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  1. I went. Not sure of the relevance though.
  2. It actually makes me really angry that the inbalance in rewards between PL and FA Cup, and the arrogance of the PL for planning fixtures next mid-week means that we have no real choice but to effectively withdraw from the competition. What is the point of a football club, if not to create memories and fantatic experiences of joy and despair? Looking back over the years of following this club, so many of the matches that stick in the memory the longest are the cup runs. Milk cup semi and final, an amazing FA Cup quarter final v Southampton, the experience of 2 FACup semi finals etc. I totally agree with the way the club have approached this game (and most other cup games in the last few years) but it''s really sad for younger fans especially who may not get to experience a cup run for the foreseeable future.
  3. I think this is a case of AN having to prioritise. It''s well known that there''s a dearth of quality CBs in Europe at the current time, hence Celtic are likely to get the £10m for Van Dijk. To find someone who could walk into our side and ideally has PL experience is going to cost at leasf as much as that. If we say AN''s total budget is £20m(?) then you can see why he may be going with what we''ve got.
  4. "We will have some really positive news later today. Keep a close watch on @NorwichCityFC and http://canaries.co.uk " Any ideas anyone?
  5. Sorry, but can''t let that one just go past without comment. £21 to add an NCFC badge to a stock item?? Wow.
  6. For me, Howson has everything you would want in a captain. Quality player, sets a great example, leads by example etc etc. Great player though he is, i think Bradley is too indisciplined to be captain material.
  7. [quote user="Jarders"]Crystals was an absolute shit hole but it didn''t matter in the slightest. An massive empty room, 4 cans for a tenner, no queues for the booze, a playlist of Norwich songs and a load of excited Canaries is the recipe for a cracking time.[/quote] As I said, they knew exactly what their customers wanted!
  8. Sorry, missed your''s from this morning. Can''t believe no-one else from this Board was in there. The place was rammed and they knew exactly what their customers wanted!
  9. Did anyone else on this board spend time in Crystals bar right next to the stadium yesterday? How mental was that place. Loved it.
  10. How about the overnight sleeper train. Leaves Euston at about 8.20pm i think. Arrive refreshed in Aberdeen at 7am the next morning.
  11. There are many thousand Club Wembley members who pay for an option to buy tickets for any game at the stadium. I guess for popular games like this, many will take up their option and then sell on the tickets at a profit through sites like this one. The deadline for CW members to buy was 5pm today, which is also why there may be extra ticket allocations for the 2 clubs announced on Wednesday (ie we''ll get the tickets that the CW members chose not to buy)
  12. Teams that have 2 consecutive away games often struggle in the 2nd game against teams that have 2 consecutive home games. A point tonight would be fantastic, but the most important thing is that we don''t over-react if we do happen to lose. Whatever the result, our season won''t be determined tonight for sure.
  13. York are a very poor side at the moment and for some unknown reason they’re not giving Carlton Morris a start. So he’s only getting 20 minutes or so coming off the bench when they are usually already struggling in the game. It’s not been the most worthwhile loan move for him, to be honest. I don’t think it’s a reflection on the player but choosing which club to loan players to is always a bit of a gamble.
  14. Alex Neil has clearly indicated that the squad is too big for his liking, and he’s right. An oversized squad means an oversized wage bill and disgruntled players who know they aren’t going to get a game which is bad for morale and hence bad for team performance. There was always going to be a one in, one out approach to this transfer window. In this case the ‘one out’ fell through due to the player’s demands and so the ‘one in’ doesn’t happen either. It’s not that difficult to understand. To say we’ve run out of cash is ridiculous.
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