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  1. Before I splash a tenner on Canaries TV , does anyone know if the Birmingham game tomorrow is on sky red button ?
  2. Frequently announced at home games , but a really big shout out to the 1000 or so that must have left our fine city at circa 4am to get to Sunderland. You deserve a special mention, thank you to each and every one of you
  3. My wife and I somehow managed to gatecrash the players party after the Wembley play off final as we were staying in the same hotel . After asking Alex Neil to pose for a selfie with us he insisted on getting us a drink from the bar . Although we only spoke for a few minutes , for the rest of the evening he kept his eye on us and as soon as our glasses became empty he would appear with two more . Smashing fellow !
  4. Sorry, but in the world of football journalism, who actually is Alyson Rudd ?
  5. Got an over 65s ticket for tomorrow’s game that I need to upgrade to a full price ticket- anyone know if this can be done over the phone or do I need to physically go to the ticket office?
  6. I am a season ticket holder and have an iFollow account. Please can someone remind me how I can watch home games and mid week away games without having to pay the £10
  7. Was told recently by a mate who went To the recent league game there that bar in the away end is a bit pants . Really slow service and no Beavertown?
  8. Anyone recommend any away fan friendly pubs reasonably close to WHL please ?
  9. Hodgson, Rowett, Warburton, Pardew, or even Fat Frankie or Ricky Martin ?
  10. Ha ha - that''s just what I thought Morty looks like
  11. [quote user="Dame to Blame"]Anyone fancy a 3-2 comeback[/quote] Believe that''s happened before to save Nigel Worthington
  12. [quote user="nutty nigel"]That was the one Ashwood. Great memory Lakey. That was my first ever away game. Wolves had a good side then with Dougan and Gould up front? I thought we played better than the scoreline but even then I was a happy clapper.Here''s a little treat for you both ; -https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=tYv_UeYB2ls[/quote]
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