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  1. What''s everyone going with today then? Here''s mine: Gunn Zimm Timm Hanley Pinto Reed Trybull Stiepermann Hoolahan Oliveira Murphy Would like to see Murphy tried in a central role and I think he would support Nelson well. This is also assuming there''s no madders or CJ involved.
  2. Would be interested to hear everyone''s views of what side we should play tonight. Mine would look something like this. McGovern Pinto Klose Franke Husband Reed Trybull Wildschut Vrancic Wes Watkins Wouldn''t risk NO from the start, probably 30 minutes from the bench. Ideally would rest trybull but not many other options
  3. Am I right in thinking that his contract runs out this summer. If so, we definitely need to give him an extension whatever league we are in. Absolutely immense today and a real leader in central midfield.
  4. Recently, I have seen a lot of people having a go at this guy and saying how much of a waste of money he was. I even saw someone compare him to Gary Doherty! Imo, this guy is a solid defender and although not quick, is very assured on the ball. Once adjusted to the premier league I think he will be a quality addition. Should have probably been bought in the summer to give him more time to adapt.
  5. What has this bloke done wrong? For me, we have looked out best defensively with him in at right back. Whilst Pinto needs time to adjust, we don''t have time to get him up to speed. Just feel a defender who can defend is a priority, and Wisdom is surely better defensively.
  6. Rudd- 6 Pinto- 6 Martin- 3 Bassong- 4 Brady- 5 Dorrans- 5 Howson- 6 Redmond- 4 Naismith- 8 Hoolahan- 7 Mbokani- 8
  7. We seem to now be resting all of our hopes on Klose, but what if he turns out to be just as poor as the rest. Just because he is a champions league player doesn''t mean he will adjust quickly to the premier league, look at Otamendi, Mangala etc.
  8. If we sacked Alex Neil I honestly believe that would be us as good as relegated. The issue is he was not given the money to spend in the summer and has been majorly let down by some of his "senior" pros. Also if anyone can name a better, realistic and available manager I would be amazed. Keep the faith with him as we have one of the best young managers in the country, and he needs backing.
  9. Your best/favourite 1) Goal 2) Player 3) Match of 2015 and why. Mine would be Johnson vs Ipswich, Alex Tettey and, of course, Wembley!
  10. But do you honestly think Grabban is our best striker?
  11. Just wanted to know how everyone thinks we should line up today. The main debate will probably be about the lone striker role, despite grabban getting a goal last week I still don''t rate him as our best striker. Personally, I''d go for Mbokani.
  12. Both of them seem to be really thriving away from Carrow road this season, so do we fell that either or both will get an opportunity here next season - be it in the championship or premier league.
  13. I thought yesterday our corners and free kicks were as poor as I''ve seen in a long time. Wes shouldn''t be any where near taking corners as I don''t think I''ve ever seen any of his get past the first man. Imo Brady or Jarvis are probably our best corner takers, however we also require more movement and flexibility in the box. We seem too static and organised so therefore very easy to mark, we appeared to be relying on Mbokani or Bassong to out jump a west brom player which just wasn''t happening yesterday.
  14. Personally, I think that having a balance between defender and attack is most important. Last year, burnley had a fairly solid defence but struggled to score any goals. So yes we do need to strengthen the defense, but also our strike force I don''t think is capable of scoring the goals to win us the tight, nervy six-pointers.
  15. Just saw he was back in training this week, great to see as I think he is a genuinely nice bloke. If was just wondering how many people would have him back here if he was available. Personally, I think he could still be useful for us providing his injury hasn''t overcome his ability.
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