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  1. I am a season ticket holder and have an iFollow account. Please can someone remind me how I can watch home games and mid week away games without having to pay the £10
  2. Was told recently by a mate who went To the recent league game there that bar in the away end is a bit pants . Really slow service and no Beavertown?
  3. Anyone recommend any away fan friendly pubs reasonably close to WHL please ?
  4. Hodgson, Rowett, Warburton, Pardew, or even Fat Frankie or Ricky Martin ?
  5. Ha ha - that''s just what I thought Morty looks like
  6. [quote user="Dame to Blame"]Anyone fancy a 3-2 comeback[/quote] Believe that''s happened before to save Nigel Worthington
  7. [quote user="nutty nigel"]That was the one Ashwood. Great memory Lakey. That was my first ever away game. Wolves had a good side then with Dougan and Gould up front? I thought we played better than the scoreline but even then I was a happy clapper.Here''s a little treat for you both ; -https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=tYv_UeYB2ls[/quote]
  8. Think I was at that game , aged 8 . Did Kenny Foggo blast a penalty about 50 feet over the bar ?
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned it yet , but how bloody strong does our bench look ?
  10. Pardon my ignorance , but was Waveney ordinally Smudger ?
  11. Do you actually have a life Morty ? - you know like actual normal people , with wives and children and hobbies and all that ? No ? Thought not
  12. Im oh so we''ll aware that we signed Dean Ashton in January, but I recall Adi Akinbiyi was signed by numerous clubs in January GJP , many of them desperate and most of them going on to fail , hence the post , so no irony there !
  13. Is the January window really going to help us sort out the mess we are getting ourselves in ?. If the players we wanted in the summer were not available or not affordable then , are they really going to be so in January ?. Surely January is more Adi Akinbiyi than Dean Ashton ?
  14. Hey guys , thanks to all those who have tried to help . After all this , it now turns out that my daughter is actually going to be in Jaipur tomorrow, not Delhi . For risk of starting world war 3 , I won''t ask if anyone can recommend a suitable venue to watch the game ...............
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