform? I like the idea of just giving some posts the thumbs up and also the ability to edit posts and add pictures easier than you can on my iPad. I guess some people like the anonymity that this forum gives, but I suppose you could make it a closed group, and keep the same user names as on here. Plus (on iPad) it seems to take an age to load and there are those annoying adverts. I’m sure there are Norwich groups already on FB though, would a PinkUn one only dilute it more?
  13. You’re not suggesting that African politicians could be corrupt?
  14. Square-jawed Malcolm Allen got 4 against Sutton Utd. Still racking my brains about the others.
  15. If it had been "the black chap in the ticket office went out of his way to help me", would that still have stirred up the racist argument?
  16. Since when do you have to wait to be approved. As far as I remember you sign up and that''s it. It''s not like there''s a vetting process?
  17. I think opposing fans drink further out and then tube last bit in. Not been there for a while, but their fans are something else.
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