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  1. WBA are out of sorts and clearly came to defend with ten players. It was amazing that despite our experienced management team they did not seem to have a clue how to deal with it. How on earth they could just stand there and watch our defenders continually just pass the ball to each other without creating any threat was inept. Mc lean saw a lot of the ball but just passed it square every time.
  2. I thought Nunez had another good game. Displayed a lot of energy and it has to be accepted that his positive style of football will lead to a few misplaced passes. I would much rather see this than dear old Kenny keep making square or back passes to a team mate ten yards away. Actually there were two occasions when a poor pass from Kenny put us in some trouble. Also thought young Ramsey showed a lot of energy and promise particularly in the first half. For me our most frustrating performer was Max Aarons. Once again he was given acres of space to move forward but rarely threatened the opposing defence. I wish our coaches would tell him the general idea is to move the ball forward. I think it would be fair to say 90% of his passes were backwards. Perhaps this assessment spells out why he has not been purchased by another side !! Still remains a steady defender but lacks height and a physical presence to attract a big money transfer.
  3. A win is a win. But dare I say it - Huddersfield were very poor and despite us missing out on some experienced players it looked to me it was men against boys. I expect there are others who will say we were brilliant and made them look outclassed. Nunez apart, I will need a lot of convincing to agree with this.
  4. As see it - if it was the other way round we would have all be shouting "he took the ball ref". I would accept that taking the real time view it should have been a penalty.
  5. Two subs are enough. Many are made just to waste time.
  6. Due to kick off timing decided to have a hot dog. Seemed to be made of meat paste with a sort of skin around it. Worst snack I have ever eaten. ...
  7. First time I have seen McCallum and thought he was more mobile and a better full back than Dimi. I have yet to see Rashica have any impact whatsoever and just does not seem to get in to the game. Hernadez has his weaknesses but at least he puts a bit of life in to his performances. Critics say his final ball in not very effective but I have seen very little from Rashica in that respect.
  8. I am yet to be convinced that Rashica is any better than Onel. No end product and never looks likely to score.
  9. Me - Produce better quality football.
  10. Quite agree FF. If an established well known brand called the Canaries cannot make any money out of it, and this is despite never paying a dividend to its shareholders, then what other sporting venture is going to run a profitable enterprise ?? Certainly not the local badminton club and you can swim at the nearby Riverside Centre for a modest cost. In reality the only tangible value of the Club is the stadium itself, but if football folded then the inevitable construction of cheaply built flats would follow. But what would the site before worth after taking in to account the demolition costs etc ?? I really do not get this desire for Americans to invest in English Football Clubs. Nearly all Clubs are losing money and up to their necks in debt. Yes, plenty of money comes in from Sky, but in next to no time it all goes out on inflated players wages and transfer fees. Non Premier teams just tick over. In all normal businesses the general idea is to make profits and build up the business via reinvestment. Football is now a fantasy business run for the benefit of TV companies. When will the balloon go up !!!
  11. Correct me if I am wrong but the match was played Saturday. I raise this point because upon watching the TV replay, and seeing frequent shots of the Newcastle fans, they had hardly any women supporters. Mind you they are from up North.
  12. "Barely" might be a bit harsh, but bearing in mind in the Championship last season, playing in a forward role, he scored 5 goals in 24 appearances, he did not exactly set the world alight. This was playing in a team who swept all before them and scored goals galore.
  13. Barely Championship standard. Seems to be anonymous for long periods. Lacks strength and pace for modern football.
  14. Thanks. That was my unofficial thoughts !!
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