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  1. I'd be taking pot shots at Hladky all day long, he looks so nervous, but surprisingly Sunderland seem to want to walk it in. When they actually took a shot, Hladky palmed it to Bellingham who spurned the opportunity unfortunately. First goal crucial I feel.
  2. Where do we go from here? Is it the manager or are the players just not up to the task? We’ve been poor in this league before, but this feels like a new low.
  3. I am completely lost for words, we are so unbelievably poor at everything.
  4. They have definitely targeted our left side as a weak point. But they are very one dimensional, it’s basically look up and hit it to Sarr.
  5. And the traditional penalty to Swansea
  6. Assisted by, you guessed it Tom Trybull
  7. From the Brentford score predictions thread on their forum; "Norwich are there on merit based on the season so far, at this moment in time we are the best team in the division. They can stick that one on the wall in their changing room too."
  8. I see Danny Mills has made a 'catty' comment on her Instagram post about cleaning her house with the shirt.
  9. What is it about Watford, every time they are in a poor run of form / going nowhere along we come to pick them up. Had a feeling we’d lose tonight, but there is still so much to play for.
  10. Bloody hell we don’t do things the easy way do we? The run continues but the squad is looking a bit worse for wear now.
  11. Feels very much like it did during Daniels first season in the Championship.
  12. I have never seen a team play so well for long periods but fail to kill the game on so many occasions. I'm not sure what the answer is to that, but we are going to struggle to get out of this now, 7 points adrift is a hell of a gap.
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