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  1. CC I fear it will be a lot more than this. With a lot of big business closed the amount of corporation tax, VAT and personal income tax etc collected will be massively reduced. Its a very difficult juggling act but there will have to be some easing on businesses re-openings as soon as feasible. I have every sympathy for the guy who has spent 30 odd years building up a garden centre etc and see it all go in a short space of time. Supermarkets are open, some sensible flexibility is required.
  2. I feel there has been too much emphasis on "testing positive" rather than actual deaths. In the Mail on Sunday for instance it states that over two thirds of "cornavirus deaths" are where elderly patients already have serious issues and were not likely to see the year out. To enhance my argument when it was announced that Boris had tested positive, I cannot recall anyone suggesting his life was in danger, it was a case of he will self isolate and be back soon.
  3. vos

    Not All Bad News Then

    It is probably an indication as to how out of touch the BBC is when the cancellation of The Song Contest was treated as important "Breaking News" at lunchtime.
  4. vos

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    When I go to Spain I am mainly interested in other outlets such as the bars, restaurants and beaches. They are all closed so not much point in going.
  5. vos

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    It has to be null and void. Otherwise so much legal wrangling that would take months to resolve. There is a lot of money involved.
  6. vos

    Is it really possible

    If the matches cannot be completed by the end of May I think the only answer is to declare the season null and void. Otherwise there will be debates, arguments and legal threats which will never be resolved prior to next season. You could possibly argue that if a side is mathematically already promoted/relegated then that could stand but as no side is in that position that cannot apply. We are in the Premiership next season !!!!!!
  7. vos

    match thread

    Does anyone know if Duda can run. Just walks about in the middle of the park.
  8. vos

    match thread

    Sheff Utd have no frills, just playing the game in a simple fashion. Moving the ball quickly with pace and putting it in to the box at the first opportunity. We are playing typical "early Farke" stuff. Ineffective slow possession football in our own half, going back most of the time. When we do get anywhere near their goal our only mode of attack is to try to wriggle through a throng of defenders with short passes which does not look like producing anything. Considering the pressure have defended quite well. Desperately need someone in midfield to produce some space. Vrancic would not be up to pace and Duda may as well not be there.
  9. But if you are an old boy travelling on a jam packed underground train from Kings Cross to Seven Sisters Road - that's not a problem !!!
  10. vos

    Upper Tier Muppet

    Thanks CD. Have been attending quite regularly since Sept 1947. Been a season ticket holder for some time. Have had much better views from the wooden sleepers at the River End.
  11. vos

    Upper Tier Muppet

    Block 117 Lower Tier Row 12. As I said on another thread one of the worst views I have ever had at a match. Everybody standing which meant once the ball was played up to the other half on the left you could not see anything. Watched the shoot out on the TV screens. I had a decent tall chap in front of me but because of the seats, the general idea of which is to sit on them, it limits your attempts to move yourself a bit for a better view. Never mind, what a great feeling to leave the M25 behind you and come up the A11 and return to the real world of East Anglia. For a moment I thought I had been on a mini break to Afghanistan !!!
  12. Lets put it this way Mello. If I had laid it outside the ground I doubt if anyone would notice !! Returning up the A11 you quickly realise how great it is to live in Norfolk.
  13. Mutley. It sounds as if your view was a touch of the Newcastle situation. So high up you might even found it difficult to identify players. I was 12 rows back in the corner area and with everyone standing you could not see any play past the half way line close to the left hand side. Overall viewing poor and certainly so far as the penalty shoot out watched the TV screens. I know the habit of standing for away matches but in the interests of the supporter all Clubs should strictly apply as stated on the Spurs ticket "Persistent Standing is not Allowed". If the Stewards clamped down at the outset, and evict offenders, hopefully the problem will disappear. I know, not easy to apply, but rules are rules. I suppose I could go back 70 years and take a stool - Oh no, thats against security rules !! Thought Tottenham sums up this country. No expense spared on the Ground, but surrounded by a High Street which looked like a back street in Calcutta, kept together by plywood and polyfilla.
  14. vos

    Parking at WHL

    Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. £6 up to 6 hours. Open 24 hours. I am not sure if you have to check in before 6.00pm. CHECK THE WEBSITE. Looks to be about a mile and a half from ground but plenty of buses and overground to White Hart Lane.
  15. vos


    Don't worry, as we are little Norwich City, VAR will overrule it !!!!