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  1. vos

    404 not found

    Malware is good but it could not remove this virus which was purely linked to the pinkun forum.
  2. I thought Gary Neville was very upfront and honest bearing in mind he works for Sky who upon promoting their brand are the cause of all the "money" floating about. Many of these investors are not as rich as they make out, but are good at juggling money and not repaying loans. Probably trained by Trump !!!
  3. vos

    404 not found

    Purple. You need to find the "Tools" symbol on your browser which is usually in the top right hand corner. In my case Google Chrome, its the three dots at top right hand corner. You might to then click on "More Tools" when you should eventually see "clear browsing data". I think the difference is that clearing the data might lose "cookies" and some bits and pieces on the system which does no harm but I have noticed there are some instances when I have had to "re log in" again. I am an old hand but far from being a computer expert so somebody may be able to provide more precise advice on the subject. My PC is now running very smoothly.
  4. vos

    404 not found

    Yes I have picked up this "virus" on a Pink Un thread. Got rid of it on Google web page.. Click 3 dots on top right hand corner - More Tools - Clear Browsing Data. (Its probably called the Mings/Grealish virus)
  5. vos

    The Last Post

    Yes I found it very moving watching it later on Sky. A credit to the City.
  6. vos

    £34 million loss

    I would really like to know who this chap Chase was. Sounds as if he was well ahead of his time and seems as if the current genius Stuart Webber modelled his financial style on the very successfull Halvergate Builder. i.e.on limited funds, deal some of your better players in the transfer market to help the Club progress and play attractive football. Of course it is early days for Stuart to get even near to this mysterious Gt. Yarmouth man's football record. But hang on a minute, despite the shortage of funds, additionally this guy was also instrumental in achieving considerable ground improvements without the need for long term debt. So far as I am aware the current regime cannot even afford to repaint the numbers on the River End terracing. As for the lift at that end of the ground I believe Grimethorpe Colliery will next year require its return to place in their 1920's museum. See you at the AGM boys !!!!!
  7. vos

    VAR Farce

    Just another "Balls up" !!
  8. vos

    What’s the problem?

    Ricardo is correct. I have to confess that upon promotion I thought we could maintain a mid-table position with small additions to the squad. Obviously the injuries have not helped, particularly the absence of Zimmermann, but I have soon learnt that there is quite a gap as Ricardo points out. Last season several Premier teams did not look that great, certainly in pure footballing terms, but they are full of powerful aggressive black African lads who can put themselves about, and we cannot cope. Just watched the Brighton highlights and we never really got any grip on the game. Very little possession and a shadow of last season and loss of confidence is worrying. Interesting to see that Sheff Utd and Villa are faring better albeit they were nothing like as good as us last season. The reason they are more solid defensively, but not very entertaining, whereas our more attacking attitude leaves us very vulnerable against better Premier sides. We cannot change our style and set up overnight. It will be a tough season.
  9. vos

    VAR Farce

    As usual a very wise and shrewd observation from Nutty. Football is now more or less controlled by Sky TV for the benefit of a worldwide TV audience. VAR is a disaster but it prolongs the TV coverage which probably translates in to more advertising revenue and increased beer consumption. Of course there is no thought for Canary fans because if a Sky Sunday home match finishes after 6.30pm there is virtually no public transport. And I thought it was Sky who keep banging on about the amount of car fumes.
  10. vos

    VAR Farce

    From a practical common sense view, Delle Ali's handball was not a penalty. He was challenging for the ball and had no idea it would hit his arm. BUT his arm was in an unnatural position so I would have thought according to the new law it was a penalty. For example Cantwell's against Man Utd was similar, and his arm in an unnatural position, but OK a bit more transparent, and they gave a penalty.
  11. vos

    Penalties or not penalties?!

    As regards the "Todd penalty" he was trying to gain height to block the shot. Have you ever seen anybody attempt to do this in a split second with their arms rigid by their side !! For me - no penalty.
  12. For posters on here to make Cantwell a scapegoat is crazy. He is a young lad learning his trade and is a very good prospect. You have to take in to account that the whole midfield are struggling against more bigger and powerful opposition and many are supposedly worth 40 million or so. We are lightweight in that area. It is amusing that some posters are saying Vrancic and Amadou will solve our problems in midfield. Anyone seen them play in that position in the Premiership this season ??. By the way I do not consider "it was handball". Having played the game a lot, many years ago, I can never remember jumping up to block a ball with my arms close to my side. It is a natural thing to spread them out as part of the jumping process.
  13. vos


    JF. You have summed up perfectly the situation before us. I thought we would be performing better albeit that the injury situation has not helped. However it is abundantly clear that we are in for a big struggle in the Premiership. It is very noticeable how powerful and physically stronger the opposition are, particularly in midfield. We have good Championship players in that area but this season they have made little impact. They are very quickly closed down and unable to find much space and consequently Pukki is totally isolated. Our attacking game is to be applauded but the facts are we do not have the overall quality for this to be successfull and we will get less points than say Villa and Sheff Utd because they play a more defensive game i.e. Hughton style, which I personally would not want to see every week. I agree with our financial policy, we do not want dodgy overseas owners, and we will continue to be a yo yo team. Thats not being negative - simply realistic !!! To return to the subject, Leitner just plays the easy ball, is not a defensive midfielder, and has little impact further up the pitch. Quite rightly he spent some time on the bench last season.
  14. vos


    City 2nd states the fullbacks were not available in space to receive the ball. Aarons was given a lot of space and showed his frustration. The two midfielders and to a lesser extent Amadou were just not capable of finding him quickly. We all seem to be forgetting that Godfrey and Lewis were barely fit to play and clearly only turned out because of the existing long injury list.
  15. We were certainly not outclassed although from the outset we seemed to lack confidence. McGovern could not be blamed for the goals but there was a lot of indecision on his part when it came to starting moves when he had the ball in his hands. For some odd reason we appeared to lose our normal rhythm and shape. There were several occasions when two of our players went for the same ball and three or four players were in very close proximity with Pukki left on his own. In the first half we had a few chances blocked by last ditch tackles and with the ref not helping us you could see it was not to be our day. I thought our young players stuck with it and both Buendia and Cantwell had good games. On the other hand Steipermann and McClean were fairly anonymous and poor passes from Lietner contributed to at least two of the goals. I believe the long and exceptional injury list must be having a detrimental effect on the Club in general.