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  1. I love stats. Mainly because without context they say absolutely nothing. The problem with Tettey is that if those around him are having an off day, he does very little for your side. Mainly because he isn''t a player that will create. He rarely looks to play long or complicated balls. He wins it and then normally off-loads it. The problem with this is that in sweeping attacks he can often slow it or fail to take advantage of a chink in the armour of the opposition defense. The one thing you said is right "he''s a defensive midfielder" - it doesn''t mean he shouldn''t have a greater rate of passing. I like Tettey, and when the team is on song, he allows others to attack and relax their defensive responsibilities. But I have noticed a couple of times that teams almost seek him out as the week link, press the ball back to him and put him under pressure. Anyway, like I say, he''s not the weak link as such, he''s just not going to help when those around him are not performing.
  2. Hoilett isn''t that old and still has plenty of potential. Surprised he didn''t push on after leaving Blackburn and that he is out of contract still at this point in the season. If we were not already well stocked in the wide areas I''d have suggested he''d be a decent back up option - arguably about as good as Jarvis, a good few years younger too.
  3. They mentioned him a lot on Radio Narrfolk. Seemed a lot of the good play did come through him. Got to be up for that Wes role when he can''t play. Erm. Son of a Pritch Hard man.
  4. More likely to be Laffs with Morris on the bench though.
  5. Boxing, especially in that division, certainly isnt what it was. Too much avoiding the real challenge and going for the money. Fury did it with the rematch. He knew he''d get more money than a loss to someone younger and fitter. Fury is not an athelete though. He''s a rough and ready fighter. Klitchko had picked his fights one too many times and came up against the very defenition of a wild card. I fear Fury is quite daft and is being miss-managed. I hope he does get back in the ring to prove either way. Although the way he carries on I hope someone can teach him a boxing lesson. Lennox Lewis would plaster him across the next weeks headlines.
  6. Thing that gets on my goat about Bournemouth is that they are cheats. Media darlings they are, and the media is ignoring their dirty side to suit their own agenda. Filthy cheats should been barred entry to the Prem. FFP rules mean absolutely nothing if all that they faced was a £7million fine. Disgusting, and the Telegraph had to dig to look for corruption?!!! Feel for Swansea but as already said, Bradley is hardly an unknown. We''ll see if it works and it will be interesting, he certainly brought the USA onwards with their development.
  7. I agree with Ricky. He reminds me of when we had Camp on loan. Good shot stopper but his stature and physique costs us at times. He is hesitant to come out of his 6yard box and I am uncomfortable every time he comes out to meet a cross. Mainly because without the height and physical presence he normally elects to punch it and it''s rarely convincing. He does leave a lot of airial duties to defenders as a result and there are defenitely times he is not communicating well enough with the defence. That said, it''s unlikely to change I imagine, and he''s part of a form team, so why change it?
  8. Grealish has the potential for two things. 1) Become a fantastic footballer. 2) Go completely off the rails and be non league before you can say whoops. Different positions. Grealish is a CM. Murphy''s are wide players. But I do agree, how is Ja not in there?
  9. It''s not really a sweetener though is it? It''s a bribe. I''ve said for years that I believe there is a lot of corruption in footy. When the FIFA stuff was blown open I said to people close to me that I thought it would go further an impact domestic footy as well. We''ve known that about continental football for a while. It was only a matter of time. Makes a mockery of all.sorts of rules really.
  10. [quote user="The young canary"]Jury is still out for me if I am honest. An easy start to the season we have had and we should really have more points on the board. Beat Newcastle away and I might start to believe more. Scum and Birmingham away were really low points No reason to sack but still a big question mark[/quote] Again, hindsight is brilliant. Anyone who is anyone though, never forgets how charged local derby''s are and how they can throw the form book out of the window. You never apply such logic as who is stronger on paper unless you are meeting in a cup and are leagues apart. And I still think people are being a tad high and mighty and guilty of thinking this league is a walk over. It''s not. There are more games, they come thick and fast for starters. A bad day at the office in the Prem is once a week. In this league it''s every 3-4 days. Brum is our only loss. Funny thing is, if we had lost to one of the other teams it sounds like you would have minded less? So of the league games we have played (Blackburn, Shef Weds, Nottingham Forrest, Ipscum, Brum, Brizzle Citeh, Cardiff and Wigan) - Shef Weds was one of the three teams in the play-offs not to get promoted finished 6th last season. Ipscum finished 5points off of them last season in 7th. Cardiff finished a point behind them in 8th. Birmingham finished 6 points behind them in 10th. Blackburn finished a place and goal difference better than Nottingham Forrest - 15th and 16th respectively. Brizzle finished in 18th, three points behind those two. Wigan were promoted as champions with our next opponents, Burton, promoted as close runners up. So in summary, of the 8 teams we have played, last season three were in or around the play-offs, one of which being our arch rivals. Another three were mid table, with Brizzle finishing further down the table and Wigan being newly promoted. Yes, we are yet to play Villa, Newcastle, Derby or Brighton - the only four teams that finished above Shef Weds, Cardiff and Ipscum (not including us) last season. But we have played the next best three. We''re not doing too badly, we are slowly picking up too which is a good sign.
  11. True. I do wish agents did their work on behalf of the players though, rather than to line their pockets. This is their breakthrough season. They need to nail down and perform regular first team footie now. Give it a season or two of that and then see what their options are. Too many decent English prospects have been ruined by making moves far too soon on bad advice. Rodwell, Sinclair, Wright-Philips, Phil Jones and Zaha etc.
  12. I think people think too much into the Premier League to be honest. It''s very easy to say after a game that "I would have done this or that" and than class him as naive on the choices we would have made. But our choices are only based upon the display we see that day really. The reality is, our squad was not good enough to stay in the premier league - especially not without the likes of Klose for the majority of the season. I do feel that some thought it was going to be easy and judged it on that background. The only thing that concerned me after last season was AN''s ability to turn around a loss of form. That''s really where we struggled last season - and some teams do after hitting a "wall" after promotion. Turning us around mentally over the summer and once back into the onslaught of the league was going to be key with the squad we have. People seem to forget that under Lambert we took some really big hidings and he didn''t appear to like to stick with the same side for very long, constantly trying to keep things fresh or just realising that some players couldn''t give their best performance every week. He also made some horrific tactical decisions at times, setting us up with 3 at the back in a game against quality opposition is just one I remember. Point is, no one is perfect.
  13. Sadly it would seem some have their heads buried in muck so much they can smell it as well as we can. So, day / 2 days after Josh scores a good goal against Everton suddenly the world and their dog want to sign them. Unlikely. Newspaper talk is all. You know they literally make stuff up to sell them.
  14. I''m not sure that Murphy''s goal was uncontested or unchallenged either. He skipped past two players, perhaps more easily than he should, but considering he was in the area, their reluctance to dive in was understandable. The thing that gets me though, is that he was actually traveling away from goal when he struck it. Technically, it was a pretty tough shot to pull off, let alone hit as well as that. The write up was nice, no cigar though, no one beats our Ricardo, he''s far more professional than to just plainly say "I won''t bother with the rest of the half" and more likely to insert some sort of analogy.
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