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  1. yeah and some seats empty in the lower barclay too 🙂 not watching that dross
  2. Would love to see constant trouble makers just get booted off the forum The toxicity doesn't add to the conversation, there are decent threads that just go off tangent to cater for the morons. just like my post now!
  3. The bickering between users on here is embarrassing
  4. Webber gave us a spud gun and a cabbage to throw.
  5. Yes, if you want the club to progress past being a top 20 to 24 club No , if you want the club to remain the yo yo laughing stock of the football league.
  6. with all those stars at his disposal. We would have been relegated a few games ago with Frank in charge, bullet dodged.
  7. If you dont want to play for Norwich, Im not too interested.
  8. No idea, but 2 spare seats in the Barclay tomorrow
  9. I apologise in advance as i joined this 25 pages in and have not read any posts. Yes he needs to be shown the door, I'm surprised it has not happened yet, they are more brutal in NFL than they are in footy. Fields IS a very good QB, Nagy made him look awful though. I see glimpses of this when you see amazing talent in footy go down the pan under a poor manager.
  10. the same fans on here that are not typing NO!
  11. just here to tell you i support the bears, and norwich. both sports are disappointing me...
  12. No. why continue this? You build and get better. This is the problem, fans just accept the cr*p.
  13. pukki x2 , 1 penalty , 1 from open play. What more do you want?
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