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  1. I for one am disappointed with Gill leaving. A well liked and respected figure, and by all accounts very passionate and good at his Job. A model professional and a fantastic role model for the younger players. I''ve said before that I thought he might be groomed into a future NCFC manager. I guess that''s never happening now. Shame, and very much Norwich''s loss and Ipswich''s gain.
  2. Time to resurrect the “circus in the town song” Marcus Evans can replace George burley and play the clown.. whilst the messiah can relieve Andy Marshall of his duties. I miss signing that song.
  3. [quote user="king canary"]I do understand fans not liking the idea of him managing Ipswich- I''m not over the moon. It is when people start bringing in talk or ''class'' or ''morals'' as if he owes Norwich and the fans such a debt of gratitude that he should remain unemployed that you lose me.[/quote] We’re fickle football fans.. it’s what we do. During our normal professional lives we’d more likely congratulate a fellow employee joing a rival company. But football is different. It merges professional occupation with entertainment, in which fans are an essential part. And entertainment needs all sorts.. including judas pantomime villains, which is exactly what Lambert is!
  4. [quote user="hogesar"]Phew, Lincoln reckons Ipswich will do well under Lambert. Since he has a 100% failure rate in being correct on here we can all rest easy. They''re going down.[/quote] You concentrate on that Girlfriend of yours, rather than me Piggy.
  5. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]".. And who BEST to end Ipswich’s winless decade against us? "Who best?" unusual turn of phrase for a City supporter! Surely you mean who is most "likely?"[/quote] Who gives them the best chance - is what I meant.
  6. Gutted with this. IMO it tarnishes what he did here. He’s a man with shallow morales and actually has little respect for supporters. This is a great move for Ipswich and will probably be the shot in the arm the club and the support need. He’ll get them playing for the shirt and improve the atmosphere around the place. I have no doubt he’ll keep them up... ... And who best to end Ipswich’s winless decade against us? Pantomime Villain, it’s Lamberts style and you be foolish to bet against it.
  7. [quote user="Woodman"]ICF - "IMO in Rhodes and Pukki we have two of the best strikers in this division." Interesting thought - if I was a Villa fan, I''d have said Abraham and Kodija (with Hogan and Hourihane) were ''better'' than Rhodes and Pukki. Or there''s Billy Sharp and Clarke at Sheff U. Or Assombalonga and Hugill at Boro. Gayle and Rodriguez at West Brom... On paper there are a lot of good strikers in this division, but I''m very happy with who we have too.[/quote] Add Freddie Sears and Jonathan Walters to that list too.
  8. [quote user="hogesar"]Big fan of Rhodes. Had to watch the game on sky yesterday as im away in Yorkshire and bizzarely the girlfriend didnt want me driving back home for the game, which was my initial intention. Im not sure the lone role massively suits him but he made up for it through sheer effort. That and Stiepermann is getting better at getting close to him.[/quote] Hmmmm, very bizzare indeed. Perhaps she didn’t want you disturbing her watching some chick flick after getting in from the football? I’m sure it’s just something like that.
  9. [quote user="ricardo"]Reality has finally set in for most of them but there are still one or two deluded fools. I hope they avoid the drop because they will probably be too good for League One and it might offer them a turning point. Far better that they remain as the dross of the Championship.[/quote] My fear too Ricardo. It worked for us, and it could have every chance of working for them. 16th-21st in the Championship every season keeps them irrelevant, and continues the downward trajectory. Who''d have thought the pay back from that hammering they gave us in our relegation season from the championship, the smug, arrogant look they gave us bating us with £20 (definitely £5) notes would last this long. I suppose it really is a lessen in wallowing in others demise. Probably worth remembering!
  10. Wouldn’t mind a cheeky loan bid for Hogan. Reckon he’d do well here, maybe a swap deal for Olive?!
  11. Here’s a question, will we try and buy Rhodes if he continues to be a success? How much do we think Wednesday will want? Hopefully a fee has already been agreed, but given his previous transfer fees possibly not. I think Rhodes recognises this is the right type of club for him.
  12. [quote user="bristolcanary"]Any doubters left?[/quote] I’m still on the fence. We are the right side of some very fine margins right now, and long may that continue. But any realist will acknowledge we could’ve lost the last two with the same performance. It’s enjoyable again though, it’s been a while.
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