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  1. With our lack of a big powerful striker it is blindingly obvious that Krul is under strict instructions that on most occasions we play it out via the back. Otherwise we will invariably lose possession. Unfortunately these tactics will cause Krul to take some risky decisions which he would rather avoid. Additionally his footwork is not his best asset.
  2. Amazing line up. With the best will in the world don't see us getting anything today.
  3. Skipp is a huge loss as his pace and strength in the tackle enabled him to provide a lot of cover for Hanley/Gibson who are not exactly quick in Premiership terms. I would guess that PLM was intended to be the replacement. Early days but don't think he will provide the answer. Should have spent more to fill this gap instead wasting bit and pieces on mediocre forwards. Of course we all know the real problem, the gap between the two divisions is now very substantial. Just consider the amount of experience and quality who are currently sitting on the benches for the likes of Liverpool/Man City/Chelsea.
  4. There has been persistent talk for some time that Aarons would go. However no real evidence that anyone had shown interest or made an offer. I do not see him going to a Premiership side for a lot of money because he has a big weakness he can do nothing about. He is too small and as is repeatedly stated on other threads the Premiership is all about big athletic powerful guys. Particularly in defence and midfield. Even Kante at Chelsea is now unable to get a regular start. Max is also very one footed and it is noticeable that this leads to him passing back on numerous occasions to one of his fellow defenders. A good lad who has done well for us but don't see him hitting the big time.
  5. Keelan is quite right. Yes, I know its early days but this opening game I am afraid exposed our shortcomings which we last experienced in the Premiership. This league with all the international players is mainly about big powerful guys, athletic and with pace. Perhaps not for the purist but they are the facts. We do not have such players. It was noticeable when our left back made some good runs he looked up and there was really no presence in the box. A striker in the mould of Grant Holt for instance. Not exactly pacey but I am sure he scared the living daylights out of most defenders.
  6. Difficult to criticise DF. His record speaks for itself. BUT he is so frustrating over his use of subs. Today, he himself said we were tiring after 65 mins and this was blindingly obvious to most supporters. I would have thought some fresh legs might have had an impact but would probably not affected the result. For me around 75/80 mins is too late. I can only assume he has chosen his best starting eleven and feels that they should be given every chance to justify their selection. For me after 60 mins Pukki/Cantwell were going nowhere.
  7. Very impressive. His best game in a Canary Shirt. Our MOM by a comfortable margin.
  8. Have to agree with the general opinion. We just seemed to run out of steam after 35 mins and thereafter really only one team in it. Gareth had a good tournament but poor decisions to ask three rookies to take the penalties particularly as two them had hardly touched the ball on the pitch.
  9. Aviva wrote off about 20 million. It cost them little as it was an investment they made via one of their corporate bond funds. So it was their investors who lost out. Evans wrote off about 100 million but I would imagine that some of that was set off against tax bills for his other companies.. Badger suggests that lending the money at 10% is a nice little earner. Yes it is but the slight snag is that recent history shows they have been unable to pay any interest and you lose your original investment. As the story goes if it looks too good to be true IT IS. Returning to my earlier theme, I understand an investment company is prepared to take on some risks, but in the current football market its going to take some time for ITFC to return to the Premiership - if ever !!!
  10. A responsible UK pension fund would never entertain such a huge risk. The Club has virtually no assets so there is nothing to take a charge (mortgage) to secure any part of the debt. They will be in the same position as Evans I.e. Initial debt circa 25k which eventually rolled up to 100k as there was never any surplus to cover interest let alone repayment of his loan. Do not understand why many huge loans are made to Football Clubs. Take Chelsea for example - they now owe Abromovich around 700 million. Doubt if he will ever be repaid but mainly for tax reasons - at our expense !! - he juggles finances between his various companies. Norwich City are now one of the most financially stable Clubs in the UK.
  11. Unfortunately they do not own the Ground. Leased from the Town Council. Usually behind with rent.
  12. And where is the evidence for this stupid comment. Bearing in mind the time and effort she and hubby have put in to the Club any perks have been very modest and insignificant compared to the vast amounts taken by many other "vulture owners".
  13. In no way will they provide any entertainment to keep you in your seats at half time. They want you to wander off and spend MONEY. That's what modern Britain is all about.
  14. Taarabt was fairly useful. Where is he these days ??
  15. Very noticeable against Barnsley that without Skipp our defence was not as watertight as usual. Furthermore Barnsley did not possess a lot of individual quality up front but all of their players simply worked their socks off. It is not going to be easy to find a suitable replacement of Skipp's mobility and pace.
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