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  1. A shambles of a game. But both teams looked very tired. Brum completely knackered second half. Once again pitch did not really cut up. Been heavily rolled and threadbare and the main problem looked to be the unpredictable bounce. I am one who thinks Pukki is a bit off the pace. But his first goal seemed to be in the net before he had barely received it.
  2. There was a remoaner called Bill Who was no friend of our Till They met in a bar And had a good spar As usual Bill lost - Five Nil
  3. There was a young player called Giannoulis Who was coached by the great Tony Pulis You could never out jump him when it came in to the box Cos he would pull you down by the goulies
  4. I think GED's opinion is spot on. We are almost certain to go up. Well organised with some players of real ability but lets be frank this is a very average Championship. But we will struggle in the Premiership. Mainly lack of big powerful physical athletic players. The Club are not going to lob out £80 million on two players a policy of which I entirely agree. Despite local press comments, Pukki's best days are over and apart from Buendia we really do not have any consistent goal scorers. We were woeful in front of goal on Sat. I expect us to continue to Yo Yo until Sky fulfil their wish to form some sort of elite European League as I suspect numbers are falling re viewing of the Premiership. Once they have plucked out say the top eight Premiership sides we might be able to re-establish ourselves as consistent members in the top English League. Perhaps the time is ripe to spend money on expanding the Stadium so that our younger supporters can obtain a regular seat.
  5. I appreciate he is playing in a struggling team, but Jamal Lewis does not look that great at the moment. Another piece of shrewd work in the transfer market.
  6. I bet that at least 80% of Canary fans were screaming after 70 min. "Get a sub on" We had lost the control of the first half, some were tiring i.e. Vrancic, and Rotherham had stepped up a gear and quicker to the ball. They were taking no prisoners and roughing us up with no help from the ref. BUT DF took his usual stubborn approach and we got away with it JUST. Of course we should have been four up at half time. Once again the maestro got it right and achieved the object of the exercise THREE POINTS. Thats football. No doubt he will settle for 1-0 against Birmingham and Wycombe.
  7. Please put us out of our misery. Should be over by now. At least Rotherham are worse than us when they sight our goal. Vrancic disappeared after 15 mins !!!! Good news - Emi has not got going yet.
  8. Looks almost certain the "Star Pix" was taken at KO at the Sheff Wed game.
  9. That is my conclusion. As you say Laurie did not play in that game.
  10. Looked threadbare in the middle but seemed to play OK and did not appear to cut up to any extent. Certainly did not seem to bother the rampant ball playing Cantwell. Compared with 50 years ago it looked like Wimbledon !!
  11. Considering the time of the year did not think the pitch was that bad. A bit threadbare but did not seem to cut up. I certainly do not think it affected the rampant ball playing Cantwell, particularly in the first half.
  12. Men against boys. Some superb individual play with Cantwell outstanding. But where is Vrancic !!!
  13. He is a nice tidy player who given time and space can thread some decent passes to the front men. Takes a useful free kick. Unfortunately English - sorry Sky football - particularly the premiership, mainly comprise of leggy, powerful 6 ft plus athletes. Certainly in midfield. Mario just cannot compete with that. Let him go.
  14. I think we have looked composed and solid and generally played well. Swansea have given us space when moving forward BUT the final ball has been poor. Placheta does not seem up to it and Pukki still looks out of sorts. Still quite capable of earning a point. Early subs should be inevitable although not convinced they will make much of an impact. Entertaining game. Hanley immense.
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