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  1. Forest have scored! Come on, one more!!
  2. No, sorry I don''t agree. Until it''s mathematically impossible to get in the top two then I wouldn''t rule it out at all, there are some big games still to be played. Watford''s next 4 matches are Wigan (A), Ipswich (H), Derby (A) & Middlesbrough (H) Bournemouth''s next 4 are Cardiff (A), Middlesbrough (H), Ipswich (A) & Birmingham (H) Points will be dropped, we just need to keep up the pace.
  3. It''s disappointing but time to move on. Ruddy has learned from this & he certainly won''t make the same mistake again, I''m sure even he himself would have said he could of done a whole lot better with the situation. But, it''s over now & done, can''t be changed. Ruddy will save us more points than he costs us. Huddersfield next & another 3 points up for grabs, OTBC!
  4. I like how he handles himself, also like the smile in his interview after the Blackburn game last night when talking about the players being on a day off tomorrow whilst he''ll be in preparing for Sunday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmaUy9QmXfA
  5. Supporting Norwich is not good for your heart rate. Phew! Great result but should have been more comfortable.
  6. Sorry, but we simply are not good enough. Too many times we have allowed games to slip through our fingers.
  7. Im very pleased for Grabban, seems like he''s having a blinder tonight. 2-0 at half time, need to keep them out & not let them back in. Keep it up City!!
  8. He certainly has an eye for goal, and often seems to shoot early which maybe takes defenders / goalkeepers by surprise. And to be fair he has profited from some pretty awful defending at times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcer7yFCshg
  9. AN has already stated we are weak on the left side, why on Earth would we part with Olsson who is one of a few natural left footed players at the club. This has to be paper talk / rumour rubbish! Right? :P
  10. Surely these Grabban / Olsson rumours can''t be true. Strengthen the midfield, but weaken the attack / defence. Especially if Lafferty is also on his way out, and if Olsson was to leave it would leave us with one recognised left back.
  11. Appears to be left footed.... or at least can use his left! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM7gsF_bYZc (ignore the awful commentary)
  12. For those that haven''t seen it: DORRANS LATEST More on Burnley’s pursuit of West Brom midfielder Graham Dorrans: Sky Sources understand that the £3m bid made for Dorrans by Burnley is significantly less than that. West Brom are reluctant to sell to a relegation threatened rival and they would prefer to do business with Norwich, who are also interested in the player.
  13. Linked with a loan move to Derby this morning. Someone our squad could benefit with?
  14. Is it just me or have there been much less interviews with Alex Neil / Players since he arrived at the club. Usually there''d be multiple interviews & a 5 to 6 minute chat with the manager about last weekends game, injuries... etc before the game but nothing at all this week. (unless I''ve missed it) Is this how it will be, AN starting to put his stamp on things?
  15. @Andy 1974 - McClean explained his reasons for not wearing a Poppy on his shirt, I don''t feel this is has anything to do with his career ''stalling''. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/nov/07/wigan-james-mcclean-poppy-bolton
  16. Looks like Hoilett is on about 50k a week so maybe he won''t be an option after all! I was also surprised that the lad is 24! Seems like he''s been around forever, plus he''s bloody quick which something we lack, well we lack pace all over the pitch really with the exception of Olsson, Redmond & maybe Jerome. Kris Commons is a good shout, but it seems Lennon tried to poach him at Bolton & the move was rejected by Celtic.
  17. I see Derby have approached QPR to loan Junior Hoilett, looks like QPR want a permanent transfer though. Is this someone we should be looking at? I''m guessing his wages would be high, but I feel he could add something to this team. Any other potential left sided midfield targets people can think of?
  18. I quite like that team, but I think I''d swap Bennett & Redmond over.
  19. I''ve had a look at their forum, oddly enough you have to sign up to do so. They seem confident of getting something from the game with most predicting & being happy with a draw. But they seem to have a fair share of people who think we are more than likely to ''tonk'' them 3 or 4 nil! Quite a mixed bag reading through the pre-match thread.
  20. This could be a great result for us, looking at the stats it would seem Brighton are battering them. We need to do our job on Saturday though otherwise this means nothing.
  21. @lappinitup #ncfc AN not worried about Olsson transfer interest. Comes with territory. Hasn''t gone beyond enquiry stage. So Jas was right!
  22. I''m glad the issue has been resolved, and I think this is a Win - Win situation as some others have suggested. Good that the manager is sorting his ''pack'' out & deciding who is worth keeping & who should be discarded. I''m really liking what I see & hear from Alex Neil at the moment & there is an air of excitement about this season again for me.
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