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  1. He''s talking about the 11m signing of Kalidou Koulibaly to be announced at 9. (I wish)
  2. What if we lose Brady to injury? Howson on the left for a few months?! Andreu, fair enough but Vadis...
  3. Paris aint German!- We have a replacement at the club for Johnson already, Vadis Ojida Ofoe! Looking forward to seeing this guy get some playing time! Couldn''t agree more. He''s looked good, can play wide or in the centre, young, hungry, will see he chance - we already have a quality player on our watch.
  4. And when we stay up we will be hailed as the new kings of England.
  5. In rob butler''s interview with the African sport correspondent for the BBC, he was calling him (M)bokani, almost leaving a pause, but not pronouncig the m.
  6. Bad days happen. Take it on your head. Prepare. Come back stronger. Be a true fan. These are the times the team need you most. Still confident of survival. This doesn''t change anything. A wee chat changes everything you know, just ask Seb Bassong.
  7. Touché, touché. I clutched at straws in an empty barrel. One point though, can''t get into the Napoli team? 27 games in the league last season says otherwise. The move is safe because of resale value.
  8. Far enough but as much as Rooney skews the prem''s average wage, clubs like Darmdstadt who seem barely semi-professional skew theirs just as much. We are not Chelsea, and they are not Hannover. Also champions league brings more than just competitive games. For a young player such as him at can bring notice to bigger teams and his national team. And this is sort of clutching at straws to expand my point, but Koulibaly may see himself in Heung-Min, or even higher, getting bought young, developed, and sent of to a giant English club. I would love him here, but with these competitors, it seems unlikely.
  9. Have seen rumours of a €12m (same as ours) from Leverkusen earlier being turned down. That is champions league football offered to him for the same price, this one is slightly out of our reach.
  10. If that was the Tottenham home game in 13/14 previously referenced then I must have been watching something else. Expect an assisst(?) he was uncommitted and unfocused all game and kept losing the ball. He''s not the most reliable lone striker but... 80th minute at St. Mary''s 1-0 down with Tettey on a yellow? You never know.
  11. I like Afobe and I think that, especially if Grabban leaves, he will be here on the 2nd Sept. But isn''t Gayle at 6-8m a better option? A goal every 167mins (I think) in the premier league. 14million for someone unproven is a huge gamble, although he might be 20 if he has 15 goals by January.
  12. Gayle may not be the most showy striker we have been linked with but he wants to come and prove himself, CP want to sell and he has a good goal record. Him and Nkoulou would be great additions.
  13. If Nkoulou was to come in, and for an international previously linked with Arsenal I think that is unlikely, who would he displace? Putting him with Seb is the obvious choice but that would push Russ out wide and the inform Whittaker onto the bench. Taking Seb out would also quite obviously be a bad idea. Although if one of our current CBs get injured or suspended though, we''re fu(ked.
  14. The only reason I can see the amount of bodies being brought in rising is if we are to dispatch of a few - namely Turner and Hooper at least.
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