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  1. The basic set up is clearly to play both full backs wide and well up the pitch. Both Stacey and McCallum are well suited for these roles and the latter is a good prospect and his style reminds me of Trent Alexander-Arnold !! He tends to find space much easier than Giannoulis. As regards Stacey he has found plenty of space in recent games and there is some strange inability to use him enough. However, as was shown on Friday, this system is very vulnerable to quick breakways, as all our central defenders lack pace to cover. Skipp on the other hand was ideal in that capacity. albeit that he has shown at Spurs he has shortcomings as an attacking midfielder. I would stick to the current setup but we definitely need a midfielder/defender who can provide pace and cover. In the second half against Plymouth we were twice totally exposed but fortunately Gunn saved the day.
  2. I would totally agree. The Town do not possess any great individuals for us to worry about but they just have had an amazing season so far as achieving results is concerned. They put up a very ordinary performance against Blackburn today and only won as a result of a very soft goal. On current form I would expect us to win next week and in a crucial play off situation I think our more experienced players will be a big factor.
  3. Bearing in mind Blackburn's record this season I cannot see that they possess any players which would require us to make any significant changes to be able to cope with them. Our approach should have been let them worry about us. There were no injury issues in our squad and with last weeks team showing some much needed pace, directness and confidence it was a crazy decision to drop three players.
  4. It was generally accepted that last week's performance was best of the season. A lot more drive and directness coupled with some overdue pace. Hernandez combined very well with Stacey and the two caused constant problems albeit that the former's final ball could have been better. McCallum has much more pace than Gini, recovers quicker, and took up several promising positions high up the pitch on the left flank. Most people agree that Sargent looks more dangerous when he has Barnes beside him roughing up the opposition. So why did Wagner change a winning team by dropping Hernandez, Barnes and McCallum. I can understand the use of one substitute, say a winger or striker, but to continually bring on say three at a time surely just disjoints the team.
  5. Nutty - if it helps to solve this highly complicated and technical problem, can I shine some light on Saturday's entertaining performance. I think Wagner was utterly cheesed off with all the criticism and comments etc and his pre-match talk was simply "forget all my usual coaching and tactical advice and just go out and express yourselves, play simple direct football, coupled with a bit of pace". I suppose it helped a bit in that Cardiff would have probably struggled against a local Sunday League Club - or perhaps we just made them look like that !!!!
  6. Sat in a different part of the ground which gave me a close up of his first half performance. Ball control was top notch, the full back could not contain him and he linked very well with Jack Stacey. Was a joy to watch. But it has to be said he never really worked his way in to scoring positions and many of his crosses were too high and over hit. To be fair many wingers have the same sort of issue. Fassnacht on the other hand was largely anonymous but found the net again. Thats football I suppose.
  7. Despite here being some 60 years difference between myself and a Barclays Boo Boy, watching the game on TV last night, I was furious with the decision to take off Sargent and Onel. The latter actually had a decent first half and whilst I accept Fassnacht has scored the odd goal he does not exactly impress me. Sargent was having a quiet game and for me was not showing any sign of injury, but for me you do not sub your established main striker after 50 odd mins. It did not make sense to leave a fairly immobile Barnes by himself upfront. Wagner's decision suggested to me that it was a negative choice and on past performance we were just going to sit back and hang on to what we had got. So I can quite understand the booing which I interpreted to mean the crowd did not like the tactics. In the end we got away with it - that's football. I was amazed that Wagner after the game stated that Watford were a top side. In common with many sides in the Champs they were pretty poor. After tonight's games we will probably be out of the top six - NEGATIVE COMMENT !!!!
  8. Perhaps this sums up Norwich City. You can field the current lineup mainly consisting of Premier League players who until quite recently were on our books: Krul Aarons Omodamidele Godfrey Toffolo Buendia Maddison Murphy Dowell Morris Cantwell Where has it all gone wrong.
  9. Surely Gunn has to start in a big match like this. Might not make a lot of difference to the result but amongst other things the large contingent of travelling fans surely deserve to see our strongest line up available take to the pitch.
  10. My goodness how boring English Football is these days compared with that game.
  11. It was actually about 15 mins BUT during that period the ball was never on the ground in the Leeds penalty box. Whilst it was good to see us in total control of the midfield for a change we never looked like scoring.
  12. Kenny was by some distance the best midfielder on the pitch. Chasing the game for a point why on earth switch him to a centre back.
  13. Bearing in mind we are away against strong opposition we have had quite a decent first half. Seeing plenty of the ball but there is that usual lack of positivity going forward. Looking to be in an attacking situation but then hesitate and play it back again hence forwards feeding on scraps. Cannot understand the tactics of Gunn playing out short to players who are already under pressure, albeit that there is this inability to find space throughout the squad.
  14. Definitely. You can just identify Bobby Brennan who managed to cross the ball before it went out of play. Very icy pitch. Probably the most treacherous “playing surface” conditions I have ever seen. Fairly sure this was Bly’s first goal. I was in the crowd about 5 yards from Bobby in this pic. Has to be one of my most memorable games.
  15. Can’t believe Leicester starved their danger man Mavividi - or something like that - for nearly the whole of the second half.
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