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  1. I see Danny Mills has made a 'catty' comment on her Instagram post about cleaning her house with the shirt.
  2. What is it about Watford, every time they are in a poor run of form / going nowhere along we come to pick them up. Had a feeling we’d lose tonight, but there is still so much to play for.
  3. Bloody hell we don’t do things the easy way do we? The run continues but the squad is looking a bit worse for wear now.
  4. Feels very much like it did during Daniels first season in the Championship.
  5. I have never seen a team play so well for long periods but fail to kill the game on so many occasions. I'm not sure what the answer is to that, but we are going to struggle to get out of this now, 7 points adrift is a hell of a gap.
  6. A team full of Onel's attitude is what we need right now. Great interview, hopefully his words can inspire a few more in the dressing room.
  7. Luke Chambers is doing his very best to throw this game!
  8. I can honestly see Ipswich getting a hard fought (don't laugh) 0-0, it's that time of the season where surprise results can & do happen. They did manage to hold them earlier in the season, so I'm hoping they can do the same again. Beating Blackburn & winning the title at home would be the icing on the cake of an incredible season.
  9. By the time we kick off on Saturday we will ‘likely’ be 2nd. Sheffield United have Ipswich at home, an Ipswich team I simply cannot see getting a result let alone helping us out! I’m emotionally exhausted, how can we possibly have let such a fantastic opportunity to slip through our fingers. We’ve lost form at the worst possible time
  10. Didn’t say they sat back, said they set out to frustrate. Lots of little fouls & general time wasting, disrupts our flow.
  11. Just not our day, typical cynical Karanka team out to frustrate us and it’s worked. Added to a woeful referee who has missed crucial decisions. We move on & we go again at the weekend.
  12. Yeah was the same for me, was running very slowly last night also. Probably just some teething issues with the new forum software :)
  13. Confirmed: https://twitter.com/JamTarts/status/954013381165449216
  14. @Gordon Bennett - Phillips went out on loan to Cambridge for the rest of the season.
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