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  1. Clarke also had the very clear advantage of being able to exploit his Chelsea links soon after leaving Chelsea.

    He got Lukaku in on a season''s loan, and that player was to a large extent responsible for Clarke''s fine first season.

    That''s not really something that Clarke could repeat.
  2. Lets be aving you!

    It's time to ditch 4-4-2 (latest blog)

    Nicely written.

    You''re right about Wes needing to be played in "his" position, but I just can''t see Murphy starting yet. I don''t think his stamina is up to it yet.

    We''d best watch out for those venomous daddy longlegs when next in Brighton.

  3. Lets be aving you!

    Team for Fulham

    CamdenC, that would be precisely my line-up as well.
  4. Lets be aving you!

    Mark Robins

    David Smith is a celebrity chauffeur, apparently.

    Now, continuing the theme, anyone care to have stab at what Peter Mendham is doing these days?

  5. Lets be aving you!


    That would be my oppskrift too, Grefstad, but with Howson in for Johnson.
  6. Lets be aving you!


  7. Lets be aving you!


    1touch is the offspring of Jaemae and Waveney, with Wiz and Highland for godparents.

    Ignore her long enough and she''ll change her name (again).
  8. Lets be aving you!

    Is anyone going to Fulham?

    Peckers up, Pantwetters. I never miss a good Cottaging.
  9. Lets be aving you!

    Parma's Tactics Masterclass 1

    Thanks Waveney, sorry Itouch.
  10. Lets be aving you!

    Parma's Tactics Masterclass 1

    Vielen dank fur ze ''post hoc'' explanation.

    Had zought it vas zomefing to do vith zending wein beck from ze Vaderland. Gut for a handy hock.
  11. Lets be aving you!


    Utterly bizarre.

    Seb must be devastated.
  12. Lets be aving you!


    "I''ve never been a member on another forum though."

    Strictly speaking, there should be a comma between "forum" and "though".
  13. Lets be aving you!

    Man of the Match

    Howson for me, too.

    Linked the defence and attack well and was always moving into space to receive the ball.

    Cleared the ball off the line for an otherwise certain Rotherham goal and also wasn''t responsible for any of our 25 "attempts" on goal, which was probably a plus of sorts.
  14. Lets be aving you!

    Hoolahan HAS to be taken out now

    Actually thought Hoolahan had a pretty good game yesterday. He''s never had much stamina, though, and at the nearly veteran stage is generally worth subbing on the hour.

    So on that I thought Adams got it right.

    Whereas Grabban has for me now had 4 pretty poor games in a row and would me my candidate for dropping. Works hard and is fast, but his touch recently has often been poor and his finishing woeful.

    Howson played very well, my man of the match, was always available for a pass and brought the ball out of defence much faster than Johnson and Tettey generally do.

    Unless and until Hooper is match fit I''d be looking to play Jerome on his own up front, with Wes in the hole, and Howson and Tettey as the defensive midfielders.

    Redmond has to start based on his performances. Constantly beats his man, though his final ball isn''t there yet.

    Murphy is a very handy winger to have coming off the bench, but don''t see him having the stamina or defensive capabilities to start.

    So the rest of the midfield would be Redmond with, in the absence of any alternative, Lafferty on the left. Lafferty is not ideal for that position, but I don''t who else you put in or take out to strengthen the side right now.

    Maybe all will become clear when Vadis is up and running.
  15. Lets be aving you!

    Team v Charlton

    Same winning line-up from Saturday.

    But tell our least athletic player Hoolahan he''s likely to get subbed on 60 mins because we need to keep something in his tank for Saturday.

    Then bring on Howson, O''Neill or Murphy, depending on situation.
  16. Lets be aving you!

    Bassong playing for u21s

    Got no sound so I''m guessing our Number 4 is McGrandles - if so, he''s not looking too clever.

    But Vadis does look very classy.

  17. Lets be aving you!

    Bassong playing for u21s

    Our Number 4 looks like Tudur-Jones on a bad day.
  18. Lets be aving you!

    Adams opposite way round to lambert

    So you''re saying we''re coming out half-cocked and need a nude fan to get us going?

  19. Lets be aving you!

    Still doubting the manager?

    "Sucky website" - well put, Ice Cold. Every other post on it starts off with "Good point, Your Eminence, but if I may be so bold as to point out that ...".

    Lots of familiar names doffing their hats to one another but F.A. car-crash threads.
  20. Lets be aving you!

    The Wire Report: Blackpool 1-3 Norwich City

    You''re well ahead of me, Splutcho.

    I''m still missing "Eh?", "paupers", "simpletons", and "by their words shall ye know them".

  21. Lets be aving you!

    Still doubting the manager?

    I''m sure "elan" has already been leveraged, sorry used, by Paddy, who always uses 10 words when 2 will suffice.

    Cutely anglicised with the accent missing.

    I''m looking for "pizzazz", "custodian" and "nihilistic" next week on the forum. Possibly re Redmond, Ruddy and Johnson respectively.
  22. Lets be aving you!

    Team v Blackpool

    Same line-up as for Brum, but with Howson in for Wes.

    From Adams'' comments on the Shrewsbury game, Howson was about the only who seemed to get any praise.
  23. Yeah, no stereotypes please.

    The new cop shop in St Ives was built on Pig Lane, but then for some reason the Council decided to rename the road.

  24. Lets be aving you!

    Neil Adams on hoolahan

    "Has he ever scored two in a game for norwich in the championship?"

    He actually scored a second-half hat-trick off the subs bench against Sheffield United in 2010. Albeit two being penalties.
  25. Lets be aving you!

    Is Adams being 'found out'

    Don''t bite, Chicken.

    Cheap Cheap is a binner. The clue is in his name (poor pun on Budgies) and in his consistent praise of Ip5w1ch to the detriment of, cough cough, their natural superiors.