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  1. About whether the appeal against Borja’s red card was successful
  2. My initial thought on this one was that it was a definite red card. However , having re watched it numerous times this morning, and in slow motion, it really doesn’t look like he was lashing out . His legs came up as much from the momentum of the hard tackle as anything else. Without a doubt , the ref was conned by Howson's ridiculous over reaction and his effort to deflect away from himself. If this red card is not rescinded, then surely we are only going to encourage players to cheat and feign injury. Howson should have been booked himself for his reactions
  3. Asked a Boro season ticket mate for his prediction. He came back saying 3-0 to Norwich as Boro have forgotten how to defend and scoring goals is so last year 🤣.
  4. Is tonight’s match being shown live on Canaries tv assuming you live abroad ?
  5. I realise it’s not everyone’s favourite, but have noticed there has been no drummer at recent games - anyone know what happened or why ?
  6. Strange headline currently on The Pink Un “Batth running out of time to save his City career”. unlessI missed something, it’s never actually started ?
  7. Anyone know how many we are taking to Wales for a 7-45pm midweek match . Hats off of course to those who have made the effort, they won’t be getting much sleep tonight so let’s hope the performance justifies this !
  8. Not a massive fan of women’s football myself , but it’s not often our National team in any sport qualifies for a World Cup final . Thoughts……
  9. Wagner loves to talk the talk , but just can’t walk the walk . Smoke and mirrors come to mind. He is just so full of bull .
  10. Marquinhos looks like he’s morphed into the new latest wee Billy Gilmour. Distinctly average at best but gets picked every week . Guessing some sort of agreement with parent club re number of games etc.
  11. Absolute 🔔 end. Where the hell do think the money is coming from to upgrade the entire squad. Angus Gunn is quality.
  12. Think I read we had 4000 tickets available, and these were being subsidised by the players . Just wondering if anyone knew how many we had sold for what is probably our most important game of the season.
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