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  1. Good evening fellow canaries , I''m driving to hull Saturday with an ETA of 12/1pm where is very easy to park with my poor parking for a whole day? And where is a good away pub situated? Also a place for food too. Thanks guys
  2. stay the night make a city break out of the event
  3. would this be 2 adult tickets ( non restricted view) sat together with canary coach travel?
  4. 3 people answering phones apparently, 5000 tickets available. you do the math. WOW tinpot indeed
  5. im only able to use the phone as i have people without customer numbers to purchase for, saying that the online thing is failing for lots of people, it gets to the final moment to load then crashes. 35 phone calls later, still no luck
  6. it can not handle calls for arsenal away cup tickets, oh dear we really are tinpot. the online service boasts a 40minute queue before being able to access the site too. an update needed!
  7. 5000 tickets. looks like you need customer numbers for more tickets.
  8. chip shop opposite the ole frank, could ask the owners politely if they mind you eating in there. Wolf inn has a menu i believe. next door to wolf inn is the wherry hotel they do a carvery ect.. or 30 second walk away is the commodore they do fantastic food, ( this is all in oulton broad area)
  9. but ive purchased 4 home tickets together and i was the only person with an account
  10. i made a thread about murphy and got backlash, he isnt in the team then everyone agrees, lol fickle fans! he isnt a kid, he should if he is as good as people make him out to be; alot better at this level. wildschut the better option.
  11. normally can only buy 1 per customer, will i be able to get 4 as its a cup game?
  12. Good Morning, im fully aware the tickets go on sale tomorrow but just preparing really. There is no part on the canaries ticket site to purchase tickets, does this mean they have to be purchased by telephone? Also can i purchase more than 1 ticket? as normally when i purchase a ticket its 1 per customer. I require 4 together. appreciate answers
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