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  1. Interesting comment Number 9 because I feel the whole team suffers from that problem. I think it is a tactical issue in that there is far too much short passing to players already closely marked and so it forces them to turn back in an attempt to retain possession. For example we continually see us having the ball say 30 yards out from the opponents goal but it finishes up with Krul. Apart from Vrancic we have nobody capable of playing the ball forward in to space. From the statistical viewpoint it reflects we have plenty of possession i.e. West Ham game, but we are getting nowhere. We were much better at this last season but the Premiership sides seem to close us down very easily.
  2. You can add to that. No tackles won, barely a header won and I do not recall any of our players making one decent pass throughout the match. However you can talk in terms of fifty re the number of passes which went to the opposition. Overall well out of our depth but thankfully Chelsea did not bother too much.
  3. I realise we have nothing to play for, but my goodness we are poor. Produced virtually nothing going forward and every cross Chelsea make we look in big trouble. Klose and Godfrey are not only slow but they do not seem to be able to get off the ground. Plenty of criticism re Drmic and Rupp but apart from Krul I would find it difficult to give any of our players more than 5 our of 10. Chelsea have been nothing special but they have totally dominated without breaking in to a sweat.
  4. Bringing on two promising youngsters when we are being thrashed. Does not make sense.
  5. With every game you can see millions disappearing from the youngsters likely transfer values. Tim Klose has been off the pace since his return. Weak in all aspects of his game and can only find Krul with his passing. But a good team man. Farke did not speak to his players at a drink break. A very bad sign I think.
  6. An appalling goal to give away. As Clint says Klose in that position should have put his foot through it. Suicidal pass and then poor free kick to give away. Inevitable from the set piece. A row of about 7 defenders who were static as Dawson came in for a more or less free header. Despite this same tactics continue. Slow square passing across the pitch and you would never believe we are desperate for points. When defending a corner why do we not leave two players up on the half line !! Pukki looks shot, but at least Vrancic is finding some decent passes. I would like to be positive but we have little to offer against some very mediocre opposition. We are back to "Farke style" when he first arrived.
  7. I find the timing of his comments very relevant. We are at the peak of negative comments made towards him after a bad run. All football supporters have short memories and seem to think a Manager will always be successful. It rarely works like that. I think he is sending out a signal that he is only human and if the criticism reaches unacceptable levels he has other alternatives. I believe he is living locally without his family and one would assume that an attractive offer from a good German side will certainly give him a lot to think about.
  8. I am quite happy to stay with Farke as he has done very well particularly in developing many youngsters. He does have a poor record with his timing of substitutions and the zonal marking from set pieces etc. He is very stubborn in this respect. The concession last night from a corner, yet again, was so frustrating to see. It was not that long earlier that co-commentator Martin Keown had pointed out that Keane came up late for a corner and was unchallenged. This scenario has happened all season and I fail to understand why Farke and his coaches do not attempt to rectify the problem. It may well be the case that some better teams use the zonal marking system but it is blindingly obvious we do not have the players to make it work. He also tends to be a 60 minute plus substitution man despite it being painfully clear changes were necessary earlier. I do not understand why these blatant managerial weaknesses have continued for some time. At least I suppose you can say that in general terms he has does much better than Mourinho has at Tottenham at far lesser cost to the Club.
  9. If you are two nil down with 5 mins to play do you "accidentally" sneeze at a player taking a throw in leaving the referee no option than to call the game off. Most businesses will suffer far more than football which has been in a financial shambles for years as in most cases it continues to persist in paying out more than it earns. Call the season off !!!!
  10. Purple. It was only when I caught a news item today that I realised who many people the Soviets had lost. In addition to your figures a further 16m civilians died which included the death camps etc. Our comparative figs are 453k military and 67k civilians. On VE Day I was only six and was under the impression that it was only us plus a few Yanks who sorted out the Nazis. Of course we had no radio etc. I am as pro-British as anyone, and my father volunteered for the Army, and we had many brave young men. But overall our leaders more or less got it right i.e. objectives v loss of life. To be brutally honest you can perhaps understand why the Soviets were difficult to deal with at the end of the War. Sadly they were, and still are, a very ruthless bunch to live with.
  11. Football is a spectator sport and it is ridiculous to think of playing behind closed doors regularly in the heat just to suit Sky. They have already gained far too much control over the game and the huge influx of overseas players attracted by the money has in my opinion made no improvements in the entertainment value. As anybody who has had dealings with Sky, they are a difficult and tough company to deal with, and they will have to sit down and compromise with all interested parties. The players will also have to take a realistic and sensible approach to any wage cuts. It has to be null and void and gear up for a full and normal start in September.
  12. I find this a very interesting observation as being overweight and obese are also the main factors which relate to other serious health problems i.e. Type 2 diabetes and heart attacks. Whilst it is blindingly obvious that in general terms the older you are the more likely you have less time to live, but I have consistently told friends of 60 plus that if they have looked after themselves healthwise they are only likely to succumb to the virus if their luck has run out. Of course there are many exceptions, particularly in the NHS, but I feel the govt could be much more specific as to what are the "existing health issues". In the event of a lengthy lockdown, as I see it the big danger is that when we do eventually open for business the NHS/Public Services will be starved of funds. For some time they will have to cut back support for say routine medication/appointments for those T describes as taking ownership and heed standard advice on health and fitness.
  13. I was there in the Barclay. Biggest crush in the stand I have ever known.
  14. CC I fear it will be a lot more than this. With a lot of big business closed the amount of corporation tax, VAT and personal income tax etc collected will be massively reduced. Its a very difficult juggling act but there will have to be some easing on businesses re-openings as soon as feasible. I have every sympathy for the guy who has spent 30 odd years building up a garden centre etc and see it all go in a short space of time. Supermarkets are open, some sensible flexibility is required.
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